Ace Combat Infinity: Special Aircraft Compilation #11 (FOCUS: THE [email protected])

♪ Suteki Happiness (ft. Haruka Amami, CV Eriko Nakamura) ♪ Saihyou (ft. Chihaya Kisaragi, CV Asami Imai) ♪ Ano Hi no Namida (ft. Yukiho Hagiwara, CV Azumi Asakura) ♪ Pla-sonic Love! (ft. Yayoi Takatsuki, CV Mayako Nigo) ♪ Watashi Datte Onnanoko (ft. Ritsuko Akizuki, CV Naomi Wakabayashi) ♪ Koi Kokoro (ft. Azusa Miura, CV Chiaki Takahashi) ♪ Zenryoku Idol (ft. Iori Minase, CV Rie Kugimiya) ♪ Zekken, Arui wa Nigerarenu Koi (ft. Makoto Kikuchi, CV Hiromi Hirata) ♪ Triple Angel (ft. Ami Futami, CV Asami Shimoda) ♪ Houkago Jump (ft. Mami Futami, CV Asami Shimoda) ♪ Nostalgia (ft. Miki Hoshii, CV Akiko Hasegawa) ♪ Pon De Beach (ft. Hibiki Ganaha, CV Manami Numakura) ♪ Futatsu no Tsuki (ft. Takane Shijou, CV Yumi Hara) ♪ GO MY WAY!! (ft. 765PRO)

45 thoughts on “Ace Combat Infinity: Special Aircraft Compilation #11 (FOCUS: THE [email protected])

  1. Timestamps:
    0:23 – Intro & F-22A HARUKA (Song: Suteki Happiness, ft. Haruka Amami)
    1:01 – F-15E CHIHAYA (Song: Saihyou, ft. Chihaya Kisaragi)
    1:31 – F-117A YUKIHO (Song: Ano Hi No Namida, ft. Yukiho Hagiwara)
    1:57 – Mirage 2000-5 YAYOI (Song: Pla Sonic Love!, ft. Yayoi Takatsuki)
    2:22 – F/A-18F RITSUKO (Song: Watashi Datte Onnanoko, ft. Ritsuko Akizuki)
    2:50 – F-14D AZUSA (Song: Koi Kokoro, ft. Azusa Miura)
    3:19 – Rafale M IORI (Song: Zenryoku Idol, ft. Iori Minase)
    3:47 – Typhoon MAKOTO (Song: Zekken, Arui Wa Nigerarenu Koi, ft. Makoto Kikuchi)
    4:17 – F-2A AMI (Song: Triple Angel, ft. Ami Futami)
    4:45 – F-16C MAMI (Song: Houkago Jump, ft. Mami Futami)
    5:12 – Su-33 MIKI (Song: Nostalgia, ft. Miki Hoshii)
    5:43 – AV-8B HIBIKI (Song: Pon De Beach, ft. Hibiki Ganaha)
    6:13 – Gripen C TAKANE (Song: Futatsu No Tsuki, ft. Takane Shijou)
    6:42 – B-2A THE [email protected] (Song: GO MY WAY!!, ft. 765PRO)

  2. I wonder how the plane companies felt about these planes after giving Bandai-Namco the rights to use their planes.

    Btw, we got "Itasha" meaning "painful car" so what about "painful plane"?


    Thank you for this.

    So, I've seen the video in its entirety… I dig it. I can see why you picked Go My Way instead of the song "THE [email protected]", because people recognize the former more than the latter.

    Plus, I guess it's sorta hard to find a song that shares the title of a game/show, especially if it's not in English… and if you're looking for the original version, tough luck; still, there's a new version that has "2nd Mix" in the title.

    … But if you search it in English, there are only the short version for the games, not the full version. And if there are, it's usually the live version sung by the actresses… plus the loud crowds.

    Ya hafta search for them in Japanese to find anything.

    Nevertheless, another fantastic video.

  4. Only idolmaster plane I did anything with was the hibiki, and that was simply because I liked the harrier but wanted one that's speed wasn't completely crippling. I had the same logic for picking up the ASF-X Nagase.

    I actually really miss infinity. Yes I mostly just did dailies for the last few months, but it was still something to look forward to every day, and then they shut it down with no release of 7 in sight. Feels like a gutpunch to me still. Especially since I'm an unlucky guy who only has 4 on ps2. Only so many times you can S-rank everything before you crave more.

  5. which one you fear the most?
    1.demon lord of the round table
    3.random weeb boi with his waifu on his aircraft

    personally,i rather got my ass blasted down by cipher instead of facing anybody who got his waifu on his plane

  6. I enjoyed every second of this compilation, especially my favorite bluebird at 1:01. Knight Valfodr, thanks for featuring the Idolmaster planes! I am sending all my love through that boundless sky.

  7. since you upload this video, do you also post a list of Music from THE [email protected], or still in progress?

    Also, too bad the AV-8B Harrier II Plus is no longer a Multirole since Assault Horizon, unless it is a Sea harrier that only equipped with Air-to-Ship Weapons.

  8. 6:42 When you have to blow up a target with high explosive ordinance and you have to sponsor an idol group at the same time.

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