Amazon’s ๐ŸŽ†NEW WORLD MMO Teases The COMBAT & Corruption (Action-Based Clips, Dark Influence) (1080p)

Well It looks like we’re not getting our dev
blog or diary just yet for New World. They have been employing the tactic of teasing
for this past week with these great looking gifs and snipets of the in-game environment. And although we don’t yet have our bombshells
of news about the updated state of the game and
the Player-vs-Player topic, we still do have some pretty sweet pieces of detail to talk
about. And as you may already know, Amazon has been
focusing a lot this past week on the corrupted aspect of New World. In
a series of tweets we get a couple good looks into the deeper meaning surrounding the scourge
of Aternum. But before that we also got an update on the
upcoming Developer Diary that they are working on. One thing to keep in mind is they’ve stated
that the developer blog is actually going to be the
one to dive into the PVP topic. While the video developer diary itself is
set to cover different topics entirely. They posted this tweet on January 9th which
means that as of recording this video, we should be able to expect the dev blog focusing
on pvp to be posted any day now. Unless something happens that causes it to
be delayed. I must admit I’m starting to get a bit
nervous about the PVP aspect because it hasn’t already been addressed prior to now. About a week ago when they first announced
that they’d be covering it in something official as opposed to one or two tweets to the rumors
surrounding the topic, I started to get the feeling that the results of this
might easily turn into a heated discussion. But I am willing to say now that whether or
not the open world PVP turns out to be what we are or are not hoping for, I do believe
that this is a game I’m still feeling very much
ready to dive into. When we first got the announcement of this
game at the game awards it made me realize just how much of a lack we had of MMO sandboxes
or games like it in this genre. I know that there are a lot out there that
don’t feel that this is a sandbox anymore but for some reason, I just can’t
shake the need to call it that. It feels like a sandbox to me in the sense
that when we step into the world, there are many different paths we can go down to end
up wherever we’re going. As opposed to one or a few very
narrow paths that you would see in a traditional MMORPG. And it’s for that reason that I could easily
dive in and focus on a title like this because for me personally, I think these types of
games are the only ones I can truly enjoy anymore. Once you get a taste of the freedom these
games can provide, it’s hard to go back to any other sort of play. From the first time I picked up a hammer in
games like Life is Feudal, got into my first big PVP war in games like Mortal or Dark-fall,
and everything in between all the very way back to my very first title, runescape. New World feels like
one of many titles apart of the new generation of freedom-based games, and if they can take
that kind of experience and expand on it with those MMORPG elements that you would see in
traditional games of the genre, without taking away that freedom aspect. Then I could definitely get behind that. And with that sappy stuff out of the way,
be sure to stay tuned on the release of their dev blog detailing exactly how the PVP system
is going to work and how it has evolved over time. They’ve said in a tweet reply that
they are still on track to hit their deadline of the end of this week, unless any unforeseeable
issues may arise. Continuing on that for the main topic of the
day, Amazon Game Studios has been putting the spotlight specifically on the corrupted
of Aternum and the combat system over the past few days. On January 5th which was a little while ago
they did actually post a tweet that included what looked like it
could be the inside of an explorable ruins location. The tweet itself says that “Although The Ancients
may be gone, that does not mean their secrets have been left unguarded”. And of course at first glance I had assumed
they were talking about those who had been trapped on the island through time, kind of
similar to the roman troops and later on the settlers in the new world trailer footage. But then it donned on me that these ancients
don’t actually resemble that of the corrupted at all. Usually when we get a look at the corrupted
they are easily identified by their ethereal red glow, but these creatures appear to be
skeletons, perhaps kept alive by the magic of Aternum. Or maybe something else entirely. This could be a hint to the types
of content we’ll have in-game besides that which we’ve already seen. I’m curious if this means we will see a series
of dungeon locations to explore, with bosses to fight and treasure to loot. Something like that might give players that
focus more on the player vs environment aspect of games something to do when they aren’t
fighting the hordes of corrupted or any other activity they may do during their game-time. And one thing to add onto this even though
it doesn’t directly relate is an update on Amazon’s job postings. If you may recall, early last week we had
talked about how Amazon Game Studios was hiring for different
positions related to both New World and Lord of the Rings MMO. For new world they had listings for roles
like a new Game AI Engineer, Software Development Engineer, Environmental Artist, and of course
the Quest Designer. While I was searching for more information
recently I did notice that they did in fact update their Game AI Engineer posting about
a day ago before this recording. For those of you who are wondering it does
appear to list the same role responsibilities aside from minor changes
like instead of requiring 3 years of C++ you would now only require 2 years. The part I wanted to bring to your attention
