Boot Camp: Making a Sailor – Episode 3

Sit up straight – eyes on me! I’m Petty Officer Sperry – I will be your lead RDC Petty Officer Tine will be your second RDC Petty Officer Gonzalez will be your third RDC Together, we have eight weeks to transform you into United States Sailors. You are no longer a civilian whatever you were before, is now over. You are about to begin a journey that’s going to make you a part of the greatest naval force the world has ever known. This training will not be easy – it wasn’t meant to be. You will not be coddled, nor disrespected, but you will be held to a high standard. Our job, as RDCs, is to turn you into basically-trained Sailors. Your job, as recruits, is to do what you’re told and give us 100% motivation. You will all be treated the same – no matter your sex, cultural background, religion, or sexual orientation. There are no individuals in the military; we are many, but we operate as one unit. For this team to be successful, you have to work together. If you fail, the team fails! Get on your feet! Get up! Let’s go! Let’s go! My name’s Petty Officer Sperry, I’m a Recruit Division Commander at Recruit Training Command. All divisions start off basically the same – they’re very scared, they don’t know what they’re supposed to expect during their eight-week training. Turn your head! It’s easy! Say your number! 51. 52. No! As you were! Stop! Stop! Pay attention! Turn your head and say your number. 59. 60. 61. As you were! Wait for the person in front of you to turn their freakin’ head so you can say your number and then you go after them! My name’s Chief Petty Officer Stigall – I’m a Recruit Division Commander here at Recruit Training Command Great Lakes. Processing Days – that’s where you’re issued all your initial issue – ditty issue they have their basic medical indoctrination where they get a series of shots. So, during that week you get a lot of shots you get everything you need to continue the rest of your training. The shots were not fun. We got dental work done, which we just
finished today It was long a long, long process. Everything that you do is with a purpose and you do it to the best of your ability. We want to give them a shock – and we let them know that you know, you haven’t even started training yet. You haven’t even begun to experience what we’re about to subject you to. And then you start teaching them the very basics – how to stand at attention, how to salute, how to do facing movements – left face, right face, about face… Learning how to fold things, learning how to do things correctly. I gave you 15 minutes to shave, and brush your teeth. We are going on 25 minutes. This is unsat. Let’s go! The first few days of boot camp, that’s when recruits don’t really know what to expect, so when you start yelling at them… You’re here to get better! Not to stand freakin’ lazy! Do you understand? Yes, Petty Officer! Then don’t stand like that! I shouldn’t be repeating myself when I already trained it! Some people really have a negative effect to that, and they don’t like being talked to like that and then some of them understand the process and understand that that us being on them 100% all the time is what’s gonna make them a better Sailor in the end. You know, everything they do, I don’t take it personal because I realize they are training me to be a Sailor. It’s a lot of tough love, and I know that they want us to succeed I know that they want us to do well you know, they’ve all been through this themselves, they have gone through a lot of training to be our RDCs so trying to just remember that and give
them that equal amount of respect, really helps me get through it. They’ve been good. They only really – again, if you’re doing the right thing they’re not going to be yelling at you. What division are you in? 230. Then why are you here? You’re 230 – get across the freakin’ hall! We have to yell at them a lot, and get them to understand that we need them not just to react to what we’re saying,
but to react fast. We’re gonna make it uncomfortable for them – we’re gonna make it so that they’re able to one – have confidence in themselves and their abilities, but also be able to deal with the stress. And so that’s why we create a stressful environment – that’s why we keep the temp up. What did your RDCs tell you about failure? If you fail who fails? The whole team fails. The whole team! Your initial PFA is tomorrow! You need to understand that if you fail –
you will get set back. So tomorrow is going to be a reality check for the recruits – it’s their baseline PFA where they’re going to be required to run a mile and a half, do a number amount of sit ups and push ups – some won’t make it, so someone’s going to go home. I wanted to pass out and just die – like, give me a gallon of water and let me drink it! So, we were all really stressed about who was going to pass and who wasn’t going to pass. Let’s go, Jones – come on, get up there – don’t think about it, just go! Come on, give me five more! I’m happy I was able to pass it. I’m glad – so… Hopefully I can pass the next one with a better score. With the PFA – I knew that I was ready for it before coming to boot camp but the day before I got really, really sick, so still I felt sick during the PFA, but I just pushed because I didn’t want to get
separated. So that PFA baseline… it’s just that – it’s the baseline – it’s not even the PFA standard and if they can’t meet the baseline, then they probably need to go find something else to do. I don’t give a crap if you’re tired – if you think the seabag is too heavy – you came here to serve – so hold up, and do it! Week 1 of actual boot camp, they can expect to be staying up late, long hours, working at a fast pace, they’re going to be expected to pass their swim qualification, they’re going to be expected to march as a unit, and those are all things that we’re training them for in the beginning, during P-Days, but they’re going to have to bring it together in Week 1 and make sure they’re performing all those tasks. So in P-Days we are loud and we are aggressive with them, but we’re instructors at first, we’re teaching them everything, we take our time, because come Week 1, we don’t have time to train every little thing over and over again they need to learn it – so when we’re telling them at first they need to pick stuff up and this is how it has to be done, come Week 1 we expect that to happen so when they start failing during Week 1 then they’re actually held accountable for their actions. Anything that you were before you came here – you waved goodbye to that. That’s gone! Because as long as people in this world want to take your life because of where you live – because of where you breathe you must be ready! And if you’re not ready we don’t need you. you

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  1. Those corpsman piss me off. Causing discomfort to your patients, even if they are recruits is a disgrace to the Caduceus.

