At least 40 Indian paramilitaries killed in Kashmir car bombing

at least 40 Indian paramilitary police
officers have been killed in Kashmir after a car carrying explosives rammed
into their bus pakistan-based Islamist group jaish-e-mohammed said it was
behind at Thursday’s attack it was the deadliest attack on security personnel
since the start of the insurgency against Indian rule in the disputed
region thirty years ago that must was part of a security convoy which was
traveling down a major highway toward the city of Srinagar Pakistan meanwhile
rejected suggestions that it was responsible for the attack both India
and Pakistan claim all of Muslim majority Kashmir but only controls parts
of it

26 thoughts on “At least 40 Indian paramilitaries killed in Kashmir car bombing

  1. Not police officers. Police personnel.

    Apart from that:

    The British Labour Party is fully responsible for the tragedy haunting the subcontinent.

    Both Jinnah as well as Nehru were handed over the British-Indian army after dividing it on communal lines. Both these politicians indulged in a very hectic military occupation campaign all over the subcontinent. No referendum was conducted in any of the locations. Many independent kingdoms were forcefully takenover by both of them.

    In Pakistan, even now there are issues connected to the forced takeover of some places. I think Baluchistan is one such location.

    In both the nations, there are revolts going on in various locations. However, over the years, many have died down, seeing the utter uselessness of revolting against extremely powerful military forces, who would have no qualms about going for extreme kinds of retaliations.

    Actually, the Clement Atlee should have done some kind of a referendum inside even British-India (around half of the subcontinent) before dividing it on communal lines. There is no way to know if the people of both the locations actually wanted to join either Pakistan or India. No one in his sane mind would like to join either of these two nations. In fact, the moment anyone in these nations make enough money their next aim would be to buy real estate in some native-English nation and relocate to that nation. Even the military officers of these two nations do place their children in native-English nations.

    As to the current attack on the Indian military, there might be terrific retaliations in the offing. It might be wise to place UN forces inside Kashmir. Civilians, including women, might get targeted. Remember, the Bangladesh creation. Pakistan army was accused of molesting the women there. No army (or Police) of South Asia can be safe for the civilians, if let loose. Gen Manekshaw tried to control Indian army personnel also from doing something similar, after liberating Bangladesh.

  2. All those who are questioning and feel sorry for this attack should have done it when indian forces were killing & blinding innocent Kashmiri civilians… these are the reactions long awaited… do not talk about Pakistan in ill manner, your intelligence have done it to get support for Modi govt….

  3. Members of the UN Security Council, BARRING ONE, have condemned this terror attack and voiced their support for India. Now WHO could that ONE member be? Hmmm.

  4. یہی فوجی کشمیر میں ظلم بکھیرنے کیلئے جا رہے تھے
    طالبان پاکستان میں دھماکے کرتے رہے پوری دنیا کا میڈیا خاموش تھا اور ہندوستان میں ایک چھوٹا سا دھماکہ ہوا اور ساری دنیا کے کافر چائنہ اور پاکستان کے خلاف بھونک رہے ہیں

  5. J&K Hamla Modi sarkar ney karwaya hey. Election jeetney key liyeh. Kali mata say udh ho gha too hindustan mara jaey ga. Hindu marey jaen gain. Kashmir say Youdh na kiya jey. Angrez dono deshon ka larwana chahta hey…Hindustani Awam

  6. Let China come clean now. This Jaish is the same organisation whose leader Masood Azhar has been PROTECTED from sanctions by great CHINA. they are responsible for terrorism in Kashmir as much as Pakistan


  8. Modi ne acha drama kia hai, apne hi fouji marwa k election jeetne k lye, ab india jhoota randi rona royega, aur india k log modi ko vote denge, pakistan se badla lene k lye hahahah, lakin india or modi pakistan k jhaant ka baal b nai ukhar sktaaa

  9. India gave China a permanent seat in UNSC. Now, China is using the same power against India. China is such a snake.
    Much love to all the countries except China who are supporting India against Pakistan.
    China & Pakistan cannot hide under bushes. This is social media age.

  10. Do you know about "Kandahar passengers Plane Hijack"?

    If yes then make a Short Video on this.

    1For the knowledge of these people who don't Know about.

    2. Expose both terror funding country. and where is this terrorist are living and enjoying ?

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