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  1. 1:47 that's Kevin Spacey? He looks absolutely unrecognizable. My favorite roles of him I got the chance of seen him were in "The Usual Suspects", "Seven", "American Beauty", " Superman Returns", "House of Cards" and recently on "Baby Driver".

    Something tells me he is going to received another Oscar nomination.

  2. True story. I would have said, "To the hostage takers I will pay nothing. The those that kill the hostage takers, I will pay the 17 million."

  3. the history of the world??adjusted for inflation?? what about ancient kings, queens etc. i mean really not convinced with this statement

  4. Right! Nothing! Cuz why would he show the whole world a weak spot like that!?!? That'd just show everyone that's desperate that they can just take and make deals w the mans. COMMON SENSE!

  5. I like the way the trailer was structured so that the kid is talking all this nonsense about being from another planet just before he gets kidnapped and introduced to his mortality.

  6. this is a real life story on exxon mobile.. the victim suffers permanent damage and the grand faather pays just the insurance money. thats it.

  7. Paul Getty played a pivotal role in securing the backing of American Dollar with Arab Oil, so that anyone that deals with Arabia can only deal in US dollars since there's no gold backing it anymore!

  8. good trailer, ends with a hook,
    well picked, timed, & period accurate licensed song,
    neat true-story,
    good actress & stinger with great actor
    mark wahlberg plays the same character every film,
    hopefully ridley scott can do better with a grounded story than covenant, prometheus, exodus, matchstick men, the counselor, robin hood, or hannibal, but personally believe he should stick to producing – he can get any script made into a film, hes not as good as when he was best, and it would really help a lot of young talent in the industry get big budget experience.

  9. What really sucks is that because of that accusation, they're reshooting Kevin Spacey's performance with Christopher Plummer as Jean Paul Getty. Nothing against Plummer but I'm sure Spacey's performance was great and now we'll never get to see it. Spacey's personal life has NOTHING to do with this movie.

  10. There's no friends in Hollywood , I hope that people like Cosby and Spacey learned it. Nobody gives a crap if you're innocent or not , it's all about Money.

  11. I don’t support what Kevin spacey did but god damn his line ( nothing ) had more of an impact that the other guy who got casted as his character.

    Ps: I hate that Kevin molested that boy that was horrible

  12. What an amazing trailer and soundtrack I wish Kevin Spacey would have stayed in the movie I hope it's just as good with his replacement but I'm not sure I'm sorry I missed the movie at the theater I'm going to have to rent it somehow to see it I love stories like this and the trailer is just amazing I watched it a dozen times

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