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“There sure are a lot of myths about basic
training. Let’s go ahead and review a few. First the white powder, let me tell you right
now the military does not put white powder in the cafeteria water to constipate the recruits,
so they won’t have to go to the bathroom on the field. I’ve heard that too many times and it’s just
not true. Another myth going to the gym means I’m physically
fit. Hey there is no gym at basic training, so
why would you go to the gym to prepare. Your going to be doing a lot of core muscle
movements that you can do without a gym. Another myth about basic training drill sergeants
can hit me. That’s not the case anymore, it used to be
the case, but they use many other methods to punish a recruit through verbal reprimands. Another myth I heard there was no mail at
basic training. That’s not true, mail call is the best time
of day for recruits. It’s a time away from you and the drill sergeants
to be involved with your loved ones. Another myth, I’ll get to use face books and
cell phones whenever I want. If your lucky you may get to use your cell
phone once but I would plan on bringing a long distance calling card with you. Because more then likely you’ll be using a
phone card. I’m going to learn how to kill people, well
actually the military has a lot of support roles. In fact it takes about seven support roles
to support every one person that’s on the front line in the military. So more then likely your job will not be ‚Äújust
to kill people”. Another myth my drill sergeant wants me to
fail. That’s not true we all want you to graduate
as soon as possible. Hopefully I’ve dispelled some of these myths
that you have heard, and some you haven’t. ”

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  1. White powder? I believe you are referring to "Saltpeter", which supposedly decreases your libido so you won't masturbate during Lights Out. Which is a myth.

  2. Nah they don't hit you, they "redline" you. In further detail they use the brim of their hat (yes that Infamous round black circular hat) to hit your head while they're screaming and barking at you throughout the day and when you come to see you have a redline on your forehead. At least that's what my dad told me back when he was in the army.

  3. Finally someone agrees…my friend just got back from BCT Said it was like a vacation. When I go ill do whatever im told and then train to become a Ranger, which will turn me into a confident, badass, soldier.

  4. I had quickie training for 7 weeks in Nam, and lived through 3 combat jumps and 19 months of duty because ot it, ande a tough Basic. They told us that the more we sweat in peace, the less we bleed in war, and it's SO damned true, friend!

  5. Uhm, who really gives a fuck if he's "not that high of a rank" grow up kid. Its not about rank He definitely knows a hell alot more than your dumbass.

  6. The myth about mre gum giving u the shits is also one that isn't true but the omelet mre has the best candy but tastes the worst lol i remember in basic everyone wanted to trade stuff out of mre crazy stuff ppl do when decent food isn't around.

  7. lol yeah, we even asked a drill sergeant why we couldn't get erections. We thought it was something they put in the 2 cups of powerade we were forced to drink at every meal.

  8. skinny guys do better than guys with only huge arm and chest muscles. skinny guys usually run better and have better endurance because it's easier for them to carry their body weight. so it's true.

  9. That's psychological. Drastic change of environment and lifestyle (army, prison, working camp) will cause your libido to fall for some time, month to 3. With proper stimulation you'll be still good to go, so no big deal.
    I made some research back then, because I was afraid it will stay that way 😀

  10. Coming from a skinny guy, not all of them tend to have better endurance. It takes me about twice as long as an average person to build up endurance.

  11. His rank is Sergeant. It takes, at the very least, 4 years to reach, and that's if you're a spectacular leader and put everything you have into the Army. I don't know what you think you know about the military, but NCO's run just about everything. Four years is a long time, and thus a lot of experience. Rank has nothing to do with it.

  12. I'm shipping this fall for basic and people keep telling me about "the peanut butter shot". Is this a myth or is this actually true??

  13. It depends which basic training base you're going to. I went to Fort Jackson, I never got one, but friends who went to Fort Benning and Fort Leonard Wood told me that they got the Peanut Butter shot.

  14. oh they still use it i remember that one very well , they won't give it to people who are allergic to penicillin i got mine at benning just over a year ago

  15. I had one a year ago when I did BCT, it's still there, but they don't give it to those who are allergic to penicillin, wish I was…lol!

