Air Force Boot Camp Ship date BMT March 2015 USAF Basic Training United States National Guard

Hey guys Brandon Watson back each get
something new Air Fource Boot Camp Ship Date BMT March 2015 scam I shaped a moon pool um Ken Macha date is March 17 2015 E so excited but no hope million when pres de to get his day and now got today like I’ll now a gala Saturday do me for that they actually comes gotcha 12 up on that Air Force Boot Camp yesterday good one little blossom air force requirements to worship team so so my job yesterday way I’m people air force requirements friend at work but home hands on you guys so I’m or some other
first people to helm a.m. they say just be gone my interests you August noonish assuming that there is no
air force requirements complications seeing a pasar my tests
and everything herding seeing case it Air Force Boot Camp peace bringing me something and get texting miss you ended up burning it’s done boot camp workout but your client systems leaving boot camp workout March 17 any other March shippers out
there I law a poem yeah governorship in a row name use that the same yes that text home some easy one me boot camp workout you know they just started the run kidney p.m. see you joining the army shortage training in chains issue is
there ever a call I’m king spun is not the regular one X boot camp workout still the same lame yes way differently so hard reception chaining shut down the about the obstacle course they had
obstacle different up school boys peace joining the army yet yours to graduation is like I’m training days old Air Force Boot Camp morality I’m me graduation sometimes change cell joining the army yes I should be doing it tax G using changing so going to be around and logged more than you Wiley lindsay
has writing make my less who were out world seeing Air Force BMT 2015 yeah so I’m saying joining the army they say but that air force pay chart by shifting joining the army as warehouse air force pay chart think I got mine says like by buying a person does it I saw a couple time this weekend weekend us air force pay chart questions about it called her on Monday whom just gold just so I know the process is
so hard to keep stocky down in asking you united states air force air force pay chart every couple days but had a ship date
you know are you planning on email me or call me if you find a day do you guys usually just makers Air Force BMT 2015 wait until the next room find out you
know we have shipped E you know united states air force Intel you air force pay chart you guys wait until you 30 united states air force you got to find out saying well I A said that I want go earlier than
March so but i wanna me and make sure that I can
get my job done enough time its to change my past position them just to make sure united states air force time you know miss something so you know I love the same time next two months give you a call latinos heads at navy boot camp at a call the next day and she’s like
actually on that conversation I’m on struggles work um on that conversations way all you want one seem tomorrow them not so much on my way yes navy boot camp told yes as you go this one navy boot camp but yes she called me the next day and yamauchi I must hit navy boot camp I am i cnt March 17 so we’re really
happy that right around Air Force BMT 2015 yes everyone air force recruiter ago so Gator year old bean bag are day I’ll so yeah I’m sale so I say s in class inches I sensed any 16 you’re planning on
having a tattoo party so I have any tattoos right now but I was planning on getting tax Arnold so his USAF B out that works it maps seems Air Force BMT 2015 please do not get any 10+2 until and intense so I USAF basic training hardball a lot of teamwork possibility
just about getting baseball basic military training I’m say probably miss I’m gonna get him instead to butts slide my dad too air force recruiter use the morning of joining the air force school joining the air force it air force recruiter this air force tech school and steel thing air force recruiter guys basic military training yes I love you yes yields you guys bus joining the air force yeah yes start doing this USAF basic training right problems knows checked out the playlist a whole this goalie 20 videos and as bad questions yes still need some help with
that let me know I’ll do what I can to help
you guys out in and she and I think that’s about it Joining the Air Force basic military training I will see you guys in the next video
make sure you like subscribe had share some few action in sharing videos yes can cool home USAF basic training here connecting send me a message comment I’ll let me know what your job
men’s Air National Guard you still waiting for a job we are you
have a ship date army national guard any you ask me anything the size like
military something when you place another getting decides
stuff involving basic military training this G air force dep tag yes means army national guard air force dep tag you know I think that army national guard air frce dep tag gold Air National Guard someone question Air National Guard missiles army national guard air force dep tag USAF basic training yet us you guys active duty air force you see asvab study guide this Facebook stupid since game much asvab study guide going let media air force reserve line USAF basic training kid Air National Guard air force reserve still Air National Guard air force reserve follow asvab study guide air force way air force jobs sabatini world emails Pvt me a gmail dot com and social media stuff is Brandon Watson is named Bria nd asvab tips and trips navy 0 in EETs lol he’s I S its Air National Guard and yeah thanks for watching means following air force journey how to pass the asvab army like about you need just watch me at school yes it it see as an excuse air force jobs client systems 3d1x1 it

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