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I’ve been all over the world I’ve walked through rain sleet snow mud a lot of mud I can fix a tank make a bash in the dark pull 5g inverted and cook for 500 three times a day I’ve helped villagers
get fresh water stood up for those who couldn’t stand up
for themselves my world is always changing always moving keeping up is a challenge but I’m up for
it it’s the life I chose when I’m home though worrying about money is one thing I can do without so having someone who understands the
cost of the predictable things and not so predictable things lets me
focus on the things that really matter someone that understands there’s only so
long we can stand four walls of Magnolia before we want our own place and to keep our place ours without
being penalized even when working away of course with the best planning in the world life doesn’t always go to plan all of us value the support that gets us moving on that journey again then when the time comes to know I have
another adventure to look forward to well that means a lot some comfortable footwear to do it in too
now that’s not to be sniffed at at nationwide we’re committed to doing the
right thing that’s why we support UK servicemen and
women we’ve signed the armed forces Corporate
covenant but our support goes much further serving military personnel who have
their mortgages with us can rent out their property if they’re
posted elsewhere with no extra fees and without the hassle of switching to a
buy to let mortgage our armed forces guide to homes has
independent information on housing options from calculating affordable rent through to home
ownership and becoming a landlord former military personnel have some of
the best transferable skills going so at nationwide we have a military
transition program to recruit ex-military into project
manager posts with us to underline our commitment we give
charities like SSAFA and the Royal British Legion as much
support as we can we also work with help for Heroes to
help the sick wounded and injured into homes by providing rent payments and deposits finance home security and future career
prospects shouldn’t be a worry for UK servicemen
and women that’s why we’re walking with them
through their military career and beyond nationwide we’re on your side

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