Ace Combat Lore | Why did Nagase appear in Ace Combat 7? Who is she?

…Control, this is Pilgrim One… …our
way back from… …to the asteroid… It was at this moment on the last mission
of Ace Combat 7 that Ace Combat fans all across the world went crazy and new players were
like: who is this woman? And now it’s time to explain why Kei Nagase
is back on a spaceship, but first of all who is she? Well, Kei Nagase is basically a living meme
inside the Ace Combat community. It’s the name of a character that appears
in Ace Combat 2, Ace Combat 3, Ace Combat 04, Ace Combat 5, Assault Horizon, Ace Combat
3D, Ace Combat Infinity and also in the novel Ikaros in the Sky. And now she’s back in Ace Combat 7. And you can also see her sister Reiko Nagase
in the Ridge Racer games. Basically this is not only a joke inside the
Ace Combat games but also in Bandai Namco as well. Now the Nagases on this list are sometimes
different and sometimes same, they just appear at different times in different games. In this case, the Nagase that appears in Ace
Combat 7 is the same one from Ace Combat 5, where she is one of the main characters in
the game. Back in Ace Combat 5 which takes place in
the year of 2010, therefore 9 years before the events of Ace Combat 7, Kei Nagase belonged
to the Wardog Squadron of the Osean Air Defense Force. Ace Combat veterans already know the story
behind the Wardog Squadron which later became the Razgriz Squadron, but to put it simply
to new players, Kei Nagase was a key member of this squadron which pretty much single
handedly changed the course of the war against Yuktobania and later also against the country of Belka. [You should be familiar with Belka, right? Because
they did nothing wrong!] Now one thing you should know about the Kei
Nagase from Ace Combat 5 is that she really loved this book called A Blue Dove for the
Princess which is basically a fairy tale inside the universe of Strangereal. [And you can check my other video that I made
about this book right here and even get it for yourself, it’s available for download
in multiple languages!] This fairy tale talks about story of the Demon
of Razgriz which is very important in the story of Ace Combat 5 since it becomes the
name of the squadron later on. And she had this very strong passion for this
book and at the same time she really was someone who really believed in peace and world harmony. That is why she was so anti-war and you get
to see that a lot during the game. Another thing you should know is that Nagase
absolutely loves space exploration, that’s why she talks so much about the Arkbird which
is this spacecraft from the Osean Federation and she even talks to Harling! Remember that guy you killed in mission 4
of Ace Combat 7, the President of Osea? She meets him in mission 8 of Ace Combat 5
and proceeds talking to him about the ‘bridge to space’ which later became the space elevator
that we see in Ace Combat 7. With that said I think you get a clear picture
that she really enjoyed space exploration and that she was one of Harling’s supporters
in his goal to promote space exploration while using money from the military budget. And to summarize the story of Ace Combat 5,
let’s just say you team up with Nagase and some other friends in the Wardog Squadron
and you fight off some Belkan guys [that did nothing wrong], that were manipulating the
conflict. And in the last mission of the game you have
to intercept a satellite packed with nukes that is bound to hit the Osean capital city
of Oured – and you have some pretty nice fireworks at the end. But here’s the thing, whenever you have an
Ace Combat game usually the ending has a very mysterious tone. You don’t know where the characters go, you
don’t know what happens to them and that’s kinda the thing fans have been eagerly waiting
to know: what happened to Nagase after Ace Combat 5? And here we finally have the answer now that
she’s back in Ace Combat 7 and the details after Ace Combat 5 have been made public at
the Ace Combat book Aces at War that was included in some collector’s editions of Ace Combat
7. The details I’ll be talking about here come
from the short story from the book called After the Blue Dove, which was written by
Sunao Katabuchi the same writer of Ace Combat 7 and also Ace Combat 5. After the Circum-Pacific War, which is the
one depicted in Ace Combat 5, Nagase actually became a writer of books. Her first book to be published was A Blue
Dove for the Princess, remember that I just mentioned from Ace Combat 5? As you see in the game, that book had some
missing pages that Nagase was trying to complete and after war she was able to publish it in a
