Brick-Force: Closed Beta Trailer

Hey Brick-Force fans, Closed beta has begun. If you’re amongst the lucky ones who already have a key, what are you waiting for? Dive in and let the fun begin! If you already registered on our website but don’t have access yet, sit tight! – We promise that soon you’ll get the chance to Build, Share and Play. No matter if you’ll be playing sooner or later, there are many cool features that you’ll experience in Brick-Force. Take sandbox mode, for instance. Here you can easily create your own maps, alone or even with your friends. Simply drag your bricks up to your action bar and get building! With the left mouse button you can start creating your stone buildings, imaginative landscapes and deadly bombsites. Right click to remove bricks or easily correct artistic missteps. By the way: The sandbox mode will be playable on your Android or iOS smartphone and tablets in the future. Design maps with your friends while riding the bus to school, taking the train to work or chilling out on the sofa. Happy with your map? Why not share it with the whole community? Other gamers can then download, rate or play them. Do you prefer blasting to building? No worries. There’s already a whole bunch of cool maps to choose from. Play Team or Solo Deathmatch, Capture the Flag or Bomb Defusion, and get your adrenaline pumping. There’s a wide variety of weapons and gear to choose from, with all kinds of different stats. Machine guns, sniper rifles, melee weapons, grenades, smoke bombs, hats, boots, armor… You can have tons of fun simply choosing your equipment, grinding for your favorite gun or customizing the appearance of your character. So guys, we’d love to meet you all in the beta for Brick-Force. If you still haven’t registered you should do – before it’s too late!

100 thoughts on “Brick-Force: Closed Beta Trailer

  1. I like Minecraft and I like this game, and I don't believe that this would ever be a Minecraft ripoff, it's simple, it's easier to make a creative game with blocks instead of complex terrain.
    Like legos.

  2. THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER!!! Combination of Minecraft and any First person shooter game!! One word: EPIC!

    Can't wait for my Beta-key!!!

  3. Hey can someone help me it says I have to download the latest version I downloaded again I hadthe same problem, please help.

  4. nie moge włączyć tej gry nie mam żadnefgo błędu jak klikam start to po prostu znika prosze pomóżcie

  5. HELP ME! I'v gotten brick-force my account has been activated and download the newest version but whenever I log in it says: invalid version get the update. Please help me

  6. It randomly chooses but you must have signed up for the closed beta BEFORE it started otherwise you would have to wait for open beta or full release.

  7. i got the beta key and my account activated i played the game but now it says account unknown when i try to login the game please help

  8. Guys, I heard someone say "Someone should kill Justin Beiber!" But, if we kill him, who would we have to make fun of? I like to make fun of him and say he's gay. Of course we will meet some gay people from time to time, but NO ONE is gayer than Justin Beiber.

  9. If you want to get into the Open Beta, but weren't in the Closed Beta, you'll need a special code from someone who was in Closed Beta. When I get it tomorrow, I'll send my code to anyone who sends me a PM on YouTube requesting it. See you in-game!

  10. Really? I bet you didn't even try this out. So why are you commenting?
    Save your shit for someone else.

  11. ok listen to me brick-force and listen to me good im serious! make the freaking monster mode for brick-force because i cant take it with just fighting other players i would just like to chill and kill something else besides my friends like a zombie bug or a killer computer just give me something man

  12. ROBLOX already sucked, but minecraft is what almost everyone is talking about (except for a lot of girls), and brick force is just a small comunity right now and there is no knowledge accept for spreading the word about it that it will get bigger, (THIS IS MY OPINION NOT A HATER COMMENT)

  13. when i was bad at this game i bought smoke bombs and threw them everywhere, killed myself and did it again xD

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