BattleBots Team Quantum | 3D Printed Combat Robots

This is our machine, Quantum. It’s a super high power, crushing jaw robot So it has about 30,000 pounds of force Underneath the teeth there One technology that’s really helped us build this machine To make it competitive and get it to weight is carbon fiber 3D printing We’ve used it very much on these big stress members Here, these are the collar bones of Quantum. When the robot takes a big impact, to stop the robot crumpling We’ve got these great big braces here In a previous iteration, we made them from aluminium But we were able to save 50% on the weight by changing it out to 3D printed carbon fiber parts We’ve been thrown around a lot with this machine and we haven’t had one fail yet So they’re plenty strong enough I was able to design it in an hour, give it to you guys, and you were able to print it for us overnight And that speed of being able to Evolve your machine is critical in this game And the best way that we found, whilst we’re in the pits here, has been 3D printing in carbon fiber

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