Anna Wright, Naval Families Federation: An introduction to the Armed Forces Covenant

I’m Anna Wright, I’m Director of the Naval
Families Federation. I came into this job previously having served in the Navy and then
left and re-trained as a teacher. It was a very portable career to follow my husband
in his Service career and then I came into this post feeling as if I’ve experience of
serving and of supporting somebody who’s serving in the Navy.
The Naval Families Federation is an organisation that speaks up for naval families, so we speak
up to those in positions of power and advocate on behalf of families. The other two Services
also have Federations that do the same and they would equally support the Armed Forces
Covenant. The Armed Forces Covenant is a moral obligation
by the nation to those who have served and their families. The idea is that it evens
up the playing field so that families have access to goods and services and information
that other people would have. It’s important because of the lifestyle that
Service families have, the impact it has on spouses and the children. Often families have
to move at short notice and they have to find a dentist, a doctor, school places. So the
Armed Forces Covenant is a mechanism that can help with those things and we really get
behind it. The Armed Forces Covenant applies not only
to the serving person, but also to their spouse, civil partner and their children because the
lifestyle affects everybody. So, when they have to move at short notice and get school
places or the spouse has to get a new job or if they have to find a dentist, the whole
family is impacted and this is a way of recognising that and supporting them to cope with all
of those things.

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