Bomb Disposal With The Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit Of The Philippine Army

As population continues to grow, crime rate also increases, reaching a point where no place is ever safe. Even your Sunday mall stroll can be ruined by a bomb threat. Scary? Yes. But there are a few brave men who can silence a bomb that’s ready to explode in no time. The Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit or EOD of the Armed Forces of the Philippines provides expertise in responding to bomb threats, neutralizing munitions and presenting evidence, and supports other associated sciences. Its main function is to conduct detection, identification, evaluation, render safe, and disposal of… unexploded explosive ordnance and improvised explosive device. But although these guys sound like they laugh at the face of danger the training to become an EOD is damn serious. Of course, you must be an ordnance officer. He will undergo ammunition management course which is prerequisite to the explosive ordnance disposal course. After that, he will be absorbed in to the EOD battalion and… we conduct again training before we deploy them in the field Explosive nowadays are made to be more powerful and more destructive, but these bomb busters make sure that they are well equipped to outsmart even the most advanced form mass destruction caused by explosives. “FIRE IN THE HOLE!” As of the moment, we are procuring… basic tools and high end tools They are also responsible for clearing the area where bomb threats and explosion incidents are reported. During an operation, a special team is assigned to take control of the situation. The deployment of the Philippine Army EOD team… So, the team has one person in charge which is the team leader. Then, there are the team supervisor, EOD technician and the rest belong to the security. In every EOD operation one man stands out in full battle gear The one assigned to wear the bomb suit is called the P1. A protective suit loaded with courage serves as the P1’s protection. Then, the one tasked to inspect the area with their binoculars… They are called the observers. Want to know how these work on the field? We have a standard operating procedure where the P1 is not allowed to do “hand entry” It is expected that the terrorist group and other lawless elements, once they assemble an improvised explosive device, they will make sure that these will not be detected by the government security forces and the [Philippine National Police] This is a no-room-for-error type operation. So, special tools are need to get the job done right. “I’ve already installed it.” “We can now open it…” All of the investigation is done through remote removal. We have a system called “the hook and line” These are the rope… and pulley… and all other various tools. This is what we use to open vehicles, to get the bomb out of the vehicle just in case… they placed the switch of the IED in the vehicle’s doors We do this so the P1 is safe and out of harm’s way. These days, the terrorist groups have become more sophisticated, so their improvised explosives are usually command detonated. The last challenge is to silence the bomb. For example, we have a suspected item. What we is the disruption method. The purpose of the disruption method is to destroy the concealment of the suspected bomb or improvised explosive device, so we can find out what’s inside the package. “FIRE IN THE HOLE!” “FIRE IN THE HOLE!” “FIRE IN THE HOLE!” “FIRE IN THE HOLE!” “FIRE IN THE HOLE!” “FIRE IN THE HOLE!” Hands up to the EOD team! When it comes to handling explosives, you guys are the definitely the bomb!

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  1. Itong mga sundalo natin magigiting,matatapang at may angking talino so panawagan ko SA gobyerno bilhan sila NG mga modernong gamit pandigma tulad NG mga F16s,gripen,Blackhawks,TANGKE DE GYERA,mga long arms na bago atbp….as Gen.Mac Arthur once said : Give me ten thousand Filipino soldiers and we will conquer the world…

  2. Ito dapat ang pinapanood lalo na ng mga kabataan to encourage patriotism… Snappy salute to all of our men in uniform.. God bless po!!!!

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