today though is that there is in fact actually a new job listing available for this game. And that job role is none other than the AI
Character Designer. Which like the Quest Designer, sounds very
very interesting in terms of the possibilities this could bring. Not only of course could this mean polishing
and creating better animations for our player characters themselves, but it could also tie
into their very own Quest Designer position. This position does mention that one
of the responsibilities could be to script game-play logic and integrate animations into
the game engine. Which that alongside the cool concepts for
new characters that fit in the world might mean we could see more than just questing
NPCs around. Or more
engagement from them alongside more engagement from our characters with the world. Now although I am super tempted already to
start throwing ideas out there of cool new types of characters we could see in the game,
they only just posted this 2 days ago and I’m being a nosy little bugger so
I’m going to try and keep it cool for now. But of course as always, I would love to know
what type of different NPCs you guys would like to see in-game besides quest-givers,
maybe even patrols or mercenaries that fight alongside you to battle the corrupted. The sky is the limit with those topics. Also to touch more on the corrupted subject,
on January 13th and 14th they posted two different tweets about this entity and how it would
play it’s part in the world of aternum. Like we saw in the game awards teaser, these
corrupted will not only have the ability to affect the minds of adventurers,
but also the wildlife of the island itself. And on top of that they bring attention to
the infamous corrupted priests of the land. These guys not only spread dominance throughout
Aternum but also seek to raise foul monuments to assert their influence. We actually do get a short look at these guys
in other screenshot that’s linked to their steam page for the game. But seeing this tweet does make me wonder
if we may see more opportunities to fight back the corrupted
aside from the horde mode and exploring the world of aternum. I think it would be really cool to see if
there may be dynamic events where we would see these corrupted priests attempting to
summon monuments and us as players having to travel out to combat them, or risk losing
a specific area to their influence. But
of course we will have to wait and see how they will play a part into the rest of the
game. But one can hope we may get something similar
or just like this. Dynamic Events would also be a great start
for expanding more on the player vs environment side of the
game. And as for the last topic which we have of
course saved the best for, for both today and January 12th, Amazon Game Studios has
posted tweets relating directly to the combat. And in these clips we can see what appears
to be a tease of what we might be able to expect from their new combat system. And I do have to say, when I first saw both
of these clips I didn’t really know what to think of them. Because what we’re being shown here looks
incredibly well done and compared to what we’ve seen from the past iteration of the
combat system, it looks out of this world. In one tweet we see what appears to be a musket
wielding explorer bash a corrupted in the face with the butt of their rifle, disarming
them in the process and then proceeding to blast them square in the face and in that
very same second also explaining exactly what not to do during a
zombie apocalypse. But it looks very very good in it’s entity. Now I could definitely believe that we might
get access to the ability to melee bash someone while using the musket, and I could imagine
that having some form of CC like a knock-back. But having that added effect of disarming
someone, and specifically doing it with that flawless kick and rifle butt animation, that
would be something we’ll have to see to believe. Speaking of which they have also mentioned
that their third developer diary, the one that comes in video form, will in fact be
focusing on the combat aspect. So we’ll probably be finding out more about
it soon enough, which after seeing this and the next one I am seriously excited for. The second one shows us what appears to be
a fully armored warrior with a greataxe running at sprint speed and then following
up with a sprint initiated attack, which prompts the enemy to dodge out of the way and follow
up with a heavy bash of their own. This one at first glance did look more believeable,
at least on the great axe warrior’s side. Because I could see them expanding on
a gap closing sprint attack for the melee weapons to make it easier for players to work
with. But then you’ve got the other guy with that
sick reflex and super heavy followup hammer bash to match. That’s something you don’t see in combat systems
for games like these. And I really really would love to know if
it does work that way. Because if so I really need to reconsider
my weapon of choice. In this scene you can also see the first player
get disarmed as soon as he is bashed by the other man’s hammer, which
may be a hint towards us being able to disarm other players. But this combat at the moment does look more
on the cinematic side as opposed to actual gameplay, it’s hard for me to believe that
it is the actual combat because of just how good that looks. But if I’m wrong and we are actually going
to be able to pull off moves like that, then we have got a legendary combat
experience coming our way. And with that folks, that is all the news
we have currently as we are preparing for the PVP Dev Blog. Whatever happens with that will more than
likely be a hot topic for weeks to come so it’s best to make sure we are fully prepared
to focus on learning more about it. Thanks so much for watching folks and I hope
you have a good night or day, and farewell.

