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Valkyrie is a 250-pound combat robot for the TV show Battlebots on Discovery and Science Channel We are a stealth jet
inspired body and an undercutter blade The blade spins at 250 miles an hour, and the
blade itself weighs about 65 pounds We have a very tricky aesthetic So one of the
first things that Markforged helped us do was quickly prototype out of printed
materials, the structure and frame rails to get the armor looking exactly how we
wanted Our team is comprised of five hardware engineers All based in the Boston area We are all younger engineers and so we really find the iterative
design has driven Valkyrie to the success we’ve seen so far Figuring out
how a design will be flawless is difficult So that’s why we’re on… Can’t
even count how many iterations of just like different parts of the robot or
different modules that we just changed up This part is the third version that
holds in our weapon motor We’ve been able to iterate down to be half the weight of what it used to be We can really dial in and keep things as
minimal as possible And keep it lightweight We’ve used them for
prototyping, tooling, and fixturing Without having Marforged, we would have
way too high of machining costs There are these shapes that would take days to machine but you’re able to print in maybe a day For the season we’ve printed
over a hundred different parts The materials are right up our alley for
high-strength, high-performance We have both Onyx as well as stainless steel printed parts Once we have Valkyrie fully assembled we’re looking at 40 to
50 parts that will be used in battle I think a lot of people just don’t think
that there are strong 3D printed materials So being able to point out
where a bunch of our stainless pieces took a beating and just survived was really a great way to send home the quality of what Markforged has Having Markforged has really made it so We’re not only saving a lot of money on
producing these parts But we’re also saving a ton of time The future of manufacturing looks fantastic I think that this is going to change the way that things are made or engineered

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