Are Cops Trained to Yell, “Stop Resisting”?

I’m attorney Mike Scafiddi
with Shouse Law Group. I’m a retired police
Sergeant and now criminal defense attorney
practicing law here in California. In over the past few years, we
have noticed a disturbing trend when officers are arresting
our clients and people in the general public. We often will hear
from our clients that even though
they didn’t resist, the officers start
yelling “stop resisting, stop resisting,” even when
the clients are claiming to us that they’re
not resisting arrest. And what we have found out
in talking to law enforcement officers themselves
is that they are now being trained in the academy
to yell “stop resisting, stop resisting” at the
slightest hesitation of somewhat to follow commands. So just because you
don’t react immediately doesn’t mean you’re
resisting arrest. But this is being done by
law enforcement officers, because they know that people
are out there with cameras. And so they want to yell “stop
resisting,” so as it looks good and sounds good on
cameras that oftentimes don’t pick up everything
from the initial contact. As a result of this recent
change in law enforcement tactics, all our lawyers
here at Shouse Law Group are trained to
discuss with officers during cross examination
about their training and whether or not
they were trained to yell out “stop resisting.” Because the inference is
that just yelling that out is a ploy to protect
themselves from allegations of illegal force
or illegal contact.

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