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  1. What do you think about the combat teases? Could this suggest a lock-on system in the game? What kind of other weapons would you like to see showcased? (Legolas Arrow Stab move?)

    It's time to prepare for the PVP Dev Blog & upcoming Dev Diary over the next week or so. Hopefully we get some full gameplay footage to check out so we get a better idea on how things work in-game now (or which still work the same way). AND what new PVE/PVP additions we can expect, crossing fingers for these NPCs.

  2. That combat looks pretty sweet but if I had to vote for something I want to see daggers get put into the game with a backflip move that can knock someone down. Don't even need stealth, just daggers.

  3. Ser Medieval, Maybe add a link to your guild discord or website in the description? Someone in the chat found it for me but I would be interested in playing this with your guild. I just per-ordered the game so I'm looking for a group to play with.

  4. I must admit, even though everyone is waiting on more information they have been serving so many new details. It is refreshing to see :3

  5. Great video man. Also if you noticed in the last clip the guys are got stuck in the ground and his head was shifting back and forth like oh crap before he got whacked. Looks scripted. But if combat is that fluid and interacting I am going to lose my mind lol.

  6. I knew amazon would get their shit together and put that big budget of theirs where it was most desperately needed! THAT COMBAT! Looking really playable and might i say, POLISHED! ๐Ÿ™‚ This game is going to be everything that conan exiles promised and so much more it seems! Can't wait!

  7. I'm starting to get somewhat excited for this game, especially since it's moved away from the old "survival game" model. I played Ultima Online and Eve for many years because I enjoyed the complex sandbox those games offered up. Since then I only played WoW for about 2 years before leaving upon the release of Burning Legions. Sandbox MMO's, when done right, give you so much more in terms of fun, rewarding experiences and longevity than all the theme park WoW clones.

  8. Yeah, being disarmed, so much fun ! ๐Ÿ˜› I am just poking for fun, though it is sincere that being disarmed is a pain, but logically it will be alleviated by other game systems (i.e. other weapons carried, move to pick weapon up again, special evasions, etc.).

  9. I hope you can be a pure mage (or perhaps healer?)… Otherwise this is a pass for me for sure, even if it looks amazing!

  10. Yes if the combat was like that , woo this game will grab everybodyโ€™s attention, fingers crossed ๐Ÿคž combat is everything the rest can be fine tuned.

  11. New World is a Sandbox Mmorpg. Whoever says it isn't either hasn't followed the news or doesn't understand what a Sandbox game is. New World will allow for Player houses to be built nearly anywhere. It will allow Guild halls built any Where. Guilds will control zones. How is this not a Sandbox lol??

  12. I really hope they get the combat right.
    In my opinion, the combat is usually the most important aspect of games like these.
    I need to be engaged instead of standing around clicking very few buttons.

  13. The only two ways to save us out of this "optional PvP" nonsense are:

    1)Tiered zones. Some zones, being higher risk but yielding higher reward, forcing full-on PvP with body loot. Other zones, less risky but with less rewards and lower tiered but abundant resources, being more peaceful (no or partial PvP).


    2)Full PvP servers.

    Either way works for me but anything less will be a hard pass. I'm not so much a PvPer as a guy who believes strongly in scarcity in one's economy and scarcity demands that the game devs respect the traditional "risk vs. reward" core concept. Optional PvP kills that.

    Besides those concerns, game looks amazing and your vids are spot on.

  14. Ser Medieval i believe you forgot something important , you mention the musket guy disarm the one handed sword zombie but if you also look with axe vs hammer dude you will see after he got knockdown his axe fall right side near him too and cause him to disarm so maybe its legit , but ofc it means its 1 shot death sentence basically since by the time you stand up and bow down to pick up your weapon you would be dead long time ago xD

  15. Hey, don't know much about the game, other than that it looks cool. But seeing the gunpowder use in the clips makes me question one thing:
    Will there be bows and arrows and will it be a viable playstlyle? Because I love my archery in these fantasy games and I despise pistols/rifles.

