Bolt-Ade – Fruit Ninja Frenzy Force (Ep. 2)

[♪♪♪]Under an ordinary house
in an ordinary neighborhood,
four kids found the secretsto the messiest martial art
of all time!
Now the young ninjas
use their powers
to fight great evil!“Great” as in “big,”
not “good.” Ha!
Fruit Ninja: Frenzy Force!
[♪♪♪] [sighing] Pretty slow day
in the neighborhood. Yeah. You know,
a lazy day like today really gives you
a chance to think. About what? Oh, you know. Life. Inner peace. Our place in the universe. Stuff like that. Sounds deep. When confronted
with outward chaos, try and look inward. I just made that up. Yeah, I can tell. [shouting] Ninja-namaste, Seb! Ninja-namaste, Niya! Is this the greatest day ever,
or what? Whoo! Am I thirsty! He’s been like
this for hours! It’s inhuman! [burping] Ah! Now, that’s the stuff! What’s the stuff, Peng? Are you kidding? You haven’t tried Bolt-Ade? I’ve never even
heard of it. Well, get with
the program! Everyone’s
drinking it! Look around. -Wow.
-Yeah. It gets less creepy
after like a hundred times. If this beverage
is so great, it’s a threat
to our operation! Niya… The juice stand
is just a front, remember? We’re here
so we can help people. Serve justice. Beat up bad guys. …Ninja. I know that! But look around. No one needs our help
to drink Bolt-Ade! Whoa! Did you see that? Of course I did! What are the odds
of getting struck by lightning? [Ralph]:
Uh, one in a metric butt-ton? Something tells me
these aren’t random occurrences. Ya think? Hold on. Wait… I’ve got it! None of them
are wearing belts! Or…they’re all
drinking Bolt-Ade. No! The backwash is the best part! Yeah, you’re welcome. It’s the Bolt-Ade! You drink it, you get zapped! Move, Peng! Missed! Too slow! Ha! Gotcha! Missed again! That is so boss! …except for maybe
getting electrocuted. We have to get
to the bottom of this! Totally. Don’t you feel like this
is usually the part where some weirdo shows up to give us a clue
or something? [♪♪♪] [yelping] [yelping] [stomach growls] Oh, man! Cramp! Drank too much! Are you crazy? You want to get fried too? Just as I thought,
right around the corner! [panting] [gasping] Dude.
Serious movement skills. You okay? Okay?
I’m faster than lightning! Fruit Ninja represent! Man, am I thirsty. [smacks lips] [♪♪♪] This wasn’t here
last week. Totally mysterious. You sure we should go in
without Ralph and Peng? Until we solve this mystery,
they’re kind of a liability. [maniacal
laughter] Yeah, good point. So, the plan is– ? Sneak inside. Find the source
of the zapping. Dismantle it. Perfect. So, nice and quiet– Midnight Plum stealth mode,
activate now now now! What are you doing? Sneaking! What does it look like? That’s a lot of Bolt. Who’s behind it all? And why? No one’s here. Can’t we just shut it down? [distant laughter] Apparently, it’s not
shut-downable! Also, lightning
inside a building is a thing now. Follow it down to the source! What is that? I don’t know, but obviously it’s not
from the neighborhood. Let me try and
communicate with it. Are you nuts? Or are I brave? Wait. No. No, wait. Am I…Am I brave. Am. I am Krackleflint! I burn through your dimension
with my fiery tendrils. Tentacles. I think you mean “tentacles.” It’s okay. I was just stuck
on “are”/”am.” Silence! Your puny species
has one weakness, a weakness I plan to exploit
to the utmost! Is it injustice? No. Is it greed? No! Is it unjust greed? No! It’s an unbridled craving
of flavorsome beverages, of course! Your sad excuse for a dimension
will soon be mine! You will all be slaves
to my high-fructose superiority! You picked the wrong day to enslave this plane
of existence, mister! In the name
of all humanity, I instruct you to return to your dimension
of origin immediately and without
further incident! Sure. That should do it. You dare defy me? Then taste my delicious wrath! “In the name
of all humanity”? You have a better idea? Yeah, how about
less talk, more ninja! Let’s get juicy! What can you four do against the likes of
an inter-dimensional overlord? Your people already beg
for more Bolt-Ade! They want it! No way, intergalactic scum! We’ll never drink
your nasty deathjuice! You don’t need
to drink my elixir now! You’re surrounded by it! [crying out] [crying out] [laughing] Hello there! Care for a banana slipstream? Uh, I can’t drink juice
right now. We’re in the middle of a fight. I understand. You’re very busy. Pity to waste all of these
very special bananas. What makes them so special? Oop! Ha ha! How would I know? I am an innocent vacationer caught in the intergalactic
crossfire. [Seb]: Hey! What the heck are you wearing? We’ve tasted your product. Now it’s time for you to taste
some pure Juice Jitsu! Get a load of this
on your tendrils! -Tentacles!
-Whatever! Bet you’ve never seen a real-life Banana Slipstream
Slick-Suit where you come from, have you? Nuh-uh. I was talking to the alien. Whoa! A massive…crystal…thing! It looks important! It must be the source
of his lightningosity! Tremble as I tear through the very fabric
of space-time to my dimension of origin, a place of pain and confusion
and overly saccharine evil! Prepare to meet your end
on the other side of reality! [crying out] [crying out] [Krackleflint]: Gross! It’s all bananary! No! [screaming] Now! Oh no! [screaming] Curse you, puny
fruit-themed Ninjas! Whoo. Yowza. Some showdown, huh? Yeah! He definitely won’t be
coming back anytime soon. Maybe. To victory! [♪♪♪] Ugh! Ugh! How could you drink so much of this
disgusting stuff, Peng? Oh no… Don’t you see? That crystal didn’t generate
Bolt-Ade’s lightning. It was the source
of its deliciousness! Wait, wouldn’t
that mean that–

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