Ace Combat 7: Answering New Player’s Questions – Part #1

If you are new to the Ace Combat series because
you just heard about Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown this video will be perfect for you. Because we will be answering some of the most
commonly asked questions concerning Ace Combat 7’s gameplay, story, lore and more. But first you may be asking yourself, who
the hell are these two? My name is Ace Combat Fan and I’ve been
playing Ace Combat since the early 2000s. I’ve been on YouTube for about 7 years mostly
covering the Ace Combat games and talking about the Ace Combat lore! And I am Tomcat171. I have been playing the Ace Combat games for 20 years and I started YouTube seriously with Ace Combat 6 in 2007 and I’ve sort of dabbled inside and outside of Let’s
Plays in between. And since both of us have been following the
Ace Combat 7 news since its announcement we’re in a perfect position to provide insight on
this niche series and its newest installment. And with the introductions out of the way, let’s kick off with the first question which would be… Just what is Ace Combat? Ace Combat is a series of arcade flight shooter
games [it’s not a simulator] created by Namco, now Bandai Namco, that began in 1992 as an arcade cabinet under the name “Air Combat”. In 1995 Air Combat was released to consoles
but in Japan the game was titled “Ace Combat” which ended up becoming the name of the series
from thereon. As of now Ace Combat is the oldest living
franchise of the flight shooter genre with 23 years having passed since it was released
on the original PlayStation. Is Ace Combat 7 the seventh game of the series? As a matter of fact, no. The Ace Combat series can be split into three main sections: main titles, handheld titles and spin-offs. Ace Combat 7 will be the 16th game of the Ace Combat series altogether but it will only be the 8th main title. The previous seven being Ace Combats 1 through 6 and Zero as well. These main titles provide the best Ace Combat experience by far, and have exclusively remained on Sony consoles up until 2007 when Ace Combat 6 visited the Xbox 360, making it the black sheep of the family – and also somewhat the cheesiest. Dance with an angel, Mom. Lieutenant, I’ve got a little piece of advice for ya. “Go dance with the angels”! Garuda 2, that is too dangerous! I know it’s dangerous. But it’s time for me to dance with the angels. The first three Ace Combats were released
on PlayStation, with Ace Combats 04, 5 and Zero seeing a release on the PlayStation 2. The latter 3 are commonly known in the Ace
Combat community as the ‘Holy Trinity’; all three titles, in some way, contain elements
that make a great Ace Combat game. With that said there are many other Ace Combat
games that were released on several other platforms, but because they aren’t main
titles we will not be talking about them in this video. I’m new to the series, which game should
I be looking to play before trying Ace Combat 7? You can get away with playing any one of the previous Ace Combat games to get a better bearing of the gameplay because the mechanics are roughly the same. However, ACF and myself would recommend that you play one of the Holy Trinity titles – if not all of them – because they best encompass what makes a good Ace Combat game. However if you can’t afford to dig up an old PS2 or a backwards compatible PS3, then we would recommend Project Wingman. Project Wingman is an indie title for PC and actually uses the same engine as Ace Combat 7, the Unreal 4 engine. It’s not currently available for release but we’ve left the download link in the description in case you are interested. So if Ace Combat 7 is the 8th main game,
does that mean I have to play all the seven previous games to understand the story? This is the beauty of Ace Combat – you do
not have to play any previous games to understand the story because all characters are new,
and the same goes to the locations and the conflicts or wars. Now of course there will be some references
to other previous games, but the story in Ace Combat 7 will stand on its own without
having to rely on knowledge of the lore material – make playing it enjoyable for new players. Now let’s suppose I do want to learn more
about the lore directly related to Ace Combat 7, where should I start? The quickest and most efficient way of learning the the
Ace Combat lore is by checking out Acepedia – the Ace Combat wiki – and you can do so by clicking the link in the description. But if you are looking for a real and hands-on and authentic Ace Combat experience, we’d recommend that you play Ace Combats 04 and 5 – or both! This is because the antagonist nation from 04 and the protagonist nation from 5, the Kingdom of Erusea and the Osean Federation respectively, will be reprising similar roles in Ace Combat 7. This will also give you a good insight into references regarding the Stonehenge anti-asteroid railgun network, the Basset
space center and its Mass Driver facility, and also the aircraft carrier Kestrel. If you want a brief introduction to the story
of the Holy Trinity – Ace Combats 04, 5 and Zero – you can also watch this other video
that explains the story of the three games [with memes]. So when and where does Ace Combat 7 take place? The numbered Ace Combat games, including Zero,
X and 7, take place on an alternate version of Earth known in the community as “Strangereal”. It’s far more interesting than our Earth,
because instead of holding the Olympics every 4 years or so, it has a large-scale war occurring
somewhere. Strangereal is technologically more advanced,
too, riddled with all sorts of far-out war machines such as flying aircraft carriers
and fortresses, railguns as big as skyscrapers, submarines the size of cruise ships and nuclear-armed
spacecraft. As for Ace Combat 7, the game takes place
in the year 2019, chronologically sitting between Ace Combat 6 and Ace Combat X. Why are veteran fans so excited over Ace Combat
7? What sets it apart from the previous games,
and why should newcomers be interested? The first and foremost reason why Ace Combat veterans are excited about this is that finally the story of ‘Strangereal’ is finally getting a new
chapter. It has been 11 years since Ace Combat 6 came out and we have seen nothing but two handheld spin-offs, a free-to-play game, and a full
console title that tried bridging the gap between current and new players by mixing Call of Duty-esque action and traditional gameplay and hybridizing it with a somewhat controversial ‘dogfight mode’ mechanic. This time the new gameplay mechanic of Ace
Combat 7 is centered around weather system. During missions the weather can change to
both help and hinder the player, this can come in the form of severe gale-force winds
to knock their plane off balance, thick cloud cover that can be used to hide from enemies
but at the same time render radar obsolete, and even lightning strikes that can mess with
the heads-up display. These kinds of challenges present a healthy
risk vs reward balance. Do you stubbornly chase that one elusive enemy
through a cloudy, tight-walled canyon and risk kissing the rocks, or play it safe and
pounce on them once they’re in clear air? Is Ace Combat realistic? Well.. duh! With the aforementioned flying aircraft carriers, 100 missiles stuck to your aircraft and doing 180s at Mach 2 without blacking out or killing the pilot, Ace Combat is more realistic
than real life! So this concludes part 1 of the most frequently
asked questions about Ace Combat 7. We hope this video was helpful to new players
and stay tuned for part 2. Part 2 will be uploaded on my channel but on the meantime to subscribe to both ACF and myself for more Ace Combat videos. Also be sure to like and share this video
if it was helpful… And please leave your questions in the comments so
we can answer them in the next video!

