Butt Workout Cardio 1: Bootcamp | 30 DAY BUTT LIFT

and today’s workout is a calorie scorching butt tightening thirty fifteen cardio workout. what is thirty fifteen? we’re going to do fifteen exercises back to back with fifteen seconds of rest in between thirty seconds each exercise. Sounds complicated. I’ll make it easy. The only equipment you’ll need is a bottle of water and a little determination. so grab it and lets get started. first exercise we’re going to do is side steps okay just follow me, these are old school just side step like this. Half way through we are going to take it down lower, okay? and keep it going, keep it moving. This is really good at getting your heart rate going, moving and getting your legs burning that’s all old school side steps are really easy. Take it down lower keep it wide get those legs moving we’re going to move right into the second one okay now the second exercise is going to be basically high knees you can actually make it a high knee with a jump if you want to up the intensity a little bit and burn more calories, okay? so here we go. Ready to get started? High knees, bring it up. Bring it up. or you can pull it down engage your abs keep your abs contracted and your stomach tight if you want to bring it down, just do regular knee lifts just like that remember to breathe, I always forget to breathe when I’m working out breathing is important alright, ready to kick it out? and, the next exercise is kung foo kicks. One knee kick to the side. One knee and kick to the side, okay? After that, we’re going to do the other leg and kick to the side, okay? let’s get started and here we go. And knee and kick. Knee and kick. Perfect. Breathe. it’s easy to forget. the idea here is to get that knee up as high as you can. Keep your abs contracted and just kick right to the side kind of like that. Perfect. one leg over and over again. Again this is just to get the calories burning here that’s all we’re trying to do. And, breathe it out fifteen seconds of rest and we have the next side. Remember we’re going to do the other leg. Knee lift and kick to the other side Knee lift, kick. Knee and kick you ready to go? Now here we go! And knee lift kick it pretend there is somebody you really want to kick in the face to the side that will really get your leg up, trust me. Kung foo kick, here we go. Up. and breathe and kick, perfect. we’re going to take it up a notch in a couple seconds. Just get ready. breathe if you need to. alright the next move that we are going to do are butt kicks of course because that is what we are doing with this workout that is all you’re doing. I’ll turn to the side so you can see my form the higher up that you can get off your feet, the better off you are. Ready? Here we go. Thirty seconds stay with me, stay with me. And breathe. Get those heels up Tap that butt and breathe and stay with me you’re doing good so far I’m doing good, I’m feeling good I hope you guys are too like I said, we are taking it up a notch and the next exercise are going to be called hop hop wides. Hop, little squat. Hop. Hop. And hop, that’s all. You ready? here we go, and thirty seconds all you are doing is sinking into a little jump squat remember to breathe through it counting down. Eight more seconds Come on, stay with me alright. The next move is going to be called a pump lunge alternating here we go. It’s going to be like this. Two, three you’re going to change and lunge for three that’s all you ready? Set yourself. Here we go. post jump lunges and change I’ll show you easy lunge only go as far as you can comfortably go. Okay? And breathe and here we go the next move is going to be called a squat to a bleak knee lift this should be really easy for you all you’re going to do is lean down like this and get that knee up get down and get the knee up we’re going to alternate it ready? Take it away. And down. Thirty seconds and squeeze. Good. Down, up turn to the side so you can see the next move is going to be called the hot foot this you’re going to step to one side in a one, two three knee lift other side. One, two, three knee lift it’s like you’re stepping hot and cold and here we go. Up. Up stay focused and stay with me we’re almost through this is technically nine you’re doing amazing and you’re staying with me breathe with me and focus. get those knees up and move onto the next one this is called heel digs. These are really easy all you’re going to do is push your heels forward just like this and move your hand with them. Makes sense? Easy? alright. Push to the front. If you want to bring up your intensity just a little bit, you can add a hop. here we go. Make it happen Bring it down, bring it up. Bring it down bring it up and down. Bring it up it makes you feel like a cheerleader and bring it up and the next move we have repeater knees all you’re going to do is knee, knee, knee, knee. Sound easy? if you don’t want to add a hop, just do a knee touch like that, easy. Okay? Here we go. breathe prepare yourself for the next move repeater knees, here we go side. There you go. Right there. Tight Make sure your tummy is tucked in keep your abs contracted even if you’re not jumping. And squeeze, and breathe we’re trying to scorch calories here tighten up get rid of the cellulite. And just burn baby, burn see you later, cellulite they have nothing on you, alright? we’re going to take it to the other side and do the same thing take it down a notch grab some water if you need to breathe Breathe. It’s really easy. just let it all go, relax those fifteen second intervals are for you to relax here we go. Other side though. Bring it up remember what I say tight tummy. Perfect these cardio workouts are really good because and they are targeting the muscles you plan on targeting when you do your strengthening routine excellent relax for a second. Fifteen seconds. The next thing we are going to do are called kick back hamstring curls. Make sense? That’s it. Take it in and adding the arms, for balance and also for a little spice and with a combination we’re burning more calories you want to bring it up, add a hop you guys are doing amazing Alright perfect. Fifteen seconds, chill. moving on to the very last in our exercise thirty fifteen today the twist! you had to know this was coming at some point. All you’re going to do is go like this, up and down take it with me, come on. And take it up add a hop if you so please so choose to take it down and take it up then take it all the way down and breathe. One more time. Take it down and breathe. Into the nose, out of the mouth. In through the nose, out through the mouth perfect, good job. We’ll see you next time on the next thirty day buttlift workout series video I’m Alisha Marie keep it going, people. Keep it going.

