Basic Training: Nx Cloud

yeah fix you’re headed thank you sorry hey Danny go right then join you I’m all right you know we’re about to learn I believe Thompson in Volvo it is NX cloud new entry Otto so to begin with I’m going to show you how to connect your systems cloud right how to log into cloud and then explain a little bit about what the difference is between any cloud user and a local user so right now I’ve got Network optics a annex witness open on my desktop here right and you can see in the new version we actually on the home screen on the what we call the welcome screen has tiles for systems that are detected on your local area network right so if you’ve upgraded to in x12 3.0 or it’s a fresh install and you have a server on your network it’s going to show up here you can see there’s a new server here that’s actually your computer right you haven’t finished setting it up so it’s showing up as new server so I can go in and configure it but I’m not going to right now but I’ve also got Tony office which is our demo system right but you see up here in the upper right right you’ve got a little cloud to click on the cloud icon you’ll get prompted to log into an ex cloud if it’s your first time setting up the system you’ll need to create an account so you go click on create an account here it’ll take you to you log out will take you to create your account you have to tell us your name and your email address and then define a password for yourself right once you’ve done that you’ll get a little email notification they’ll say verify your account and then once you verify your account you can be any getting using NH cloud and ice clouds completely free with NX witness right now we’ll be adding services in later on but right now it’s completely free and it allows you to solidify all your systems into one interface so if you have multiple systems that you’re managing you can bring them all in one spot by sharing them with your email address you can access your footage from anywhere so you just if you have a NX mobile or you have NX desktop or even the like you get or in the cloud once you’ve logged in you can I’ll just go straight to your system instead of having set up port forwarding instead of trying to coordinate with your IT department this is a big benefit and then easy sharing user management so in an exponent in the index cloud you can really quickly share access to your system and we’ll go over that so I’m going to log into cloud here right and you can see I’ve got three systems that I’ve shared with my cloud account my office here Burbank modo and our main demo system so to connect your system to cloud the first time right what you want to do is go ahead login sign up for cloud and then log into your cloud account alright once you’ve logged in you’ll see your email address and your icon up there on the right change and what you notice now is that I’ve got these cloud icons right so all the systems that have been shared with me are going to show up as tiles and if they have cloud access to the connected cloud they’re going to have a little cloud icon this is right so let’s go into Tony office right so I’m logging in to the office technically my client is connecting to the cloud and then connecting down to my server right and that’s what’s happening so I’ve logged in here if I’m if I’m connecting my system to the cloud for the first time what you want to do is and it is a fresh install you’ll get a little notification up here please connect the cloud right if it’s a if you don’t see that for some reason you can also go in here to system administration go to the cloud tab right and then what’s going to ask you to do is connect the system cloud I’ve already connected the cloud so I’ll have to go through this process but to connect your system to the cloud is really easy you just click on connect the cloud it’ll prompt you for your administrator password for your system next your admin user right so your system owner password to confirm that you are the admin system of the system you’re the owner of the system and then you can connect it to your newly created cloud account and then once that’s done your server is now talking to the cloud so now your client kept on your server from and where in the world all right same thing with NX Mobile same exact process you log in with your cloud account you’ll see your cloud connected system and you can quickly switch between systems so there’s some big benefits to that right which is basically you can manage a lot of systems a lot faster so if I log out of here a disconnect server I see all those systems here right so I can switch I was just in Tony office now I want to connect to Barry motor down the street he’s one of our customers who is gracious enough to let us you know user system for demos and we’ve had an issue other because so now I can see Burbank motor down the street so I got a garage I’ve got the the backyard I’ve got the shops right and you can see it’s really fast it’s really snappy typical NX witness experience right so again disconnect I can switch between system then go over to our main demo system here in the office which hopefully is not having an issue at the moment okay there you go so now I’m in our office here right so again disconnect choose another system back into Tony office so it’s really easy to switch between systems so now I don’t have to merge multiple sites into one system if I don’t want it right it’s a little bit simpler the other thing is the cloud portal so you have the desktop interface of cloud but also the cloud portal so once you’ve logged into cloud portal what you see is a systems tab up here you’ll see all the systems that have been shared with your email account alright so let’s say I want to add you to an existing system right actually you’ve already been at it I’m gonna delete you time to shoot right I just leaves you from the system so there’s only one user now in Tony office and that is me right but I’m going to add it with you so I’m gonna share this access with you so I go in I put in I’m ill check all right and then I get the sorry just finish your email address that would help and I have the option of adding you as an administrator advanced your review or live view right but if I do this here the cloud you’re going to have access to the whole system okay so unless I choose custom if I choose custom that I have to go define your role in the system once I’ve created you but I’m going to give you administrator access because I like you because I don’t mess up my system okay once I do that right what you’ll see is you’ll get an email notification from our system which says this system has been shared with you right so you can see in Ex cloud and system was shared with you that’s what you’re going to see if you’re a user getting active and getting shared access to system right but let’s go back to here so now I’m in here right same thing as before I can use this as a dashboard so let me know what uses move share below systems like in revoke access or added access and I can also just just like in the desktop client I can switch between systems remember I’m in my Tony system right now right let’s say I want to switch I got a Burbank motor open it next to this client actually what it does is opens a new instance of the client so you know with our software you can have multiple client instances running so this is Tony office and this one’s Burbank modo at the same time right so I can view the garage from there and I can look at the fish on the sky from our office right so we’re here where my motors over there but I’m looking at two systems at the same time so it’s pretty cool so that is in Ex cloud do you have any questions yes done you can use the system simultaneously we can yeah there are there’s no limit to the number of users theoretically they can log into a system it all depends on your hardware and how much video you’re pulling from your server songs risk so right now cloud does not reverse those so the client connects to the cloud the server’s connect to the cloud and they see each other and then they connect directly to each other right in the future we’re going to add data proxies what we call it so the client will connect to the cloud in the server connected cloud and then if you for some reason you can’t connect directly because there’s a ISP for elmore a routing problem in between we’re going to prop to you through the clouds a little stream video ploud at that point cloud will have a additional service event right now cloud is completely free for every user it’s meant to just really simplify the process of setting up and connected to your system from anywhere great alright thank you Tony thank you go

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