#AskASailor — What is Boot Camp Like?

I really thought that it was going to be like the old-school style where you’re just constantly being like pushups, sit-ups, constantly working out, getting yelled at and screamed at. it was really more they were changing you from a civilian into a – into a sailor. So it wasn’t necessarily as bad as I expected.

7 thoughts on “#AskASailor — What is Boot Camp Like?

  1. I was never so proud as when I graduated! Co 732 GLAKES 1966. As I wound up as RM2 with a Speed Key Cert CLF-23, I was a happy camper.
    GW former RM2
    NAVOMMSTA Argentia NFLD 1967-1969
    USS America CVA-66 1969-70
    Too bad the rate is no more. I was proud to wear the "sparks" with pride. As a matter of pride, most of my former shipmates either call me "sparks" or "GW" (my "chop")

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