‘Another Walkout?!’ Sneak Peek | Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars | WE tv

♪♪ Dr. Ish: Every fight
you and Bobby have, the girl from the gym always seems to work
her way back into it. What are you getting
from holding on to that? Asifa: It’s the lies. Why do you continuously
lie to me? Because I don’t feel like
I can tell you the truth. -Oh [bleep]
-Finally a subject I excel in. Show us a scenario in
the bedroom that turns you off. When he’s in the bed
with his phone and just looking at
his phone and not me. Dr. V: The truth is there’s
a third person in this bedroom. Hey, guys. It’s Tara.
Leave me a message. Even if Tara is out
of the picture, I’m not sure that Peter would
be able to commit to me 100%. Peter: I thought this was
gonna be light and fun. It’s uncomfortable. Every time I think I [bleep]
make progress with you, you get in
and you start again. Are you ever [bleep]
happy ever? Do you know how much
you verbally abuse me? Do you know how much — How about this? How about you just sleep
in this bed by yourself. Yes. I don’t need to sit there
and have these highs and lows and somebody who just wants
to have these fights. This is as dysfunctional
as it gets. I’m making the smartest
decision of my life.

5 thoughts on “‘Another Walkout?!’ Sneak Peek | Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars | WE tv

  1. Be single Peter don't want u anyway get over it he will always want Tara how many times he gotta say it on tv ur stupid amina

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