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  1. Lol, for IGN, if it has real planes (is. F-16, F-14, Sukhois and MiGs), and player can do barrel rolls, 360 loops, an other crazy maneuvers, this is Simulator! 😀

    An important question though!

    How to climb above 5000 feet?

  2. 100+ missiles on your aircraft, flying aircraft carriers, more realistic than real life. Rotfl. Love you guys. Just can't wait for this game to come out.

  3. Thanks for the vid guys. I can play ACE 7 without feelimg left out on the story. Wished another franchise learned to be friendly to new comers on its story stares at Kingdom Hearts

  4. Well my question is what is the useable plane now? Oh and who is the main character oh and one more question what is the story of this game i receive a spoiler

  5. More realistic than real life?! Then, I have this question to make: Do you know why in the Strangereal universe wars end within a few months or a year unlike real life?

  6. People watching this video
    90% – Veterans
    3% – Wtf is this ace combat thing everyone is talking about
    7% – Hm…. should i buy it?

  7. This Primer Series is very helpful because I've been on a bit on binge watching Ace Combat Video's (Mainly Playthroughs etc) recently and find the strangereal world is really interesting and I am kinda looking forward getting AC7 because the world and lore are really good. (Also the soundtracks is next level)

  8. What is Ace Combat?
    A delightful pile of high-altitude furballing, low-altitude scraping and superweapon busting. But cut the chatter, engage! cue great soundtracks

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  10. am looking forward for Ace Combat 7 I been playing ace combat since ps2 and i subscribe 2 both channel couse we are pilots am GARUDA 28th FIGHTER SQ

  11. "Is ace combat realistic?" How can it not be realistic? What do you need more then VR to make it realistic? Thanks to VR, every boys dream can now become true: becomming a fighterpilot.

  12. Will we have motionsickness in VR? How bad is motionsickness going to be? What can we do to prevent it from happening?

  13. I've known this series thanks to my father, that left me play with Air Combat on his modified PSONE, I'm 20 years old and I've been played AC games since I was 4.
    In conclusion… "I've found a reason to fight, Buddy"

  14. I a huge fan of ace combat it in my top 3 1st metal gear solid 2nd the last of us 3rd ace combat sorry but I wish that playstation and Xbox made more of this type of game and please if you make another one don't leave it to long for the next oh if you do DLC please do extra missions 21is great but 30 plus is better.

