Best Way To Do Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press | How-To Exercise Tutorial

Hey guys, coach Rich here and today we are
going to be going over one of my favorite exercises for shoulders, the seated dumbbell
shoulder press. Now there are a couple of key points that
we’re going to be discussing with this one today, but the first one is going to be about
the setup. So we’re using a fixed military-style bench where we’re going to be pretty much
upright, but it’s important to note that when we’re doing this exercise, we’re looking to
be hitting our front delt, so the front division of our shoulder muscle here. Now the important
thing to note there is you’re going to need to find the correct torso angle for you to
be hitting your front delt. So when I sit down here, I can externally rotate to this
position. However, I’m not really going to be getting much front delt there. I’m going
to be pushing more with my upper back. So what I want to do is slide my butt slightly
forward in the seat. That way my front delt is pointing directly at the ceiling and my
hand is completely upright. One of the other key points to note when doing
a seated shoulder press is that we don’t want to bring the dumbbells in too close and we
don’t want them diverging in the press either. What I mean by that is we’re trying to create
torque at the shoulder joint. So the further away the dumbbell is, the greater the momentum,
the more torque at the shoulder joint. So if I was to do a set where I was holding a
10-kilo dumbbell over here in this position and pressed it like this, then I was to do
a set with a 14-kilo dumbbell but I moved it in here, we’re actually taking away some
of the torque at the shoulder. So we want to really keep it out there over the elbow
as much as possible and not stack the joints. So if I’m holding the dumbbell here and the
weight is going through my wrist, elbow, and shoulder, there’s not much tension here on
the delt. So we just want to keep it nice and wide as far down as we can go. Pressing
up. Okay guys, so that is your basic guide to
a seated dumbbell shoulder press. So the key things that we discussed are selecting the
right angle to hit your front delt, so that front division of your shoulder muscle should
be pointing towards the ceiling. The other things that we spoke about are creating torque
at the shoulder joint by keeping the dumbbell out nice and wide. So you want your forearm
to be vertical and that dumbbell to be just over your elbow and then not diverging as
you press. So not coming in and stacking the load through your wrist, elbow, and shoulder
joint, making sure there’s still some tension as you press up nice and high. So if you’re
someone who has been pressing like this, which is a very common way to shoulder press with
dumbbells, take that tip and apply it. And I promise you will definitely see some improvements
to your shoulder hypertrophy.

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