Battlefield 5: Aim Guide – Improve your Aim! (Battlefield V Guides)

– Hey what’s going on
guys, BrokenMachine here, hope you’re all doing good today. Welcome to my aim guide for BattleField 5. Lot’s of areas to discuss today, sensitivity, snapping on
targets, easier head shots, all of that good stuff. But first, before we begin, if you’re not playing on a monitor make sure set your TV to game mode, you’ll find this in the
picture or scene settings. What this essentially does is disable any extra image processing, which can reduce input lag. Input lag if you don’t know, is the delay between the TV
or monitor receiving a signal and that’s being displayed on the screen. The less, the better and more
responsive your aim will feel. If you’re on console, I’d also
recommend playing over USB any Bluetooth interference
could affect your aim. Secondly, one of the
best things you could do to improve your aim is
to become more aware of where the center of your screen is. Knowing this will allow for an easier time following targets and snapping to them. Think of it like this, good aim is really about
being able to keep your target in the center of your screen. The better you know where the center is the easier it will be. I do recommend getting into the habit of aiming down sight at
the start of every game, and after awhile you’ll know
exactly where the center is without even thinking about it. Now, let’s talk about controlling recoil. If you don’t know, crouching actually drops
your recoil around 30%, also going prone will reduce
your recoil even further. It may be a good idea to
crouch in a gun fight, but going prone is a little risky, you’re likely to get easily head-shotted. Recoil patterns are not
entirely fixed in this game, but they are predictable to some extent. If you check out this over here, you can see how they are very similar, but a little bit different each time, but there’s a kind of pattern going on. It’s a good idea to
head over to test range, try countering your
weapon as best as you can and see where your weaknesses are. Don’t recommend trying to
control for the entire magazine, if you haven’t dropped your
opponents by 10 bullets readjust and try again. I highly recommend
switching to single fire for longer range target,
depending on the weapon of course. The difference can be game changing. Now sensitivity is a
massive part of your aim. Recommend you stick with one
setting and do not change it. Many new players make
the mistake of constantly changing their sensitivity, by doing this you are
ruining muscle memory that you’ve built on. Don’t be that player,
stick with one sensitivity, and only ever change after
you get better at the game, and realize you actually need to. Also, I highly recommend turning
on uniform soldier aiming, so that all weapons and
sights feel the same, essentially with this on, if you turn 90 degrees
right with a sniper scope, then do the same with a pistol, both will feel the same
in terms of sensitivity. Check out my settings
guide for more on that. If you’re on console, turn off vibration. No need for that, and it will
have an effect on your aim. Next, constantly be asking yourself why and where you’re aiming at. Why are you aiming at the floor? What if someone is inside? Why the ceiling? There won’t be anyone there? What is the point? Aiming where enemies could come from is a much better strategy
than staring at the floor. This is often referred to as centering. Centering is where you aim
where your opponents could be, so as soon as they pop up,
you have the advantage. Check out how I move around the map here, looking for enemies in each corner, simple but incredibly effective. Now take a note of my streaks that you’ve seen on my channel. Next time you watch them, you should be able to see me doing this. If you can’t see it, go back, and listen to what I said again. Obviously you can’t center all the time, but it is definitely a
good habit to get into. Now, aiming down sight around a corner or waiting for a target, is a wise move. Just make sure you’re not
aiming too close to an object, otherwise it may block your shot. Centering is also often referred to as placing your target on your
opponents before you shoot. Definitely recommend getting
into the habit of doing this, obviously as your skill increases, you won’t need to do this as much, but it is a good thing to start off with. Here is an easy task to
help improve your censoring. Find your own practice
range, head over here, and work on your centering
with the dummy targets here. You’ll soon improve your
snapping on targets here, it is good to be snapping here and there, but do try this, try to drift your aim, hard to explain, but I find personally, not being so snappy and allowing
my aim to drift to a target tends to work out much better. It’s hard to explain this one, and I’m sure you all want to be better at snapping to your targets, but if you try to kind of drift the aim don’t be too snappy, I often find if I am really snappy, I often over aim or under aim, whereas if I just kind
of drift to the target it seems to work out better. But anyway, pre-aiming
can definitely give you a massive advantage. Take a common situation like this, pre-aim, center, and you’re ready to go. Don’t pre-aim and you
have to rely on reactions, never a good idea. The idea of centering
essentially is to get you better at preparing for a battle and thinking more about where
your next opponents could be. You see, aiming isn’t
just about your control with your mouse, or controller, it’s about the mental game, especially when it comes
to tracking your targets. You need to work on knowing
the mechanics of the game, so you can interpret the
situation coming next. In other words, you can predict where
your opponents will move. In every game you play, you
want to be taking note of how players move, how quick they
go from crouch to standing, how they slide, how they fast they travel, basically everything about the way they can move in the game. The goal is to use that information and visualize their movement in advance. Now if you can do that every single game, eventually you’ll just
know how players move and won’t even think about it. And tracking will become easy for you. For me, I don’t really
think about it anymore, I’m always looking to
tidy up my aim of course, but movement, players movement, this isn’t’ something I really
think too much about anymore. Now being able to track targets is a massive part of good aim, but the real key is visualization. If you know what could happen next, you’ll be more prepared and
likely to win the battle. You know, we could sit here
and analyze tons of situations over and over, it may help some, but the reality is, just think simple, if you see an enemy
running towards a building, they’re probably going
to try and get inside, so be prepared for that movement, easy. Also polishing up your aim, I do recommend standing still for medium to longer range targets. To get an axis bonus when
it comes to headshots, maybe aim for the neck, if
you aim too high on the head you could easily miss, but
if you aim for the neck, if you’re aiming a little bit too low, you’ll probably get a body shot, or you might even get the head shot. So do try to stick with the neck for now until you get a little better at the game. Also your crosshair color may
have an impact on your aim overall, do recommend
trying different colors. A nice bright green is
fairly easy to track, even a nice pink or purple is really good, some people prefer something subtle, maybe a dark red, a black,
or even the default white. See what works for you, and do try plenty, you might not realize just how much a decent crosshair color
can affect your aim, but it really does. Also this may sound stupid, but do make sure you’re
actually looking through the iron sights or radical of your weapon. Sounds stupid I know, but seriously, spend a whole game
actually looking through every time you aim at an enemy, you’ll notice a difference straight away. Sometimes, you know, we do go on autopilot and we forget these things. Also, a great tip when it
comes to the mental game just aim, don’t think about it, just aim. See a target, just aim. Thinking about it often gets in the way. Of course you want to analyze your aim up in that head of yours, but not too much, you
don’t need to all the time. Just aim. Lastly, headshots are
incredibly valuable in BF5. Do recommend going for them if you can, not always of course, do remember, it’s about dropping your
opponents as fast as you can. If aiming to the head is
going to take you longer or you’ve got to aim
quite far on the screen then just going for body shots, then don’t, but if you
can line up with the head, do it, or if it’s going
to take you half a second to go from the ground to the head, where it’s only going
to take, I don’t know, a hundred milliseconds
to just aim for the body and drop him instantly,
just go for the body, think of it like that. Before we go, there are
various settings on console that will drastically improve your aim. Highly recommended checking
out my settings guide up in the corner there for those, plenty of options for PC too. Make sure you turn off vertical
syncing in your settings if you are on PC, trust me, you need to. Last mod to discuss on
this topic, of course but this, I feel, is good for now. I hope you enjoyed this video guys, drop a like and share if you did, more tutorials on the channel of course. I appreciate your support. Click that join button if you’d
like to support my channel even further. Take it easy guys, catch you later. (soft majestic music)

