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  1. Very good video, perfect to deal with life situations. By the way, why the final s in potatoes is pronounced as [s] and not as [z] if it is a plural and there is a vowel sound before the s?

  2. @oidualclaudi0 Any plural where the sound before is voiced will have the Z pronunciation. So that would include any vowel or diphthong (I have a video on plurals!)

  3. @oidualclaudi0 I would not say I'm pronouncing a voiced TH, though I'm not really pronouncing an unvoiced TH either. The tongue isn't coming all the way through the teeth, but it is pressing between them slightly, makeing a subtle stop-like sound before the vowel. Thanks for your question!

  4. Thanks for catching a typo — where was it? I do all the work myself and don't have the benefit of a second set of eyes.

  5. Your friend is lovely woman. … oh and you Rachel of course. Sorry for my errors )) I'm beginner.
    Thank you for all lessons. They are very helpful ( or useful ).

  6. This is really help full, and if you produce this kind of videos, definitely everyone can learn American English much faster, so if you can post, please post this kind of videos.

  7. thanks for these vidios cause are really helpful in my studies of the american english understanding

  8. Rachel you are the bestest!! I've been studying English for a long time. I even came to the States to get that American accent that I love. Unfortunately I haven't found any classes of American Pronunciation where I live. Of course my English has improved but I needed this kind of exercises and the way you explain to really understand how American pronunciation works. BTW I never leave comments on any youtube videos but I HAD to let you know how great your videos are. Thank you so much!

  9. i guess it`s my 5 views in this video,when i was working in Dubai i used to do this(bcuz im practising) funny thing most of the people answered Huh??? what!!! come again, whats then again? but i understand them most of my customer are Arab(i guess for them is sloppy and i guess i need practice) but there some who understand me.

  10. I can only watch in his voice when I hear it in mp3. Because when I hear watching his video I can not stop looking at your pretty lips and beautiful face. You are so sexy and your voice is lovely to listen. So when I want study, listen you with mp3 player.

  11. In general speaking, When 2 or more words together, the pronoun-cation of each words will constantly change in terms of voice speech. That's the most difficult part for me, I'd like to practice more on this. can you teach me more……?

  12. Hi again, I will have to correct you in a few places:
    1st – The 3rd 'ed' sound has much more to it then T or D – how about "Crooked"?
    2nd – a T or D are not flapped because they are between vowels – the reason is they appear like this in an "unstressed syllable"! Every where! (and unstressed syllables between vowels to syllabic R's or L's).

  13. Excuse me! Rachel, could you please explain for me about pronunciation of potatoes? Why is it pronounced "s" sound? I watched your video about how to pronounce plural nouns. You said all vowels and dipthongs is voiced, and voiced will be pronounced z sound. Thank you so much.

  14. By the way, your videos are gonna  be more useful if you just organize them.frankly, you are so talented and i would like to see you the best especially in the presentation.bottom line, your talent and organization as anglo-link you will be the best.thanks rachel

  15. Hi Rachel. How do you do?
    I'm here to let you know that I've learned a lot very much from you, and I just don't know how to thank you. You guys just rock.

    Here's a request to you.
    I want to know the common expressions or phrases used while watching TV with anyone. Like the TV remote is with my friend and I want to tell him put some other channel or any other movies or anything. Please teach me each and everything ,every expressions while watching TV.I just get stuck on how to talk in English while watching TV.
    Please help me.
    Thank you. Take care.Bye.

  16. Hi Rachel. I have one question for u. I don't understand phrase " I'm stuff ' in this video. Pls help me explain about this phrase what is this mean. Thanks !

  17. At 0:33, you indicate that the "th" in "thank" is the vocalized th. It's actually the unvocalized (IPA sign theta)

  18. Hi Rachel,

    Thank you so much for your lessons! I've followed you for several months and benefited a lot!

    As an English leaner in China, we usually learn its pronunciation through IPA or DJ(Daniel Jones's system)marked in the books, however, with the popularity of American English in recent years, there are many books marked in KK(Kenyon and Knott),which confused us quite a lot! we may pronounce it incorrectly in the way of DJ when we see it.

    It will be highly appreciated if you can make some videos to tell the difference among IPA, KK and DJ in the future !

    Kind regards,


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