Well… Here I am Bruce, please… I was wrong. You have to listen to me. Lex wants… You don’t understand! There’s no time! I understand! Stay down! If i wanted it, you’d be dead already. Breathe in That’s fear You are not brave Men are brave

100 thoughts on “BATMAN V SUPERMAN FIGHT [PART 1]

  1. なんかこの映画色々

  2. Batman is just a guys with high quality sh*t that’s all super man could kill him in a second but idk why they made this movie?! 🤪🥴

  3. Surpemer É muito fraco Ele Batman Que É forte Eu quero fazer Isso Na Escola ir No bairro Aonde Eu ja Morei ir No Aonde Que moro já Lá Pra terminar Isso fazer Isso Na IGREJA da Uma de Batman Eu dado porrada No de 01 moleque Na IGREJA ir No bairro Aonde morei ir Na Escola Fazer também Eu da Porrada No meu colega ir No bairro Aonde Que Eu moro ir outra Para terminar Aonde bairro Aonde Que Eu já morei da porrada nos moleques Eu mesmo só Uma de Batman Eu

  4. If superman and batman fight in the sun tssk batman will die kryptonite no effect on superman if he got to the sun haha

  5. batman says something about men being brave but he literally threw a poison to superman that weakens him doesnt that make batman the opposite of brave?

  6. Embarrassing fight scenes, the fight was soooo slow, compare that to civil war, the final fight shits this scene, know wonder civil war won for best fighting scenes and best 2016 superhero movie

  7. This fight scene made no sense, an irrational Batman and the superman I couldn't just get his word out

  8. Batman & Superman are so gay , only thing I like about Batman is the dark story line and his villains.. but I do love Batman beyond & the animated series

  9. Superman : You dont understand
    Batman : I UNDERSTAND.. your weakness is kryptonite so i extract and made it a weapon against you
    Superman : …

  10. What is this, I don't understand the mind of filmmakers, batman can't fight with superman in any condition.. he is just a men with great technology…but superman is full of superpowers. No comparison… superman can finish him with in a moment..

  11. That bit at 0:34 reminds me of the incredible hulk movie when he got attacked by noise too. He solves it the exact same way.

    I was looking for this batman at the JL movie

  13. The look on Superman's face at 3:30 is the same face Luke Skywalker had when he lost his arm and found out who his father was.

  14. Batman: "Thats fear! You have no courage (Just power)!"
    Superman: face shows its true. He was really scared without power, fighting equal with Batman.

  15. supermans still better and stronger batman only hurt him because he had kryptonite which shows that batmans weak another thing is he needs suits to fight someone which also is another example of how weak he is

  16. This fight was really forced. Really? Clark doesn't just tell him what Lex is doing? The whole plan should've been for Lex to make it seem like Batman is a crazy vigilante killing people (which he doesn't) and enlists the aid of either Superman or the government. This would mean this fight wouldn't be based on the kidnapping of Martha, but on the idea that Batman is a threat and there is only one person who can stop him. Could've even had Batman enlist Diana to help him fight Clark by making it seem like he's a big threat to Themiscyra.

  17. Superman Logic

    Wants to get help from Batman, but lands down like he wants to fight, keeps talking and doesn’t explain that he needs help

  18. Superman would have thought well beyond fast enough to just hold his breath and move away from the gas. Bye-bye Batman. This entire idea of Batman ever being able to even BEGIN to hold his own against Superman is ridiculous.

  19. Superman is in a rush to literally save his adoptive mother from a brutal gang of thugs with machine guns by recruiting Batman and yet he still lets him finish his sentences. What a nice guy

  20. 0:40 Superman aka Clark Kent: you don’t understand.. there’s no time. Batman aka Bruce Wayne: I understand *get’s pushes by Superman*.

  21. I don’t give two shit what anyone says. This fight is super biased towards Batman because of popularity and Zach being a Batman dick rider. Even if this Superman isn’t even a fraction as strong as he is in the comic, SUPES is still shown to be many times faster than sound and in JL he keeps up with the flash and has heightened perception. Meaning he could have walked up to Batman… look at the camera, laughed, then turn back around and punch his face inwards before Batman even knew they were fighting. Batman fanboys… if Superman REALLY wanted it, Batman would NEVER, and I mean NEVER beat him. Nothing stops SUPES from just flying to space and staying here until Batman dies of natural causes, or just you know… punch him once!!

  22. When you title a movie and base your marketing (and even create an hashtag) after a fight scene that barley lasts 10 minutes.

  23. "Guns are bad and a tool of evil" says every batman version ever, several times throwing away guns to find other means
    Uses guns in batman vs superman
    Really makes Bruce look like just any other stereotypical super hero instead of the amazingly brilliant smart person he was that used wit to make up for any brawn

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