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(upbeat music) – I’m Mia Rigden,
nutritionist, trained chef, and the founder of RASA. – I’m Jenny Dorsey,
professional chef, writer, and the founder of Studio ATAO, and this is Alt-Baking Bootcamp, your crash course in healthier baking. – Today, we’re tackling brownies, but we’re gonna health-ify the recipe by taking out the butter,
the refined sugars, all the flours, and the eggs, and we’re gonna add
black beans to the mix. This is gonna make this
recipe gluten-free, grain-free, nut-free, refined
sugar-free, and vegan. But don’t worry, it’s still delicious. Should we get started? – Yeah, but first, let’s
taste the original. – So this is the classic brownie recipe, I think this came from a box. Oh, it’s hard to cut. – It’s a very firm brownie. – Yeah, seriously. This is not graceful. (laughing) All right, here we go, I got it, I got it. Definitely chocolatey. (laughing) – Chewy. – Very chewy. They’re all right. They’re definitely chewy, and chocolatey, they’re a bit sweet for my taste. – Very sweet. – I think that we can do better. – Mm-hmm. – I’ve had enough of these. All right, now let’s make the recipe. – First, the beans. This is one can of black beans that have been soaking
overnight in coconut milk. You wanna put them in for
at least 8 hours or so, but I like to just toss them in before bed and not worry about it. – So, Jenny, talk to me
about these black beans, because I’ve made black
bean brownies before, and it’s really hard to
get that bean-y taste out. – Yeah, for sure, so a lot
of times chefs will use milk to pull the flavor out of
undesirable things like gamy meat. And so I thought that I would
apply the same principle here, but since we wanted to keep
this as healthy as possible, I used coconut milk
instead of regular milk. – Great idea. – And it pulls a little bit
of that bean-y flavor out so you don’t really notice it, and there’s not much of
a coconut taste either. – That’s great, ’cause you
know, we love burritos, but not in our brownies. (laughs) – Exactly, not sweet burrito. So I’m gonna strain these
out, and rinse ’em off, so you don’t really get
any of the coconut flavor. Straight in the food processor. – So black beans are a
wonderful source of protein, especially for vegans, and
this is a vegan recipe. They also are full of fiber, potassium, folate, and vitamin B6, so
super healthy ingredient to use. I love that we got out that bean-y flavor, and they’re gonna give great
texture to these brownies. – Next, let’s make our flax egg. For every flax egg,
you want one tablespoon of ground flax seed, and
three tablespoons of water. We’re gonna do two flax eggs. – So this replaces eggs in this recipe. – Eggs are usually emulsifiers and binders in recipes like these, and
also add a little moisture. It’s important to make sure
that your flax egg has some time to sit, so the flax can
kinda gel with the water. – Flax is also a
wonderful source of fiber, so it’s definitely a healthy
addition to any meal. – We also are using a
1/2 cup of coconut sugar. Coconut sugar is a little
less sweet than regular sugar, but it melts like regular sugar, so it keeps that consistency
we’re looking for in a brownie mix. It tastes a little bit
closer to brown sugar, so it has more of those
caramel, toasty notes, which is also nice for a recipe like this where we’re using chocolate. – I love using coconut sugar for baking, because it’s unrefined, and
it also has some vitamins and minerals, as well as
inulin, which is a prebiotic, which is essentially food for
the good bacteria in your gut. – We let this sit a little
bit, and you can see… It’s gelling a little bit. Gonna go in with the flax egg. Let’s swirl it. – All right. We’re using a food processor today, but you could use a blender or a hand blender for this recipe. We just wanna make sure to get these beans nice and ground up. (whirring) – So as you can see, there’s
still little bits of the bean, but beans are naturally creamy, so when you actually end
up baking this altogether, you’re not really gonna
notice any of the particles. It’s gonna feel pretty
creamy and consistent. Next, we’re gonna add… A little bit of salt. (laughing) Some baking powder. The baking powder is gonna be our main leavener in this recipe. Since there’s nothing really
acidic in this recipe, we wanna use baking powder
instead of baking soda, which needs to react
with something acidic. And our cacao. – So it wouldn’t be brownies
without chocolate, right? – Exactly. Cacao has a slightly drying effect, so it makes the brownies like, that normal brownie consistency, versus a little too wet right now. – Cacao is also a wonderful superfood. It’s an antioxidant full
