Basic Selections – Adobe Photoshop for Beginners – Class 1

Assalam o Alaikum. Welcome to GFXMentor and I am your teacher Imran and from now Assalam o Alaikum. Welcome to GFXMentor and I am your teacher Imran and from now Assalam o Alaikum. Welcome to GFXMentor and I am your teacher Imran and from now From today, we are starting Adobe Photoshop for Beginner series. And many of you are raising this Question that Only it’s for Beginners or for Advance level too? Off course i will teach and everything but initially I have to teach for many students who don’t have much expertise in Adobe Photoshop will be helpful for them. Although it ‘s beginners training, it doesn’t means that if you already know photoshop, you shouldn’t watch this. Watch it because you might learn some new stuffs. Now, first of all before starting photoshop I would like to tell you few things.if you have already watched my Illustrator training or even if you can use Illustrator. Please keep in mind that, In this software, Don’t try to find illustrator, you will be confused. right No.2 some things are like the Illustrator just becouse the software created by the same company is Adobe so interface will look the same … there are some things that we use in the commonly. the way we go ahead, I will tell you the people. but. but. but. please do not say that sir Illustrator was much better PhotoShop is not good or photoshop is…goo Illustrator was not good PLease dont compare these two application I have already told you about it when illustrator traing was started today also im saying we cannot compare these two application Because this one has different works and other has different tasks now ! what is the importance of photoshop..this is important.. actually photoshop is raster based software Ahh!raster means Depends upon pixels I ll make a short video about it!! inwhich i ll i will show you the proper difference vector and raster You will surely understand about it ! now photoshop listening the name,….it is related to the photo at the starting the the photoshop was build for inwhich we can edit photos then what is editing for example we can take a photo there is problem that i have too many marks to remove that i use photoshop most of the time i started photoshop when people knows that i have 18 years of experience in photoshop but actually i was engaged inphotoshop when i was a child when i din know anything yes i had a desire like other children or beginners when i was a child i attached body of salman with my face although i m not a body builder but this things make me that i know all the photoshop Awasome kinda of thing THis is very easy and simple i thought but later on when i get into it there nothing outside there something inside actually definiterly when we go to the advanced technique we will do it right so lets start! so first of all there is a interface you can see it looks familier type of interface Just like illustrator but it is also created by adobe so in these two software has ther is similirities but their task is really different im using this is adobe cc 2018 and 1 0r 2 things iwant to tell you that when you install this shows the welcome screen the welcome screen is not here no ## problem that is not need that irritates me that makes the Photoshop little bit slower because In the beginning he will come first, after that we will be able to do something but yes ….anyway this your Photoshop ‘OK’ similarly Just like you had tool bars in the left side here in Illustrator Is also here Ammm.. and if you look at the right side so some panel are given from time to time, you will continue to get along with other difference panels. just for… just in case i tell you people that you lose the interface or, is such a chain of your own remember, you can design your own interface whenever you want you can lift each panel and stick to each other and.. keep that in front of you that you feel more convenient remove whatever you do not need. no problem after you have created your entire interface, you will go to it.. windows. workspace and from here you can save your new workspace i am not at this time anyway. if ever it happens that everything will disappear. ‘OK’ and… you do not understand this Sir, our things have disappeared. and we did something in the property panel or whatever our if disappears totaly fine. no problem simply go to the Windows in and workspace reset it here So, If I am using Essentials

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  1. Hey people, I have started using PS2020. In PS2020, by pressing and holding the shift key, in the marquee tool, it doesn't give perfect circle.
    Can anyone help me with a new shortcut key, to make a perfect circle in PS2020 in marquee tool?

  2. Sir ….ye document setup wale 8 bit,16 bit abhi tk nhi smjhaye apne …m karib karib 3sri bar shuru se tutorial dekh rha hu

  3. sobhi loog online video dekha koro, like- comment Share bhi koro.
    Im new Students of #GFXMentor, From Bangladesh.
    #HelpYou_HelpMe #Support_GFXMentor

  4. U r excellent, i m graphic designer n v use photoshop frequently n u have explain each tool n its features vry beautifully n clean n clear…

  5. Sir mene apki Adobe premiere ki sari video Dekh li uss se hi me Sikh rahi Hu YouTube video editing Ka lekin muje AK bat puchani hai ki mene ab se laptop YouTube ke liye video edit Karne ke liye start Kiya hai to YouTube thumbnail ke liye konsa laptop software use Karna best hai ?

  6. God bless you sir.
    Mai bahut kuchh likhna chahta tha lekin jb comments padhe to pata laga ki yaha to already bahut fans hain apke. sir ji maine aaj hi apka channel dekha youtube pr subaha maine ek video advance photoshop ki dekhi jo actually koi aur dekh raha tha aapka way of teaching bahut achcha laga so i decided to watch full playlist.😍 Love you sir ji

  7. Problem: Ctrl + kay sat lyre per click kar kay selection karo to selection reverse jarai hai Ctrl+Shift I karne say bhi koi fark nahi par raha any one help me …how to resolve this problem ?

  8. You are great sir please make more videos and i have seen your video on channel is going to close so I beg you please don't close your channel it helped me a lot i have learnt many things regarding graphic design. So please don't shut down the gfx mentor channel and thank you so much sir you are doing a great job and I appreciate you.

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