America’s Army as weapons trainer

“America’s Army” started off as a game,
but it’s really evolved. [♪rock music♪] [S. Johnston] We have four different sites
right now that have full out 360-degree ballistic shoot houses built from
the ground up. The environment is constantly changing.
It’s a lot more realistic. [Johnston] We retrofit these shoot houses.
We go in and mount a camera such as this right here
and a projector into the ceiling so when the round penetrates the screen,
the light bleeds through, and this camera mounted up in the ceiling
relays that information back to the game. This is the Javelin Weapon System.
You put this up to your face and look through it.
You find the tank, arm the weapon, charge the missile,
and fire with with your right trigger. This is a CROWS, Common Remotely Operated
Weapon Station. The point of this is so the soldier can be
inside the Humvee and control the weapon that’s up top.
Basically, you’re playing “America’s Army” the video game
but you’re using the military hardware. The idea is you want the trainer to be a seamless
transition for the soldier when he goes to use the real thing.
This is the TOW ITAS missile system. TOW stands for Tube-launched, Optically tracked,
Wire-guided missile. Once it’s in flight, you can actually control
where it goes. I just come up here and grab this?>>Yeah.
Look through here. That’s your view. Your right hand is going to have the trigger,
that’s going to have your laser range finding, and once you fire, you’re going to have to
keep that crosshair on the tank on the tank throughout the full flight pattern.
Cool. I hit it. [Johnston] When these soldiers go into these
situations in theater, they don’t know what’s going to be behind
that door. But it definitely ain’t going to be no picture.
It’s going to be real guys in there shooting back at them.
So these software scenarios depict that. This is something that we’re actually
putting into real equipment and real training that’s affecting the soldier in the field.
[men] Hooah!>>It’s just not your typical game.
[♪techno music♪] That’s the Army Today in Washington.

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