Butt Lift Pilates Workout for Beginners | Pilates Bootcamp With Cassey Ho

Hey guys, Cassey here, and welcome to Pilates
Bootcamp on Livestrong Woman. Today, we have your Beginner’s Butt Lift. But don’t be fooled,
it’s quite difficult. So let’s go ahead and bring your legs all the way out. I want you
to bring the hands forward, tuck that chin in, and slowly roll down with control, hands
by your sides. Now, I want you to slowly lift yourself up, just like so, so you’re in a
bridge, right? All the weight is in your upper shoulders, hands by the sides — I want you
to extend the leg. Now, flex that toe. Go ahead and point it towards your shoulder,
bring it out and up, okay? So this works the oblique. It also works your glute — you’re
inner and your outer thigh, so it’s like a triple whammy move, or however many things
I said right there. It is a total body workout, and it is amazing. I want you to keep flexing
that foot, bring it all the way out to the side. Lift, good job. Reach and up. Now try
to keep your hips square to the ceiling, or if you outside like me, square to the sky.
And keep going. You don’t wanna be hula dancing around with those hips. Keep it very, very
stable. Very nice. Now, we’re gonna add a different element here: I want you, when you
come up, to kick — there it is. So you’re going out and then you kick. Nice. Now, do
you really — do you really feel that leg, because I do, and I totally feel the glute
on the other side. Lift and down. Nice. Who’s burning out there? I am. I’m burning. Very
good. And reach and lower. Very nice. A few more — 3 and 2. One more and reach it up.
One point. Now keep that leg nice and long. I just want you to pulse up and down. Reach
and lower. As if you’re butt wasn’t already dying on the first move, I’m gonna keep going
because you know what? We’re gonna build your endurance and your strength, okay? Lift and
lower. And that’s why I really like these high reps here. Push through, push with your
mind — that’s what you’ve got to do, and I know you can do this. Three more now — 3
and 2. Don’t stop. And 1, bring it down into bridge — this is your resting, but does not
touch the floor, okay? No, no, bring it back up. Very good. Okay, other side, guys. I want
you to extend that leg, flex the foot, rotate, and here it is. Rotating out, all the way
up. Bring it all the way out to the side. Now, beginners, if going to parallel to the
floor is way too low for you, then keep that leg up and then come right out of here. That’s
how you get to modify the move, okay? So, reach it out and up. Remember: You are keeping
those hips square to the ceiling. Reach and up. Very nice. Keep those toes flexed because
you really want to articulate every bit of this movement all the way down through you
calves, through your toes, and really emanate that energy all the way through. Come on,
do it like you mean it and then the results will look really amazing — and you’re gonna
feel amazing. Very nice. Three more now — 3 and 2. One more, guys. One more, and then
we have to kick it. Here we go: Kick it all the way up, keeping that foot flexed. So once
you kick up here, you’re gonna really feel the hamstring as well. Out and kick. Whew,
it burns and I really, really like it — and I hope you like it too. Good, keep going.
Reach and lower. Bring it out and up. Very nice. Give me three more right here, and you’re
out — 3. And out, come on — 2. Keep it stable. And reach up, hold and point. Find that center,
find your balance. Ready and you pulse, pulse, pulse. I know it burns — it’s okay, don’t
worry, you’re fine. Keep going. I know you’ve got this. Come on, give me 8, 7. Push through
— 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Bring it down, lift it up, and bowling bowl on top of the chest,
roll down with control. Very nice. Now roll onto your stomach. And now place your chin
right on top of your hands. I want you to bring those knees out as wide as you can,
maybe as wide as a the mat. And bring the big toes together. Now facing forward, I want
you to lift your knees, lift your quads off of the mat and come down — that’s the Grasshopper.
We’re going to lift up and lower, lift and lower — that’s it. Now the key thing here
is I really want you to squeeze your butt cheeks, squeeze those low — that low back
for me, really paying attention, articulating every muscle in your lower body. So, essentially,
I want you to relax your head, relax the chest, place all of that energy into your butt because
this is your butt lift, so let’s put it right there, okay? Getting all bubble butt right
there. Lift high and hold, lift high and hold. Very nice. Reach, you got it. Up and down.
Up and lower. Now I want you to hold the next one. Hold, hold, hold, we’re going to extend,
bring it in. What does this work? This works your hamstrings, the back of your thighs.
Getting rid of that cellulite right there. Out and in, reach. Again, relaxing the chin
on top of your hands. Three more now — 3 and 2 and 1. Hold it. Now, I know, I’m not
letting you bring your legs down yet. Keep those quads up, flex the feet, we’re gonna
click the heels, okay? Here we go. Click, click, click, click. Very nice. Keeping your
booty super clenched right here, okay? Eyes forward, chin resting, give me — 10, 9, 8,
7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Hold it, reach it out and bring it down. Very nice. Hands right
here underneath your chest, reaching all the way down into your Child’s Pose. Inhale through
the nose, exhale through the mouth, and lift up. Yay guys, great job. How does your butt
feel? Is it totally on fire? Mine is. If you wanna make that even harder, go ahead and
add ankle weights and then it’ll be extreme — extreme. So let me know in the comments
below which one of those moves was your favorite. And I’ll see you next week for another workout
on Livestrong Woman for Pilates Bootcamp. Okay guys, keep working hard. I’ll see you,

