Arma3 HMCS Addon Bootcamp

This Video contains old information at ver 1.0 Omit ! They were still using 20th century technology. I hear something new was used in Altis. A new weapon ? Don’t worry. It’s nothing. Welcome to HMCS Addon Bootcamp ! This video is tutorial of HMCS Addon.
Please join to camp until last ! (if possible) At the beginning This addon adds “HIGH-MACS” from “GUNGRIFFON”. Addon’s HIGH-MACS was adjusted for Arma3.
And it keeps canvas of original game “GUNGRIFFON”
as far as possible. So slightly different of original one. Function explanation
“Action Mode” Get on board.
Driver seat is at back. Upper right : Keys Guidance Lower right :
Action Mode
Now is Low Mode Action Mode decides HIGH-MACS’s action. HIGH-MACS is start “Low Mode” basically.
“Low Mode” is low speed walking (12km/h)
for inside urban area. Basic control is same Tank. Action Mode switch to “High Mode”.
“High Mode” Auto-Hover On key (Default is X) Now is “High Mode”.
“High Mode” is highspeed wheels running. (80km/h) Can switch back to “Low Mode”.
“Low Mode” Auto-Hover Off key (Default is X) Can activate “Boost” and “Jump” while “High Mode”. “Boost”
Car Fast Forward key (Default is W + Left Shift)
Boosting speed of running with thrusters. “Jump”
Heli Up key (Default is Left Shift)
Short range glide flying. Can control speed and direction (can fly backward).
Default control is WASD.
Heli Down key (Default is Z) is “Cancel Jump”. Landing is auto start at under altitude 25m. “Boost” and “Jump” are worst fuel consumption.
Be careful. “Attention for Jump”
Jump don’t stop on the roof. (on USS Freedom too)
Use “FORCE Cancel Jump” in that case.
(HOLD “Cancel Jump” key) Armament “Type 12 M256 120mm Cannon”
Main weapon, Anti tank “GAU-8B 30mm Gatling Cannon”
5 burst, Anti light armor “Type 10 70mm Rocket Pod”
HE rockets, Anti light armor and infantry “Type 8 KEM (Kinetic Energy Missile)”
AT missile , Base is TitanAT Chaff and Flare equiped “Sensors”
360° Active and Passive Radars
Forward IR and Visual Sensors (Sync turret direction)
NV and Laser Sensors Addon’s HIGH-MACS has “Silpheed” HUD system.
This function start after init sequence. “Incoming Sensor”
Detect shellBase objects (e.g. 120mm APFSDS)
and missiles inside 1200m.
Warning with display and sound. Incoming Sensor dosen’t detect
“own cannon shell” and “SmallSecondary”
at ver 1.01 “Additional System Info”
Display operation mode, seat mode
and system damage info. Seat Mode “Seat Mode” decides operation type for players.
Can switch 2 type seat mode. Use “Switch Seat Mode” in action menu
while “no crew inside”. “Single Seater Mode”
Operation driving and turret control by solo player.

“Double Seater Mode”
Operation by 2 player. Each player operate driving
and turret control.
Gunner seat is at front. “Single Seater” is default.
But it is selected by state of mission’s start. switched to “Single Seater” “Cargo Mode”
Gear Down key (Default G)
Can switch to “Cargo Mode” from “Low mode”.
And can switch back to “Low Mode” by same key. Very low speed (5km/h).
Can transporting by helicoptor (e.g. “CH-67 Huron”). “Cargo Mode” setting is retained even when you get off.

Auto activate “Jump”, when drop off
from sling 35m altitude and over. “HIGH-MACS TestMission”
MP Coop mission is prepared.
Max player is 3. (with Music) Armaholic’s file includes this mission.
Steam Workshop can download that mission is prepared separately. ! Attention ! “AI is NOT support”
Unavailable special functions
when AI are entering this unit.

AI gunner can’t just aim.
Because AI can’t control
double joints of HIGH-MACS’s arm. “Physx is Monster”
Happen unexpected behavior by Physx.
Be careful ! “Script is Heavy”
Dedicated server is recommended when MP if possible. Bootcamp is finished.
Thank you for join to our camp !

10 thoughts on “Arma3 HMCS Addon Bootcamp

  1. helo there friend, i like this mode you made here, me and my friend battlestad is making our mech, we would be honored to have your advice and tips on our development, just add me "ZeroErrorz" and "Battlestad" in steam so we can chat 😀

  2. Love this theme.

    Arma is so slow paced and this music and quick action anime style is a bowl of fresh air ; D

  3. I'm going to buy Arma 3 Apex Edition tomorrow on Steam for $24. One of the reasons I got serious interest in buying Arma 3 is seeing this mod. Since i learned of this mod from a while back, I bought Gungriffon Blaze on PS2, and man that game is awesome!. (It's my second copy. I sold it the first time I played it when I was a kid. GGB was too difficult for 12yo me).

    Great video!

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