Aqua Fit Exercise Class at LA Fitness

[tranquil music plays] The first time I took a water aerobics class was in Anchorage, Alaska,
about ten, fifteen years ago, and my instructor was in her mid-seventies at that time. But she still had a lot
of muscle definition in her shoulders and arms and legs. And I thought, “If water aerobics can do that to
her, at that age, I’d better start now.” [music continues] We have a lot of workouts that can
be tailored to individual levels and injuries It’s a complete workout. It works out your upper
body, your core muscles, and also your lower body. You feel so light, you think, “Oh you know, this can’t possibly be the
kind of exercise that I’m thinking it’s gonna be.” And then I woke up the next day, and I was amazed
at the effects that the water had on my body. I lost twelve pounds and thirteen inches from January through December. It’s non-impact on my joints. I feel good. I feel
strong. And there’s a lot of fun people. And it’s just nice to kind of get together and work
out together, and you feel good together. [music begins to fade]

14 thoughts on “Aqua Fit Exercise Class at LA Fitness

  1. I've been taking aquafit for 3 years and lost over 100lbs. I have arthritis in both my knees so this is my main form of exercise. It's been a lifesaver.

  2. pud38 im glad to hear it works for you and your arthritis…Im having a tour of LA fitness this week and hoping to join the class because I have arthritis in several areas.

  3. you mentioned it is your main form of excercise (for your arthritis) and Im wondering how often do you go? Have you tried the yoga? Just wondering what youd recommend for someone in the same boat as you just starting out. Thanks! Sandi

  4. taking it for a couple weeks, my posture is already improved, the pool is shallow so it has to be adapted for tall people. I get a good leg & core workout and am looking for ways to increase resistance on the upper arms

  5. It's a great workout for everyone! U feel it after the hour! A lot of fun and the water totally breaks the impact on ur knees but the water gives u the resistance that u need to burn fat and build muscle, ur working against the pressure of the water with the water weights . Ur heart rate gets up there quick!

  6. I teach AquaFit at YMCA and no, this is not only for old people. However, people with problems such as weak joints or a history of car accidents will find it beneficial.

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