  2. 25 minutes to brush teeth and shave.. yikers, my lieutenant would kill me if we spent that much time. My LT gave us 4 minutes.

  3. Hi I am a fan but I’m a daughter of a formal Navy Seal Man and he served in the Korean War and yes he did adopt me but that is not the point the point is he died January 4 2019 this year his name is Raymond Troy Burchett and I know that I am not ready to be a Navy Seal but If I could be one and Honor him that would be amazing but I that there probably no way I could be one so I probably should just give up so if there is another way to honor him please tell me

  4. I went to navy boot camp sum. '63 in San Diego. I suspect it was a lot harder then than now—still not as hard as marines or army. They were yelling at us in the airport lobby (it was embarrasing to me). Well anyway, I'm glad I served a hitch in the navy; I wish all recruits in all branches of the service good luck in their respective boot camps.

  5. How to fold things and pack your sea bag! My Dad served in Korea, and he passed down these skills to us. We older kids were raised quasi Navy. The two young ones, well, they had it way too easy.

  6. It's a lot softer these days LOL those Vietnam veterans that had a hold of us in boot camp were some super hard asses hahaha

  7. I will always place the mission first.
    I will never accept defeat.
    I will never quit.
    I will never leave a fallen comrade
    I will never forget
    -United States Military and its Allies

  8. As a racist I would not last having negros and flips screeming at you and dumb Mexicans I would start swinging end of story

  9. Wow. With the millennials crying about the military being too mean, anyone can pass these tests. Never heard of a DI saying "you're doing a good job, keep it up."

  10. Remember he said they won't disrespect them but they will held pressure I can't tell the difference… but I think that it's important a good training because they are protecting there country

  11. That guy reminded me of my good friend, he be yelling at the Army but he is such at soft ball and talking to me with the sweetest voice ever

  12. There are considerably less words like “fuckers” “maggots” “wankstain” and the likes than what I got in my basic training.

    Maybe because there are cameras around?

  13. Half the comments ab the shots , but imagine getting wounded in action and need morphine. 8/10 ppl gonna stab you w the morphine needle

  14. Not trying to be disrespectful. I did fourteen years in the Army, with what I went through, I just couldn't take the Navy instructors serious. For example, why do they wear their cover in side the building? It's not a "round brown", it's just regular head gear. GO ARMY BEAT NAVY!

  15. Women shouldn't be in the combat forces. Especially sailors as living on ships in close quarters is going to create fucking between sailors, and feuding between male sailors over the affection of the females. Its the era we live in, where males are such pussies that the military has to lower its standards and take anyone to get manpower.

  16. Notice the multiple NAM's (Navy Achievement Medals) each one of these clowns wear…none of them for combat….two ways to get promoted in the Navy children…pay attention….#1…suck ass like these idiot (RTC's used to be CC's) …..#2 become a Hospital Corpsman Devil Doc, get shot in one of multiple combat deployments (with Marines), earn a Combat Action Ribbon, a NAM with Combat V and command respect for the rest of your lives from your fellow Veterans, active duty and every Marine past and present. Semper Doc

  17. Those instructors are really punchable. Nobody and I mean nobody yells at me that loud in front of my face without me getting mad. Like I don't give a fuck if it's for discipline or whatever your gonna break somebody's eardrums that way.

  18. When I went through boot camp we had a bunch of cry babies one set of parents called the governor and told him they can’t treat my baby like that. The RDCs got shit and had to ease up on him and he got sent back

  19. I really apreciate what they do, but why to keep on mind world is on war and we gotta save U.S.A, this is an idea i'd like to understand better. One thing you can clearly see from U.S.A is that they really make lots of money from the war things, asside from that i see no reason to have this war state mind set.

  20. this is so stupid!!! 🤣🤣…… you dont need so much military in this country!! what a waste of money!!!
    and the screaming 🤣🤣…. what a joke!! I respect the kids that go but the system is so stupid

  21. I went through the Navy, but I can't believe they have a 3rd class petty officer there trying to be a RC. Talking about the Mexican dude. Everyone that was Company Commanders when I went were 1st class or Chief.

  22. Recurites : I feel alright. I'm gonna be in the best shape of my life. I like it here.

    Their eyes blinking Morse code when getting interviewed:

  23. Dayum bruh didn’t know them leaders with the brown shirt I didn’t know the one in the first she got her eyelashes done I thought they gonna be normal instead of having them nails done 😂

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