Beginner Horsemanship with a Less-Trained Horse : Safety Tips for Riding Less Trained Horses

So we’ve bought a horse. A lot of us go out
and we find that horse, kind of fall in love with maybe that first impression. Sometimes
we get it home and it works out okay for a little bit, and then that horse realizes maybe
you’re not the trainer that they once came from. Or, sad to say, there might be some
deception in how much work this horse has done in its past. This is a young horse that
I particularly like; I ride her quite a bit. But when I put a more green or novice rider
on her, she’s going to be very classic to present some of those, those challenges that
everybody meets at least some point in their life. So we’re going to take this horse and
rider through a few of those where we say, let’s try to fix some of the, some of the
points that you may encounter after you’ve brought that horse home, and you go, “boy
I bargained, I got a little more than I bargained for”. We want to be certain that we stress
the safety of it. There is no reason for any rider to continue on with a horse that presents
a danger. Sometimes people come to me with a horse and we start working with it, and
there are certain things that I won’t even put myself at risk for. This little horse
tends to kind of pop up a bit against the pressure to her mount. That’s a lot different
than rearing. Rearing is one of those things that no rider should tolerate. It takes a
very, very experienced rider to be, to know how to put that back together. Once a horse
learns to rear, it’s very hard to fix a little buck here or there that may not be a problem.
She may still have a little buck in her today, but I trust that Laura can handle that. However,
if I saw a, I mean a downright bronc, we’re not going to let any rider who isn’t a downright
professional come in and take over any project like that. But this horse is going to give
us the opportunity to say, okay so we’ve come home and we’ve got a horse and we need to
break it down and learn how we can fix and stay committed to some of the things that
this horse presents.

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  1. Please practise more before you make a video. No one wants to hear you stumble over your (obvious) lines.

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