100 thoughts on “Butt Lift Pilates Workout for Beginners | Pilates Bootcamp With Cassey Ho

  1. Can yo please do Stomach/belly workout PLEASEEEE and the song "Little Things" by One Direction! <3?? PLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSEE!! and thank you! <3 i love you!

  2. Great sequence and instruction. You are such a motivating and fun instructor! However, I would caution any true beginners or anyone with low back issues that this workout might be too advanced for low backs and hips. It's something to aspire to for sure!

  3. You make working out fun. Your videos are easy to follow. I started doing these in August on days when I didn't have a fitness class at my college. I've lost about 12 pounds thanks to your videos and a healthy diet (I stopped eating fast food and drinking soda). Thank you.

  4. God, i am addicted to your workouts. Cant wait until i can do this easily and progress on to advanced. I do it almost everyday combined with a carb free diet and daily cardio including pilates, balet workouts, jogging and swimming. Been doing yoga too. Only been doing it a wwk and a half and my body is really starting to shape up. LOVE IT!

  5. Oh my god. I'm just finishing my first semester of college and I haven't had time to work out… I decided to make it a priority now and I started working out again with this exercise… what a work out! This was crazy awesome, and really hard!

  6. So so hard but so much fun!!!! I've started eating clean and doing multiple workouts every single day!! love it so much!!! Keep em comin 😉

  7. Just did this back to back with the Total Body Toning for Beginners…oh my! My butt feels like it's on the verge of cramping now that I'm done. Feel the burn lol! I've been doing the beginner workouts for almost 3 weeks now. Love them. Went from every other day to every single day. Now have the courage to do some back to back workouts. Keep up the good work everyone.

  8. This is a great workout. But no where near for beginners. I do not have the balance for this. I can barely hold myself up and my leg doesn't move like that. And I love pushing myself but this one was just to much. It didn't just burn it hurt. I had to stop before I pulled something. But maybe I will be able to tackle this when I have better balance.

  9. this did NOT work mi butt at all. idk what happened. although we did stop for like half of it cuz we didnt hav enough room. whatever. lol

  10. I consider myself in shape (surfer/swimmer), but I just did two videos of yours and I can't walk right. Yay! Ow!

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  12. Wauw nice! But soo not a beginner video.. it was really hard to already extend the leg, let aside move it around for so long without changing legs..

  13. Thank you so much for the film. Youtube is made for this kind of thing.

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  19. Okay, the first move is technically impossible. I can't last 5 seconds if I have to keep my whole back off the ground and extend my leg!! Can someone tell me if I am doing it wrong?!

  20. I'm a beginner…… this is way beyond my abilities. Maybe I'll come back in a couple months when I'm stronger

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  22. i couldnt do this workout!!! i kept getting cramps, mostly in the back of my knees!! gonna keep doing and hope i get used to it and do it properly (without the cramps) ^^

  23. I like you keep encouraging. It really help me to stay continue and really feel the burn. Thank you and love you!

  24. its all about building strength. I use to not be able to do it either. Make sure you are squeezing your butt when you are in a basic bridge. If you have to stick with a basic bridge and work your way up that is fine….as long as you keep trying one day you will get there!

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  28. oh that grasshopper definitely burned that booty and core, but i'm glad to learn this routine. definitely one of my fav moves.

  29. This is NOT for beginners!!!! I couldn't keep my butt up at all during the first one and most of them… But I've been doing Pilates for a couple months

  30. None of these are my favorite but they burned as hell and that is the point. When it hurts it works. I will definately do it again and again 😄

  31. I absolutely adore Cassey, but this was not a beginner workout. I have been doing Blogilates workouts for 2 years now and I had trouble doing the first three moves without stopping. I don't think this workout should be called beginner, since it may discourage someone who is just starting with exercising.

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