100 thoughts on “Ancient Aliens: Earth’s Alien Force Field (Season 10) | History

  1. Read The Holy Quran. You will Find Every questions answer your finding for. just try to read once in your life, everything will be change.

  2. And the Van Allen belt right there is proof I was sentient God and creation itself that stuff wouldn't happen just by accident it proves God exists right there the Van Allen belt proves that God exists

  3. Alien Force Field aka Earth's Magnetic Field that protects us from Solar radiation? -_- i seen stupider videos but this one just where is your brain if your saying that a Alien Force Field is protecting earth from the sun's wind. Ancient Astronaut Theorist say yes.

  4. HI, The Mandela – Quantum affected community are in discussions about this Earth . A very rough broad figure is now flushed to a 45% Maximum forecast . Right now the waters around the Earth are observed in the community ! PEACE.DF.

  5. Aliens and space craft are real but the sad reality of it is the pure deception that’s behind in this is simply Satan and the third of those Angles that followed him out of Heaven and this is part of their end time deception being played out on man and since you won’t believe the truth Jesus Christ then the Bible says that God will cause a STRONG DELUSION to fall on those that won’t believe WAKE UP PEOPLE TIME IS UP GIVE YOUR LIFE TO JESUS BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!!!!!!

  6. Human Logic: Aliens from outer space gave our planet a shield to protect us against radiation from OTHER evil alien races.

    "What if that shield was created by God to protect the earth?"

    Human logic: Whoooaaa WHOOOAA WHOA. Thats way too farfetched. WITHOUT a doubt the most OUTRAGEOUS thing we have ever heard of!!

  7. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. A history channel documentary where ancient astronaut theorists say yes is not extraordinary evidence.

  8. I am not totally convinced but the comments I see is disappointing. This same people who believed earth was center of universe 400 years ago and burned pioneers of science in order of same god.

  9. It's a force field trapping your astral form so when you leave the body for good youre caught and hit with so many volts u won't resist giving in. That's if you don't fall for the missed loved ones at the tunnel deception. They take u through the tunnel and u get shot right back down here in another body … memory free of past "lives"
    rinse and repeat. Human soul harvesting. Yes there are beings millions of years old capable with those kind of advancements. So like EBE3 said in the interview under duress. Death is a human construct it's not really death at all since these bodies aren't our natural forms

  10. So, are you saying that extraterrestrial aliens travelled a gazillion light years just to help a group of relatively primitive people pile large stones on top of each other? What, they didn’t have anything better to do? If you believe that, you probably believe Trump is a Russian agent and that NBA players are heroes. Someone needs to get a life.

  11. Advanced technology because god's make it not aliens ,hello ancient astronaut always say yes that they all theory ,Hello.

  12. How did..Apollo 11 ..pass through and back again through the Van Allen belt…pretty useless protection belt if you ask me

  13. A planet, with life in it, each with its own unique means of surviving, a planet protected, so unique that it keeps itself alive and sustain life in it, 🤔🤔 NO! I refuse to believe that this happened by chance, there has to be someone that Knew what he was doing, and only foolish people would refuse to accommodate that truth in their weak minds.

  14. That Defence Sysyem is God.. As written in Bible Isiah 66verse16 I The Lord Will Come wt Chatiots of Fire.(ufos)..joel chapter2.. A Fire Burns Before Them n Behind A Flame.. N They(Angels)Shall Run2nFro Thru da City.. Koran n We Send Guards Guards wt Da messenger..

  15. I think the good aliens live on Earth but inside the earth and the oceans and have always lived with us but they are protecting us from the bad aliens Wich are the Grey's but they won't reveal themselves to us because humans won't be able to handle the truth

  16. Cosmos is well designed. Why do you think it as alien? It is god who has done it. Read eternal purest scripture and science properly. Even alien are made by god.

  17. If the truth about what should be said is that we aren't on a planet,this a carrier.Stop lying 2 the public.Station 54 high school n Harlem,CVS high school n Chicago tought the carrier system both schools have inheritance 2 England Parliament.C we actually got tired of this foolishness.U can't fly from West England across the Atlantic Ocean,u have 2 fly over Russia.🐺🐦🔮🎥🌃😀

  18. What if the Van Allen belts were left to protect a rare life sustaining planet until the e.t.p.c.d gets around to us? ( E.ts pest control division)? 0.o.


  20. Your argument for the Van Allen belt being an alien defense system seems to be based entirely upon supposed UFO crashes and these ancient astronaut theorists saying "yes". Who are the theorists and why do you believe that they are credible? You rely heavily on the yes-man theorists and pose many possibilities and hypotheses that you claim to be reasonable and true, but you don't actually explain these with hard evidence that you have found. Claiming that aliens put the belt in place is a reasonable argument if you had any evidence, but saying that Star Wars is literally happening in space right now waters down your argument and credibility from what it could have been, had you chosen to keep it simple.

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