of vitamins and minerals, and fiber, and of course
has that chocolatey taste. As we discussed in our
chocolate chip cookie recipe, chocolate is actually a
health food, great news. (laughing) It’s just the stuff that
we add to the chocolate that can make it unhealthy,
so as you’ve seen here, we’ve added black beans,
some coconut sugar, just really good ingredients in here, so this is gonna be a really
healthy chocolate treat. (whirring) All right, let’s give it a good scrape to make sure we got all the powder… And all the ingredients together. – A little bit from the top. – Yeah, always falls on the top. Just give it one more pulse. (whirring) – And next we’re gonna add
our vegan chocolate chips. Most chocolate chips are vegan, but you just wanna make
sure you’re being careful when you’re looking at the label. – When I’m buying chocolate,
I always check the labels. Sometimes it can be a
little bit confusing, because there will be some ingredients that you’re unfamiliar with that might not actually be unhealthy. One word that I commonly see
on the back of chocolate labels is lecithin, so there’s soy lecithin, and there’s sunflower lecithin. It’s a little bit of a tongue twister. (laughing) But this is basically an emulsifier that helps keep the chocolate together, and the soy ones sometimes
can be genetically modified, a lot of people have issues with soy, so look for the sunflower ones instead. Should we add them in? – And we’re just gonna pulse a little bit so that we get little chunks
of the chocolate chips, but not, like, completely
grind them into the batter. (whirring) Maybe a little bit more. (whirring) Probably good. (laughing) It’s like, really stuck. (beeping) – Wait, oh, I know why. – Oh. (laughing) – All right, guys, let’s get over that. – So earlier, we already
preheated the over to 350, and now we’re ready with our batter. You can see the batter is pretty thick, but it’s not like, chunky. You don’t want it to be liquid-y, you want, like, kind of
a fudge-y consistency. – Definitely fudge-y. – You can use a regular
brownie tray for this, always a good option, and
you wanna line the bottom with some parchment,
but we found something while recipe-testing… – A brownie tray! – Which is amazing, because you can get all those crispy edges,
and everything is uniform in those nice little squares. – So no one has to fight over the ends, and it’s great for portion control. – Let’s portion out some brownies. You just wanna dollop a
little into every square. You want to fill them roughly to the top, but keep in mind, they are
gonna rise a little bit, so you don’t wanna overfill them. If you want a perfect top
you can kinda smooth it out with a spatula or a knife,
but you don’t have to. Or you could put little
chocolate chips on the top, and have cute little chocolate
chips when you pull them out. And now we’re gonna bake these
for about 10 to 15 minutes, but if you’re using a
regular brownie tray, you’re looking at 30, 35 minutes or so. – If you like a firmer brownie, you could cook these longer,
for up to even an hour. – Because these are vegan,
you don’t have to worry about anything being undercooked if you want like, a super
fudge-y, gooey brownie. – All right, now let’s
put ’em in the oven. Set it for 15 minutes. – And now we wait. Oh, yes. – Vegan. (laughing) All right. – [Both] Let’s taste ’em. – Let’s sprinkle some salt on. – I love some Maldon. Sea salt really accentuates
the flavor of any baked good. And it looks pretty too. – It looks way more gourmet. – It does. (laughs) – So good.
– Very fudge-y. – Super fudge-y, not bean-y. You literally cannot
taste the black beans. That coconut milk trick… – Mm-hmm. – You could totally fool a kid with these, they’re great for school bake-offs, or wherever you have to
bring baked goods to, because I know you can’t bring nuts to a lot of schools these days. Lots of nut allergies, so these
are a wonderful alternative. – If you don’t say anything,
no one will notice. – They won’t. These are delicious! – And you can freeze
them, and eat them frozen, for kind of like, a frozen
snickers bar, it’s really good. – I’m Mia Rigden. – I’m Jenny Dorsey. – And this is Alt-Baking Bootcamp. – For more recipes, make sure to subscribe to Well and Good’s YouTube channel. – If there’s a recipe
you wanna see us make, please comment below,
and we might just bake it for our next episode. – See ya next time! – Bye! (upbeat music)

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