90 thoughts on “Behind Bars: Rookie Year: Guards Force Inmate Out of Cell (Season 2) | A&E

  1. But like, what if the prisoner just stops doing anything? Like eating, sleeping, walking? Do they get punished? Like what will they do with a prisoner that just gives up on life?

  2. Always sounds strange… that a prisoner doesnt want to get out of his cell!

    First, they dont want to be locked up in a cell. And when they are in the cell they dont want to come out any more…

  3. Why was he being strip searched with a cell dock between him and the officers lol. Could've avoided gassing the whole clinic of they were in the cell with him

  4. Why swallow a Suboxone? It has to dissolve under your tongue if it's going to work properly and he could have done that while still in his cell.

  5. This utterly pathetic thug is upset that he can't get his own way in prison.

    Ludicrous tantrums an infant would be embarrassed by are all he can do, but he surrendered before being sprayed, then got sprayed anyway when he ate something right in front of the guards and on camera!

    What an utter imbecile.

  6. Why bother getting him out of his cell if he doesn"t wanna leave? Isn"t easier to have one less person in general pop anyways?

  7. Wtf at 3:35 or so the officer said “we don’t know what he swallowed maybe a weapon 😂😂🤡🤡🤡

  8. We don't know what he Swallowed so we had to sprayed and beaten up, he's going to the hospital or something like that, 🤷

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