  16. open world pvp, so this tells me the pve aspect of the game is going to suck, getting killed while doing life skills sounds like a lets cater to the pvp crowd, so no thanks.

  17. I am looking forward to playing the Beta When it comes out in April. If anybody is looking for a group. There is 2 of us right now we are looking for more. For the main game. We're looking to have 10 people in total are more. Anybody's intrested you're more than welcome to join us.

  18. I really hope the new combat is faster with a higher skill ceiling than the alpha. Ever since Darkfall completely destroyed EVERY other MMO's (and basically every fps games) combat in 2009 I have been waiting for an AAA studio game to catch up. How was Darkfall THAT far ahead of it's time?

  19. it came out they fucked the pvp up. Literally turned it into a pve game. Guess what i was alpha tester and there literally was no fuckin pve. none. Just looked like someone in the office copy and pasted mobs randomly on the map. Packs of like 12 wolves and crazy shit no thought in it at all. COnstantly getting stuck in the enviorment. The reason the game was fun was because of the ganking. The rage you would feel from losing it all at any time for any random reason. Man O man. Im so tired of being let down. Hasnt been a good lose it all mmo since 2004 WoW killed this entire genre. FUck it all i give up. I will buy this only because they earned the 40 dollars from the fun i had in alpha i owe them that much because it was one of the best games i had played in years. NONE OF THIS STUFF?? the spreading corruption the priests any of this NONE of this was in the alpha test!? wtf is this?>??????? WHAT HAPPENED? None of that combat is in the game. The combat is just like the axe swinging showed. Its no deeper then you holding block and picking which move to do non chaining. none. Thats total bullshit.

  20. Wurm's so clunky and Life is Feudal, despite their mess up with the Judgment Hour system being too frequent (daily – making it an actual job far worse than any others in the Survival/Builder genre) it is still the better than Wurm due to it's outdated feel in the controls and graphics. Albion Online's "sandbox" feel you claim is no different than World of Warcraft, as they are both similar in their leveling options. Both games have zones with leveling set to a certain level threshold, more so now with WoW when they made all of the past expansion zones scale with all of the other zones that were released in that expansion, but even in Classic, you had multiple options for what zones you really wanted to level in and I absolutely LOATHE Albion Online with what they did with the game past Tier 5, so do not like that it was even referenced in your games you liked that were Sandbox. Granted, opinions are just that, opinions, but still, the over all stats for the game shows that opinion was in the minority when you show the plummet in player activity for AO. Mortal Online was one of the most disgusting games in the past that came out initially during that MMORPG F2P flood that killed the genre and was one of the first, more popular, ones to have the pay to win aspects and helped normalize it (which was part of why the F2P MMORPG flood killed the genre.) Really surprised in what games you give praise as a MMORPG fan.

    I can't say anything bad about EVE Online really. Just said to see they fell off the list of MMORPGs that still hold strong with the subscription only option and that has never worked in the favor of any in the genre that went that route. I believe there are only 3 left that are holding strong; World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV. Popularity of these games, maybe not 11 so much due to the newer option of 14, shows that it really is the only model that a MMORPG should focus on in order to have a long life.

  21. Honestly I hope that they give you pvp as a choice because sometimes you just want to grind and not go after everyone like say you main as a crafter

  22. Join the First New World Community and let's grow big together! ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Join the First New World Community and let's grow big together! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  27. you videos comparisons are from different times of the games, the hammer bash scene is a more polished combat wich we had, even tho the combat was already so good. -i played the alpha…

  28. Honestly, as far as PvP and sandbox elements are concerned, I'm most worried about how other elements within Amazon might interfere. Very harsh mechanics are looked at very critically by buisnesspeople hoping for a huge success.

  29. They should have an NPC that is a hermit who wanders around and just masturbates like in town, and out in the wild and stuff. That would be cool

  30. FOV better be able to zoom further out don't want to be centered on an ass. I don't play female's so I don't want to be stuck on the ass! like this video exampled.

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