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    Me: Oh, him? Yeah, I know him.
    FRND: I'm gonna watch more videos!
    Me: It's going to take a while.
    FRND: When have you discovered this masterpiece game?
    ME: It happened years ago. It was a cold and snowy day…

  16. I think for Qs I kinda have these :
    – Normal/Expert Controls or Novice Controls (be sure to tell the history too coz in the past normal controls seems like the default but since Assault Horizon, novice controls seems to be the default…)
    – Is it possible to complete the game using the starting plane?
    – Which Special Weapon is the most used?

  17. Hey, I have a few questions that kind of lead off of each other, not sure if you guys'll get around to seeing it but here goes. I'm only a PC player and never have owned a console, so I'm completely new to this series, but it has hugely piqued my interest with ace combat in the horizon.
    Exactly what is the core gameplay of the ace combat series about? Is it more towards the single player aspect or the multiplayer aspect pvp in games like warthunder for example? What is "endgame" in the ace combat series after you've completed the story? What is the drive to put in more hours than needed to simply clear the storyline for example.
    I tried looking on the wiki, and around in general, but I couldn't really get any definitive answers. Thanks!

  18. Do you know if the planes of your squadron mates will be player choice or are they locked with their own default aircraft like AC04 and AC0?

  19. More PS Shills. Ace Combat 6 is arguably one of the best if not THE best game in the series. Having played them all including the handhelds as well as the Japanese arcade version at a Hawaii arcade in Waikiki. The way you portray 6 that it was bad because it was on XB360 completely invalidates the rest of your opinions you are not objective, all of the AC games have had cheesy dialog not just AC6, for example, "Hey, buddy, still alive?" that one STILL grates on my nerves to this day. AC1 was good only because it was first, AC2 blew it out of the water, AC3 went backwards, and I couldn't stand it, AC4 was fantastic to be sure, AC5/Zero should both be played back to back to get the most out of the story line, and those two are the only others that I would put ahead of AC6. AC7 has some big shoes to fill and I am looking forward to it.

  20. My 1st AC game was electro sphere jap version. In the late 90s when I was maybe 5.6.7 I don't know but I can tell you this I can shoot down the enemy and I faced the dragon net sub in the ravines and went into space …… But I was kinda like a wingman since my pa did most of the playing XD, also I got active in the 2000s when I bought AC5 then AC0 but never got AC4 my only major failure DX

  21. I don't consider AC a flight sim too but I refer to it as one because it seems accepted that it is one. I mean, AC7 was on a google list when I type in list of flight sim games, its tagged as one on steam, and on Wikipedia it says its a hybrid arcade flight sim. Also, I get that you left out the hand held games as they aren't as relevant as the main games, but I think ACX is underrated. Although AC6 is fairly liked by most of the AC community, I also think its underrated. Im probably being biased cause it was my first AC game :/. I also think Strigon team and Alect squadron are underrated. I found both much more difficult to hit than any of the PS2 aces (aside from Pixy, hes probably the most difficult ace imo, closely followed by Pasternak). But this is just my opinion anyways.

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    You are greatttt. i am a game critic from Iran and trying to do a preview on AC7

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  24. ace combat 7 en que año se basa ya que si es cerca del 2030 estariamos habblando de upeo referente a ace combat 3 llegaríamos a esa era ya que en un video de ace combat 7 se ve un avion que es piloteado con ondas cerebrales como lo fue en ace combat 3

  25. I have to say gentlemen, I really enjoy BOTH of your channels. I too have been a huge fan of Ace Combat since game 1. 1 of the things I love about the game is they don't rush 1 out every year to hit a target deadline just to put out a new game. They take their time to make sure the game is loaded with amazing content, except for rhe 6th version, and to make sure it's not loaded with bugs. I understand their will still be some bugs but with the time they take producing each game, I have faith they will get all reported bugs fixed as fast as possible. Thanks for the amazing videos on the updates of the game and look forward to it's release.

  26. Who came here after Not being able too find Tomcat171 (omgwtflol66)?

    Seriously though comments are like, he’s gone from the Outside World (irl) aswell !?
    Did he delete his stuff from all other internet sources ?

  27. "Be sure to leave your questions in the comments so we can answer them on part 2 which will be published on Tomcat's channel 171:"


    << This channel does not exist >>>

  28. Can someone tell me if there are any "Instant Action" type modes for single player? thinking of buying the game.

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