limited, very small run. Although I don’t know how it works, Strangereal
doesn’t have copyright laws? Despite the small print run, Nagase actually
got a letter from a fan or her books. It turns out that this fan was actually an
editor on a major publisher who offered to publish her works in this big company. This editor also asked Nagase to make a sequel
to A Blue Dove for the Pricess but Nagase replied that she couldn’t do it, she had seen
too many horrible things during the Circum-Pacific War and she described herself as a tired dove. Fun fact: During the Nagase’s career as writer
she was eventually able to publish 4 books. One of them was called ‘The Twelve Colours
of the Sky’, now I don’t know what the book is about but that’s the name of the book. Coming back to the story, when the editor
was trying to persuade Nagase to write a sequel to A Blue Dove for the Princess, the editor
insisted in an in-person meeting so she could talk to Nagase. Nagase said yes to the meeting and was able
to meet the editor. Now this editor has a very interesting story
because she was also involved in the Circum-Pacific War. She had a PR job in the Osean army with the
unfortunate duty of taking care of the casualties’ list from the battlefield and sending the
reports back home. Obviously this is the kind of job nobody wants
to do and this person, this editor, was able to take it quite well because she didn’t know
the people that were getting killed… Until the day when she name on the list of
her sister’s husband. As you can expect, she got traumatized after
this incident and after the war she went to work on children’s books in search of a better
tomorrow for future generations. After meeting in person and sharing their
experiences and memories from the Circum-Pacific War, Kei Nagase and the editor became very
close friends and their work relationship continued for a long time. Eventually the editor invited Nagase to come
attend the birthday party of her daughter who was one-year old. Now it is at this birthday party that things
get really interesting because that is where Nagase was able to meet with the editor’s
husband who was an astronomer. Also at that party was the husband’s father
who was quite a famous individual: Jonathan Payek (I hope I pronounced that correctly), who was the man who was working at the Seals Bridge University back in 1994 and who was
the person to first discover the Ulysses asteroid that came to hit Strangereal in 1999 and caused
so many wars, destruction and suffering. And now>for some dramatic reading. These astronomers continued to monitor the
asteroids, at dinner Nagase casually dropped the question: “Have you observed anything
interesting lately?” The astronomers remained silent, an uncomfortable
silence with the two staring at the flames of the birthday cake. They didn’t blink. It was at that moment that Nagase realized
why the President of Osea had invited her to join the Osean astronaut program: another
asteroid was in collision course with Strangereal, a threat that would repeat the tragedy of
Ulysses. [END OF DRAMATIC READING] From my understanding
of the book, the discovery of this new asteroid that was bound to hit Strangereal was kept
secret from the general public. And the Osean Federation already had a plan
to avoid another Ulysses disaster, instead of building railguns which were done in the
past and generated many wars afterwards, Osea planned to launch a deep space mission with
the goal of intercepting and either changing course or destroying the asteroid on deep
space, more notably, close to the asteroid belt in the solar system. This mission would be accomplished by a spaceship
called Pilgrim One which was going to be captained by Kei Nagase herself. This deep space mission was launched in 2012
and after 7 years, Kei Nagase returned to Strangereal on November 1, 2019 after saving
the planet one more time. And that is why she is back in Ace Combat 7. NAGASE: We’re on our way back from our seven-year mission to the asteroid belt. I can’t tell you how proud I am to be the first to lind in deep space… …Wait, what was that transmission? This is Captain Kei Nagase…
Of the spaceship Pilgrim One. The ocean of stars in our galaxy is finally within our reach. To the pilot who generously gave us a place to dock, we are forever grateful. The universe lies ahead of us, waiting to be discovered. And now, at last, we have a gateway to ascend to it. Over and over again. It’s all coming together for me. Today was the day, the moment of her return. I salute the pilot, who gave us all a future. To Skies Unknown… The path to mankind’s vast future remains standing, Granddad.