99 thoughts on “Butt Workout Cardio 1: Bootcamp | 30 DAY BUTT LIFT

  1. hy just wondering what do u do after the 30 days? …. do u restart from day 1 or like restart from day 22 for example ? 

  2. i've been doing house work all morning and i was ok. After that i did this 10m program and it knocked me down!!!

  3. Hey, I have an important question!
    What do you have to do after you finished the 30 days workout? Do you have to start all over again or do another regular workout? And if you have to do another workout what kind of workout shall that be? Please help me!! I really want a workout which keeps my muscels as I trained them during the 30 days and helps me to progress and improve them even more.

  4. Day 14, done.
    this is one of my least favorite of this series because starting the workout is a bit confusing, towards the end she would show us the example then dive right into the workout without mentioning it was beginning. I just had to start when she would.
    I have been seeing results although I wish the videos were a bit more understandable and the coaches explained more. Despite though they're pretty decent workouts!

  5. day two, really felt it in my tummy. can anyone please tell me if this workout system tones legs and slims thighs???

  6. Hey everybody 🙂 I have done this before (all those 30days) and then that really worked! So, now after couple months I start this again, but little different way: I do all these exercises twice 🙂 In same time I do "6week 6pack" exercise (You can find that from youtube too) and I will go somedays in gym and every sunday I do this 18km walk half cycling, half runnin/walking 🙂 I have loss weight 13kg (28pounds) after summer, but there is still little work left. Wish me good luck!

  7. I'm on day 2 but i'm not sore at all from yesterday and i feel the only muscles that worked during this workout were my quads? it's not only this workout, it happens with every butt workout i try. i'm probably doing something wrong, but what? any tips?

  8. Trying to become more in shape and am using the app "My Fitness Plan". Does anyone know how many calories this exercise burns, or what I should put into the app for this? Thanks! 

  9. Just started my 30 day Butt lift routiune and I'm already feelin like this 30 days is gonna kick my ass away 🙂 Day 2 completed.

  10. are you supposed to do the cardio and toning together?   for example, toning one and cardio one on the same day?

  11. just started yesterday, and man, i feel muscles that i didn't even know existed! today's workout was more cardio rather than butt muscle work, so i think that's why some of you guys don't really feel the muscle pain as much. (at least from this workout, i still feel it from yesterdays!) it's good that this plan alternates from strength and bodyweight exercises to more cardio bases routines, it changes things up for your body so it doesn't get bored. excited for tomorrows video!

  12. great exercise but your timing is totally off – you rarely stick to any of the 30 sec/15 sec intervals

  13. Im so dissapointed in myself. Im 18, 5"8, 150 pounds and had my son when i was 17. ( a year and 4 months ago) I used to 120 and i just tried to do this workout. i only got past 5 mins and then could not breath. literally. my lungs feel like theyre on fire. 

  14. Day27#
    This series is definitely worth all the sweat and effort throughout the days.
    My butt was so flat, but now it I so nice and firm. I will keep doing this after the 30days also.
    Big thanks to befit team, Alicia and Courtney.

  15. Please Can you tell me the number of rep and the number of series for all your workout? (30 day butt lift workouts) ☺

  16. I loooove Alicia Marie. I actually feel happy when I work out to her videos – and I never go into working out feeling happy. I think it's her upbeat and fun attitude that helps me stay positive. When it gets tough, I feel like she pulls me out of my funk so I can finish strong.

  17. I'm 14 and I haven't really worked out this summer, so the first time I did this I wanted to vomit😂 but this is a really good workout!

  18. Hi, these videos look great but I don't really get how they work…Are you supposed to do the same workout for 30 days or is it 1 video per day?

  19. I'm pretty fit, but have a very busy schedule. I decided to do this to lift my butt before a cruise in a month. Word of caution… there is NO WAY the video trainer looks like she does doing only this workout. I am feeling the burn after only two days, but I would encourage people to do two-a-days and add some type of extra cardio (and a decent diet-no brainer). I'll report back in a couple of days. I'm skeptical. It's just too easy and too short… we'll see

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