100 thoughts on “Ancient Aliens: The Nine Forces from Beyond (Season 11) | History

  1. The guy was schooled in Egypt history just pulling from his memory, pulling the wool over,lol. It would of been more believable if he had of been from the rural areas of the states with no education.

  2. no gods so to speak more ways of something similar to workers trying to grasp knowledge they did not understand at best…and a sense of being trapped in a machine or a bubble…

  3. If pyramids were built in Europe it would be accepted that they were built by visionaries, but because they were built in Africa… ohh it must of been aliens.

  4. Can I get away with cheating on my girlfriend tonight? Ancient Astronaut Theorists say “yes”
    Just be sure to delete any texts

  5. Are they referring to the council of 9. 9 different beings that are like watchers of our race and progression that impacts and influences the progression of humanity.

  6. Who is enki and enlil, what part of 9 is it connected, so did the create Jesus,did enki and enlil create Jesus,

  7. If noone believes this, listen schools are still teaching that the first written thing was found 3500 years ago , but the most godly thing ever written comes from 36000 years ago from Thoth aka Hermes the atlantean , look up tablets of thoth,principles of hermes, law of attraction ,solfeggio frequencies, sacred geometry, law of creation, law of one, tibetan book of the dead etc

  8. I know that there are a lot of people's love to talk about aliens what if the angels that was kicked out of heaven roaming the Earth there is no aliens so please stop it

  9. Wake up people Satan knows that we're coming down to the end and he's pulling out all the stops gathering his people that's what it's all about and so far they seems to be winning the guy predicted this

  10. Americans always try to undermine ancient Egyptians achievements first by falsifying the it yo be a white civilization now by lying about it being about aliens americans are a joke

  11. I believe it I can speak to ppl threw my mind and see visions it is a gift that was blessed to me a lot of ppl do not belive because they do not know powerful medicine

  12. What man fails to realize time and again that it's all inner. The akashic records are within. We are an image of our own creation of the universe. When we go outer we have all these karmic lessons and evolution. When we go inner we become Swami's. It is up to man to wake up and take the path of the right. Stop sinning. Stop being evil

  13. Originally Pharaoh was a god-like being but that became corrupted and wealth and power became predominant. Then we had kings and queens ruling us who had no knowledge only wealth and Man became more engrossed in the material and ruling over others with monetary gain and the world was plummeted Into Darkness

  14. Definitely confirms the authenticity of the Holy Bible. They were pretty much communicating with the Fallen Angels who main objective was to watch over Humanity but ended up going against what God created them to do.

  15. Dr Andrija Puharić was a big friend of another great Croatian….Nikola Draganić known as Tesla….who said that if we figure out colabotation between 3 6 and 9 we would have keys of the Universe

  16. I made contact with this alien called guron those alien made things follow up in the air . I had a dream that they made highway and house that we're up in the air .

  17. The Obelisk cuts look like made from a CNC Milling machine. Doubtful hands did that and making that Obelisk would be crazy w/o modern machines.

  18. Lol you fools telling lies 😂😂😂
    Someone scammed you that's all.
    This is just a story by you guys.
    That man can't be a mystic because you don't know how a real mystic is like until you meet one.
    A real mystic will have a life long impression on you and they also have real knowledge of the world that they only give to disciple acc to their worth and how much they can understand.

  19. So wait, there's a valid/proven method of psychic powers? Why isn't it well known that you just need one of them cage thingies? lol

  20. In India we worship Navdurga…Nd celebrate the Navrartri ..the festival of nine days..In our many festivals '"nine'"holds the symbolic position…

  21. They are watching humanity ???
    Watching humanity Murder their Own Unborn children and Selling their Body Parts like Merchandise ???
    They must be pieces of S×÷t too…

  22. This video is not visible in my liked playlist. YouTube has been shadow-banning some videos. I have witnessed this kind of censorship on YouTube since before 2016.
    The censorship got way worse on my YouTube channel in mid-2016 before the 2016 election and it has gotten progressively worse. Its a mess they censor across the spectrum.. I see them shadow-banning diverse types of videos every day. Its their stupid algorithm i suspect. That is why I am policing them. I see it everyday.

  23. For those who don't know who the 9 gods are , in Hindu texts they are the navagraha representing 9 planets each having it's own significance.
    Sun- life giving
    Moon- mind controlling
    Mars- flow of blood
    Jupiter- knowledge
    Venus- love
    Saturn- karma
    Rahu north node- mysticism
    Kethu South node- salvation

  24. < How My Journey 1.2.12 I Stand Behind 9 Looking At 3 . Come In Clouds Eyes Fly With One With Wings. Goddess ISIS -/Sis-Goddess Nepthys. Love Comes Back When Tears Fell. Circle Of Clouds With Faces In Circlr /I Top Of Creation.Arms Around Grace. In Sha LLah. I Only Wanted Was See Her Eyes And Got Much More. Orion 3. /D/A/D. David Alan Dickinson. J.1o >

  25. I know many people will make fun of this topic because we can't produce any physical evidence yet. But a time will come when humans will finally understand the truth like in the past when we finally realized that we are not the center of the Universe.

  26. I would think that the name "Atum" could also be considered atom, the basis of everything, the energy within all things.

  27. Ok here is a wild tale I had heard about the tomb of the dragon king and the metal dragon warrior trapped by the mercury beneath it within the caved in tunnel. in the tale I had heard there was a visitor that came one day…from the future. In its time mankind had invented a way to resurrect the spirits of the dead and relocate them into cybernetic chassis. This one was a renegade who escaped into the past to avoid becoming an even worse monster than he was in life. He was the resurrect spirit of Ghengis Khan. The robot could not be stopped or destroyed and his goal was to succeed where he had failed in life. Upon the ceremony of the dragon kings burial they tricked the cyborg by causing its systems to malfunction. It had a weakness to liquid mercury. Just being within a 20 yard distance of it caused its circuits to shut down and become malfunctioned. They trapped it by caving in the entrance to one of the subterranean tunnels filled with liquid mercury bowls and sealed the tomb hoping that no one would ever recover the unstoppable dragon king buried beneath. However in the 1960's it was said that both Bruce Lee's father and Bruce Lee himself fell victim to the curse of the Lee family. The curse matched descriptions exactly to that of the cyborg dragon king buried in the terracotta tomb.

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