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  1. Plot twist Nagase lands safely, and is happy to see that world peace has finally been achieved….two days later Aliens show up and attack so violently that all the surviving Aces have to team up for one final war one final mission…. secure humanity’s future at any and all costs. Galm Team, Mobius squadron Razgriz, Garuda and Strider United together.

  2. Wait I'm confused is negase 7 years away from earth or is she returning after a 7 year year mission she made it seem like both.

  3. My biggest disappointment with AC7 is the lack of different missions types. In AC6 you had a great balance between Anti Air and Anti Ground, also the ambiance of the entire war made it feel like their was an actual conflict happening, In AC7 only a small number of missions included ground engagements and air engagements, I missed the combined arms missions.

    Also being honest, I missed the whole wingman feature as well, choosing their aircraft and giving them orders. Felt really odd to fly in AC7 'Fleet Destruction' with a squadron of F-15C Fighter Aircraft where it was primarily a Anti-Ground/Ship mission…

    Maybe im bitching for no reason and maybe some of y'all agree with me. Let me know

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    Or maybe a anime style movie (even though that project aces has never done that before.)

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  12. Honestly I was fine with her appearing in this since this is in the Ace Combat 5/0 Balken War/PSP universe.

    I admit I did played 3 but I played the US version so I don't recall Kei being in it since the US version was apparently vastly altered in comparison to the JP version. Same with 4. I figured a Kei was in 2 but it seemed plot wise not tied to 5 cuz it seemed like they implied you're dealing with almost like a afghan like terrorist force. I dunno who the guy wingman's name is though.

  13. If those satellites from AC3 were there, I’m guessing history could repeat itself?
    (Even if the entire game was a simulation)

  14. HOLD UP. Nagase published a book named colours of the sky. That's probably the book that the scrap queen read. Kinda makes sense as to why she refers the sky to dark blue /

  15. Ace Combat 8: Belka did nothing wrong. Your a Belkan Ace tasked with traveling through time to change the course of history and making Belka the most powerful nation in Strangereal.

  16. I recently found my old PS2 and I'm in the middle of replaying Ace5 after a good 8 years and the memories all came flooding back.

    And then I see this video, who says grown men can't get a little choked up… ✈

  17. For the first time playing the final mission, i was flying the F-14D. When I heard Nagase talking at the end, it felt like everything came full circle.

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  20. I actually love the character of Kei Nagase and I'm glad that she's back in Ace Combat 7. Interestingly, I also had a close friend in high school who I thought looked and sounded a lot like her. This was also when I was a cadet in my high school US Navel Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps program, were unfortunately I was unable to get certain high achieves like reaching officers rank or at least reaching the highest enlisted rank. Despite this, I'm still prude of my accomplishments in high school and did win some good awards through my school as well in addition to earning some ribbons along with the rank of seamen. Anyway, what I meant is that seeing the character of Kei Nagase now for me doesn't just give me a sense of nostalgia since I had also played Ace Combat 5 a lot during my junior high school and high school years, but also due to me positive experiences with having a great friend from high school who's last name was Wu. I think she also had a similar empathic personality to the one that Nagase's character has as well and think she actually might have been genuinely romantically interested in me, since I'm also a pretty empathic person as well. If that was the case, then what she told me about what she felt about me was true. However, she wasn't able to act on it due to the program's rules governing fraternization between members that were of officer rank and lower ranking members. I understood this as well and had no intention of getting her in trouble with either of our instructors or any other authority figures at the school. Either way, I'm glad to have these memories and that seeing Kei Nagase show up in Ace Combat 7, helps me keep them alive as well. I also have the Ace Combat 5: Squadron leader version of that game for PS4 as well though, which I love! 🙂

  21. I just got into Ace Combat with Ace Combat 7… and I regret not finding it sooner. I already finished ace combat 7 4 times and am doing a 5th run just to get the last medals.

  22. I’m sad that none of my friends have never played an Ace Combat game, and show no interest in trying it out. Saying because since I got AC5 as a preorder bonus with 7, I thought I’d offer the code to friends as a gift. But alas, fell on deaf ears. There are things like Nagase’s appearance or coming to Stonehenge’s defense in Skies Unknown that you wouldn’t appreciate if you didn’t play the previous titles. Ace Combat 5 is one of my favorite games all time, and the fact that I’ll never again have the chance to share my experience with new people just makes me feel sad.

    Nonetheless, Captain Nagase fulfilled her wish, and accomplished her dream. I was over the moon with the biggest smile on my face after all these years passed since I beat AC5, I finally saw Edge pop up on the screen and give her speech.

  23. I like Video game story lines that all fit the puzzle. Good Job at Namco and Ace Combat for actually keeping the story line and not just make another Multiplayer shooter.

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