Australia’s plan to kill 2 million cats to combat ‘extinction crisis’

48 thoughts on “Australia’s plan to kill 2 million cats to combat ‘extinction crisis’

  1. Australia = sadist nazi serial killers not only cats murder & kangeroo + ducks this dead meat mixture eith toxin to kill the cats!


  3. Oh well and they protesting killing sharks and whales from other country? And what they do now? Killing cats and kangaroos

  4. Typical. Punish animals for mans mistakes. GET YOUR PETS NEUTERED OR SPAYED! Practice trap – neuter – release. It will take time but it will help control the population of feral animals. And did they consider what if other animals that AREN"T intended targets get into it? Badly done Australia! BADLY done!!

  5. Australians BROUGHT cats to cull the mice and rabbits. Now they want to cull the allies they made?

    They sound like the U.S. when it comes to the Middle East.

  6. They should be taken to other countries where cats population is low instead of killing them

  7. Fuck Australia! Along with America, I'd save all the cats and the other animals they're killing and bomb the entire country with all the citizens in it!

  8. What the fuck were they thinking killing those cats? Are they stupid or something?! That's abuse.

  9. This is terrible it’s not there fault they are strays this is just stupid, stupid stupid stupid god damn u better be glad I don’t live in Australia there would be no stray cats to kill bc I would have them all

  10. People of Australia threat extinction of more species then cats do. So why not they eat poisoned sausages themselves. Descendants of criminals from around the world could not find another solution. Damn you australian bastards ! Burn in hell !

  11. Set up an "all you can shoot and eat" tourists attraction for the chinese, they'll have 2 million cats cleaned up in no time.

  12. Think about it, us humans kill millions of animals a year, just the same as other animals, the kill other animals for food, and we kill animals for food, because of all of the forced breeding in cattle, horse, ect. I get that they might not go extinct but why do they have to be killed and not us humans deliberately..?

    Common sense filled for today.

  13. Who gives a fuck, seriously? There are things like Trump, Brexit and, because everyone seems to have forgotten, children dying in Africa, from hunger.

  14. To all those moaning about this feral cats are killing off the native animals in Australia they are not native animals if nothing is done they will cause Australia’s native animals to become extinct i love animals but something needs to be done to help native animals

  15. save the cats or some of the most unique animals on the planet…. catch desex release is pointless its still going to hunt after

  16. To have any compassion to cats and to protect native ecosystems – in Australia these two things are mutually exclusive.
    Unfortunately, this is true.
    However, poison baits can be even bigger threat for native species, than cats. Native omnivorous and carnivorous birds, mammals and reptiles can be killed by both primary and secondary poisoning and this can cause other invasive pests boost and wildlife diseases outbreak.
    Poisoning is not a solution, anyway. It even worse, than doing nothing to control cats.

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