  16. lol…youll get PLENTY of shots. depending on your health record and blood type and all that high speed shit ull get between 2-8 shots. i was unlucky and got 8. and trust me, its not sit down get comfy one at a time, they have DS'd on both sides of the line and you get multiple at once, I got 4 and 4. was sore as shit the next day. dont listen to all the rumors and things ppl say to scare you, its not bad at all. just do what your told and keep your mouth shut

  17. Drill Sargeants cant hit you? Wait what? XD They are not supposed to, but hell they can and sometime will do if you result to be an ass. Just not in front of the cameras.

  18. MRE's cause constipation: FACT. MRE stands for Meals Refusing to Exit. But is the green gum a laxative? I want to know where the hell the "stress card" myth got started. I went to through AF BMT in 2004 and we didn't have stress cards.

  19. Soloban81. That piece of what you say gum is a laxative. I learned the hard way. Try chewing on five at a time.

  20. whatever, it might not be saltpeter but There's no one here that could get a fucking boner during the training… and it's not like we were exhausted, I can hit the gym in my city for 3 hours straight and still be horny. french peace.

  21. Drill Sergeants can't hit you…

    Except during Urban Ops. At my BCT, we were given a rubber rifle in addition to all the combat gear we already had (Body Armor, Helmet, other misc things) and told to clear a room. We worked in teams of two. Inside one of the rooms, are two Drill Sergeants, whom I assure you are better at fighting. You're supposed to control the situation peacefully, but that never worked out for anyone. There were rules, you aren't allowed to punch back or try to really hurt…

  22. (Cont.) the DS, but they were going to fight you. They'd punch at you and generally resist you. Your job was to get them to tap out. Obviously the drill sergeants weren't giving 100% but 70% punches at 4000 FPPM (Face punches per minute) adds up. No matter how bad anyone got hurt, it was more fun than anything. Back at the barracks we'd compare each other's injuries. My lip was busted to hell and my nose was bloodied. I got away pretty easily. Pfc. Diaz on the other hand…

  23. With the use of cell phones; they allow you to use your cell phones now but it is for an extremely limited time. I got to use mine 2 times for 5 minutes. They collect cell phones after use.

  24. Another funny myth was that the Drills told us was that they put stuff in the food to stop us from getting erections. We all know it was full of crap, but there were still a few people talking about it like it was real

  25. The gym one is only half true. They do body weight and endurance training in the army, and when you lift weights you get buff aka heavy which makes it very hard. However, gyms have pull-up bars, weighted chains for making push-ups harder, tread-mills for getting a run in when the weather won't allow you, and turf fields for practicing sprinting, leg-flutters etc. A gym is great, just make sure you use it correctly.

  26. i would like to point out im an infantry veteran, 1 tour afghanistan, one of the drill sgt punched the shit out of me twice, when you are on a weapons range they can hit you, but if you are not doing something safe that could result in lose of life…. ft benning 2009

  27. you don't get to use your phone unless you are private N.Howell who made a iPhone out of cardboard and dill Sergeant Chow thought it was real 

  28. long story short the regular army doesnt really care how fit or tactically sound you are as long as they can process out a 60% pt standard soldier. I.E. we had a guy in my basic who failed marksman ship 7 times and got 23/40 on the last and they passed him, he failed his pt test 10 times and he got 60% on all and they passed him, he failed every ruckmarch but the 12 in which he fell into the last platoon from 1st plt and they passed him. he's now protecting our freedoms in korea where i pray everyday he doesnt get one of my friends killed by not improving himself since then.

  29. Goddamn, this is so sugar coated I may go into a diabetic seizure. This guy needs to be a politian he is excallent with telling lies.

  30. FYI my Drill instructor told us that he couldn't hit recruits as he was punching recruits in the chest. then he said, "hurts less than a bullet" 

  31. here's some myths about basic training…

    1. you should salute officers. myth. you definitely should salute your drill Sargent!

    2. you can't have snacks in the barracks or sleep during fire guard. myth. you should definitely snack and nap during fire guard!

    3. your not aloud to have fun stuff during basic. myth. you can carry your cell phone and play ps4 after lights out.

    now that you know these our just "myths" you should have a very very fun basic training. all kinds of fun.

  32. Be sure that you wear a shirt with your service on it. DI's, DS's, RDC's, MTI's and CC's universally love it when recruits/trainees do that. :3

  33. How in the heck do they come up with the idea that the drill sergeant wants them to fail? If they wanted them to fail, they wouldn't be yelling at them till they got it right.

  34. is it true that if they a ask you to pick up their helmet/hat you should not because you are not worthy?? if so what should you do lol

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