Beginner Kegel Exercise Routine with Intimate Rose Pelvic Floor Weights

Hi, I’m Amanda Olson; I’m a doctor of physical therapy, and a certified pelvic floor rehabilitation specialist. I’m going to show you exercises to do if the white weight is feeling too heavy. So what you’ll want to do is lay down on your back. You’ll put the white weight into your body, and lay down on your mat with your knees bent, and your feet shoulder-width apart. You’re going to practice feeling where the weight is inside the vagina, and you’re going to practice pulling it into your body more. The best way to do that is to imagine that the urethra is a telescope, and you’re trying to pull the telescope up and into your body. So it’s going to lift that weight up and into your body more. By laying down, we’re not upright against gravity, so that allows us to practice without the weight falling out. You’ll include a breathing pattern that is, inhale, relax; exhale, contract. You’ll exhale gently, and pull that weight into your body. We’re aiming for a five-second hold, and then you’ll inhale, and relax again. You’ll do that ten times. Then you’ll roll over, onto your hands and knees. You’ll want your hands right underneath your shoulders, and your knees right underneath your hips. You’re going to feel the weight a little bit differently this time. So the weight is going to tip forward in the pelvic bowl a little bit. And we’re going to repeat that same process. So you’ll inhale, relax; exhale, contract. And you’re going to pull up and in. You’ll notice that my body doesn’t move when I do this. When you do that Kegel, we’re not rocking the pelvis, and we’re not moving the body at all. You’ll repeat that, with a five second hold, ten times as well. Do those exercises two to three times a day, and gradually, over time, your body is going to get stronger and more coordinated, then you’ll be ready to move up into the standing position, and try moving around again.

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