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  3. Keep in mind, being good at video games is exactly like being a good musician, actor, singing, et cetera. Not everyone will be this good. In fact, most of you, even will massive amounts of practice, will just end up still being trash. Most kids who are getting 60-5 kdr per game also play 24/7. It's all they do because it's their hobby. While some kids are amazing at basketball or football or playing guitar, some are incredible video game players. You won't beat them and you WILL rage..All you can really do is practice, get slightly better and hope you're not against dweebs who play only one game and 24/7. #facts

  4. A suggestion to your comment on predicting where the enemy would be to know and understand all the maps in the game. You would be MUCH more effective as a player.

  5. I have a few more tips to improve an already very good guide.
    From one who was an 8 at least on sniper scale but in this like a 3. Could only make do with semi auto ones.
    1.uniform aiming .
    2.drop all but mesh to low . Mesh ultra. You may up it later, but just in case.
    3. Get your ass to the practice range. Push a target to 50m at least and then pick up a bolt action with x3 or even x6 scope.
    4.first stand in front of the target,and try to swivel a full 180 with just one sweep. If you under or overshoot that. Tweak the mouse setting till it feels right TOO YOU! Its all you!. that its done, switch focus to trigger rather than hold zoom (right finger pressure will cause micro stutters).
    6.aim in and out of your target's head. Point is to play with the zoom sensitivity until you can pinpoint on your target's head with the least amount of effort each time you zoom.
    This one is both personal and mouse screen related . Some will need 15% some 40% some 90%.
    My 800dpi mouse, was about 80% on that.
    Before that? On 65% . Those 15% were a game changer to me.
    7. Practice with the best (best being comfortable according to the points I mentioned) , on the 50m target while standing still and then ads on it.

    that is all. Remember that even with aim assist, you kind of leading it all the way to your targets head and right before the end like semi let your mouse float to the marker.

    Hope that helps. But also hope snipers will ptfo, and not ruin it for others.

  6. PS4 Pro/BenQ 4K 1ms/Astros A50 my set up,
    1st in the UK BF3/BF4 top 10 in the world BF4 when I was good I’m old now and have to work lol but ok at BFV
    Leader of PSDL Clan
    But my boy 17 is much better then I was trained him on mouse and keyboard on PC BF2 age four…
    He would love to play with you inbox my for info much love SKY

  7. Snap-Drift works best for me. Good advice. I would add "getting the picture" which is a memorization of what a good shot looks like and training your finger to click when you see it. You know you've got it when you click your mouse subconsciously and at good times when watching someone else play tense first person. So I snap if it's good click it if not drift then click. Shift on the fly mouse sensitivity button is soooo good.

  8. This doesn't help scouts like me with a revolver and a spawn beacon behind enemy lines.

    Not everyone is an assault junkie.

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  11. Did they nerf the 12g shotgun?? I couldn't get a kill with it today, while it's my favourite weapon. I mean, I shot an enemy 3 times full on at close distance, and got only 65 damage.
    Did anyone else notice this?
    The Brenn weapon now is a great medium hip fire weapon. That doesn't make sense

  12. 1. Play on a gaming monitor not your TV. I notice a HUGE difference when it comes to reaction time. (try to get a monitor that has 4 ms or lower)
    2. Burst fire baby. Instead of holding down the trigger to kill some one with an automatic weapon, try letting off and on. You'll notice it's easier to tag those far away targets as well.
    3. Practice. Makes. You. Better

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