Boot Camp: Making A Sailor (Official Trailer 2018)

“Hurry up. Move. Let’s go. Get on the bus – go!” If I go in there thinking that I’m the best it’s going to higher my standards of what I can actually do. I get to be one of the select few who does get this honor of being able to defend our country. No turning back now! “Let’s go! Let’s go! Hurry up!” “Fix yourself! Fix it!” “Do it!” “Get off my deck!” “Go! Go!” Anything that you were before you came
here – that’s gone. Because as long as people in this world want to take your life because of where you live, because of where you breath, you must be ready! Welcome to the United States Navy. you

100 thoughts on “Boot Camp: Making A Sailor (Official Trailer 2018)

  1. If anybody joining soon needs some advice about Navy bootcamp drop a comment and I’ll be glad to help! Six pack! Lol

  2. Finally a series that shows closer to how it really is. I can't stand these shows where the instructors know the camera is there and they act all nice and don't yell, these fuckers are not like that at all.

  3. Still switching around silly uniforms, for the love of god, make the navy standard uniform coveralls.

  4. Lizard king lol. He's actually a pretty cool guy, talked to me and a few other people from my division after we won captains cup. He gave some pretty good advice and a little background on his Navy career. Basic is an experience I know I'll never forget, especially the first night when he was yelling right in my face in the Golden 13. To anyone going in soon, good luck! Just stay strong and remember why you signed up, and remember it's literally part of their job to stress you out to the point of wanting to quit.

  5. As a recent graduate from RTC this was truly a experience that I'll never forget it gets hard at the begining but push trough and Youll see that at the end its all worth it
    Im proud to call myself a US Sailor. Also HOOYA LIZARD KING!!!

  6. Just graduated 11 days ago and I can say it’s the most exhilarating and tiring experience of a lifetime. 😂 anyone from ship 12?

  7. I’ll never forget Chief Kalaw Telling me I looked like an abortion after I stepped off that bus, memories man

  8. All I see is a whole bunch of hazing & blatant disregarding for the Navy’s Hearing Conservation Program. But that’s just me.

  9. Its not a select few lmao. Took me 3 months from walking into the recruiters office to when i was already on the bus to bootcamp

  10. The trailer forgot “so fuck me right guy?” “Fuck SR Miller, Fuck Chief too huh guy, that’s cool, your first exercise is…” if someone messes up on watch or in general, and all the knife hands, and the classic “AAAAAANNNDDD HAAALLTTT” when you are walking in the streets to medical or something ,and all the “very well, stand by recruit” and the “stand the fuck by on the black line” and how could they forget “Attention in the ship, Attention in the ship Divisional ITE in compartment ( insert bullseye number).” Boot camp wasn’t hard but it wasn’t a cakewalk either. I hope this version shows all these aspects of it. BTW for those who didn't know, SR Miller is the recruit on the poster when you do watch in the compartment at RTC

  11. Side Note: These videos make it scarier than it is. Eat that chip on your shoulder, follow the rules, and you will be fine.

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