Army – Combat and Security Careers

Choice, that’s what life
in the Army gives you. You’d be surprised by the amount
of job opportunities that exist and career paths
you can take in the Army. From aviation to administration,
combat and security, and all the types of
trade jobs you can imagine. In combat and security there
are more than 20 roles to choose from. Within artillery, the Army
employs artillerymen, artillery observers, and
artillery command systems operators who work together, as
a tight knit team, to find and suppress enemy positions,
using artillery guns and more. They are intense and
important roles. They provide tactical and
targeted fire support to the front line. Another role within artillery is
the artillery air defender. This is the ground based role
where soldiers operate anti-aircraft missiles
to protect vital assets from air attacks. There is even a role for the
person who controls the Army’s remote control surveillance
planes. This is called a surveillance
aircraft operator. I’m Gunner Tori Ritchie,
and I’m a surveillance aircraft operator. A surveillance aircraft operator
pretty much controls all phases of flight on the
Shadow UAV, and pretty much just make sure that whilst it’s
up in the air, we control it in here in the JCS. I deployed last year to
Afghanistan, in Tarin Kowt, and it pretty much just entailed
making sure that we were able to get the aircraft
in the air to support the troops on the ground. It’s a pretty important job. We’re the eyes in the sky. We’re pretty much going to be
watching the routes before the boys hit it. I count myself lucky to
be able to help in such a amazing way. Within the Armoured Corps, the
Army employees crew to operate some impressive vehicles. Cavalrymen to operate one at the
fastest and most advanced armoured vehicles in the world,
the Australian Light Armoured Vehicle. Tank crewmen operate the main
battle tank to provide fire power in support of troops. Skilled tactics, effective
teamwork, and cooperation are all part of the rifleman’s
day. This is a front-line infantry
role designed to seek out the enemy, to kill or capture, to
seize and hold ground, or repel attack, by day or by
night, regardless of season, weather, or terrain. Commandos are highly
skilled, special forces, infantry soldiers. They are trained to an
exceptionally high level, both physically and mentally. They’re tough, quick thinking,
innovative, and can keep a cool head in difficult and
complex situations. Ever wondered who builds the
bridges, clears minefields, and constructs roads and
airfields for the Army? It’s the combat engineers who
perform these crucial tasks. Military Police, meanwhile,
provide law enforcement both in Australia and overseas, which
is a critical component of the military justice
system. When on deployment, the military
police may also be tasked to assist in the
establishment, enhancement, or reestablishment of civilian
laws and judicial systems. Firefighters, emergency
responders are responsible for firefighting, initial emergency
response, rescue, and first aid. There are also a number of
officer jobs within the combat and security category, including
infantry officer, armoured corps officer, and
artillery officer, just to mention a few. All combat and security officers
are required to complete their study
at the Royal Military College, Duntroon. In the combat and security
category, you’ll be a part of a fast paced and exciting
career where every day is different. So choose to challenge

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