Abtacular Pilates Workout | Pilates Bootcamp With Cassey Ho

Hey guys, Cassey here, and welcome to Pilates
Bootcamp on Livestrong Woman. Today we have a very Abtacular Workout, and guess what you’re
gonna work? Your abs. So all I want you to do is grab a pair of hand weights and let’s
get started. Hands forward, chin into the chest and bellybutton in, slowly roll down
with control, vertebrae by vertebrae. Very nice. So what I want you to do is go ahead
and cross your ankles like so, toes pointed, okay? And both hands long behind you, one
on top of the other. What I want you to do is raise up, tap onto that shin and come right
back down, okay? So exhale up and inhale down. Exhale, lift. Now, beginners, if this is super
difficult for you, what I want you to do is actually give that knee a slight bend. Bend
and touch and extend it out. Otherwise, straight leg. And you know what? It just takes time
to get here, okay? It takes time. It takes practice. Some diligence, some patience, and
you can get anywhere you want to, you know, physically in workouts or in life. Just keep
working hard and it’ll all pay off. Nice work. Exhale, lift and lower. Few more. Lift. This
is working that whole plane of abs right here. One more. And lift and down. Go ahead and
switch those legs. Inhale through your nose, exhale, lift up and lower. And you know what?
This also works your quad, because by pointing that whole leg, we’re keeping it very firm.
Muscles tightened. Exhale, lifting that chest. Shoulder blades coming off of the mat. Beautiful.
Reach and down. You guys are doing such a good job. Keep going. Exhale up and lower.
Reach and lower all the way, and kind of give it a slight hold once you’re up there, okay?
Toes pointed. Lift and lower. A few more now — 3 and 2. Last one, I want you to hold this
one. Hold, hold, hold. And coming down, very nice. Now knees in, feet in towards your booty,
both hands behind the nape of your neck, elbows wide. We’re gonna go into Triple Ups. Now
these attack your upper abs like none other. It is crazy. So I want you simply to keep
those elbows wide, belly button in, and you’re going to reach up — 2, 3 and down. Reach
— 2, 3 and down. Really making every movement very sharp and precise before you lower — 2,
3 and down. Elbows wide now — 2, 3. Very good. Exhaling, up. And make every movement
it’s own — 2, 3 and down. Good work. Lift, lift, up, up, up. A few more now, but don’t
be fooled — we’re so not stopping after this. And up — 2, 3. One more and you must hold
— 2, 3. Hands on top of those abs. Let’s feel how hard they are. Yeah, they feel pretty
rock hard, right? Inhale through your nose, exhale, lift up. Both hands coming behind
the nape of the neck again, this time for Sevens. Here we go, pulsing up for 7. Up,
up, up. Good. And one more, and rest the head. OMG. We do it again. Up — 2, 3, 4, 5. Elbows
wide — 6, 7. Hold and down. Two more times like that. Come on, lifting higher, higher,
higher. So good. Reaching. Nice, up and down. Last time, let’s go. Reach, reach, reach,
reach. Few more. And one more, hold it. Hold it, hold it, hold it. Hands right here, feel
it. Bring those knees together, bring the ankles together right into the Eagle Crunch.
I am not even gonna let you rest. Same thing with the arms. Go ahead and cross it just
like so. If you can’t do that, just go and bring those knees in as tight as possible.
Bring the arms in as tight as possible. Otherwise, I want you to twist, twist. Now, elbows to
the knees, knee to the elbow just like so. Exhale, reach and lower. Reach and lower.
You can feel the center of your core like crazy. I bet, I bet because I’m shaking right
now. Good. Exhale, lift and lower. So nice, really hitting all of those abs, all of them,
everywhere. Keep going. And 3 and 2. One more. And 1 — hold, hold, hold, hold. Extending
the arms, extending legs. I know this is crazy. Why I’m not making you stop? I have no idea.
Because I feel like you can do this. So keep holding — 5, 4, 3, 2 and rest. That was a
crazy routine. Okay, we have a little bit more with your weights. So, hands long behind
you, inhale. On the exhale, peel that back off the mat. Sitting tall. Good. And coming
down. Now, I want you to try that with your hands behind your head, shall we? Hands behind,
inhale and exhale. This is a Roll Up with the hands behind. So there’s absolutely no
assistance. And chin into the chest, slowly roll down with control. Inhale. Exhale, lift
up. Now, if you’re having super crazy trouble with this, you can place the hands forward
as you come up. Or you can actually assist yourself by holding onto your thighs. Very
nice. And two more, okay? Lifting up, sitting tall and rolling down with control. Inhale
and exhale. Lift all the way. Very nice. Okay, so those hand weights, right? I want you to
place one right in-between your feet just like that. Other one, in hands just like that.
Now, go ahead and lay back down for me. Lay, lay, lay. And hands long. Now, pick up that
weight in-between your legs and hold it right there. Arms up toward the sky, inhale and
exhale. I want you to lift up. Okay guys, so we are basically going to extend our body
and come back in. This is really gonna attack your upper abs, your lower abs, and the center
of your core, okay? Inhale through your nose, you’re gonna build that powerhouse, and exhale,
reach. Oh, yes. And in — that’s your mini break. You’re gonna make sure your head, neck
and shoulders stay in Pilates stance off of that mat. Now, if your lower abs, your legs
are dying, take out that weight from your legs and keep extending, because it’s actually
pretty hard to extend without anything in there. I just wanna really challenge you.
Lift, reach, and in. A few more now because I want you to do these well. Reach, good.
Eyes forward. And reach. Nice work. All the way out and hold — 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1. Drop
it all the way down. Okay, we’re gonna roll like a ball up, and you should be good to
go. Both hands right here gripping your knees in nice and tight. Eyes into the bellybutton.
I want you to rock it, rock it all the way up. And hold, keep staring in. Rock back and
stare in. A few more for balance, for core stability, and just a little bit of a spinal
massage. And last one. All the way up, hold, and go ahead and release. Alright guys, you
did a fabulous job. I think that was wonderful. So let me know in the comments below which
one of those moves killed you the most, and I will see you next week for another episode
of Pilates Bootcamp on Livestrong Woman. Be sure you subscribe and keep working hard.
I’ll see you later, bye.

100 thoughts on “Abtacular Pilates Workout | Pilates Bootcamp With Cassey Ho

  1. Cassey I used to love your exercices and do them everyday, my whole body change and i thank you for that but now i think your exercices are really extreme. it looks quite easy for u to do them but for some of us its just too much. its been 4 months i do your exercices and with my level i should be able to do your new videos entirely but i can't. so i moved to Tiffany Rothe workouts. i really used to like your workouts. this is just my opinion.

  2. I see what you mean but I guess it's just always got to be more challenging because otherwise there'd be no point continuing. Surely with practice you could master the harder new videos. In one of Cassey's videos she says that even she finds some things challenging if pushed really hard.

  3. You can always modify moves that are too hard until you're able to perform on Cassie's level. Don't give up because a workout is supposed to be a bit difficult if you wish to see decent results. You have to break down the old muscle [burning effect] to build new muscles that burn more fat. DON'T GIVE UP! Coming from a person with 50+ lbs to lose these exercises are EXTREMELY hard but I continuously rotate to confuse my muscles & do what I can of each exercise & each day they become a bit easier!

  4. I have been subscribed to this channel for a couple of months but have yet to watch one of Cassey's videos! So glad I finally have, this workout looks amazing & deathly so I will definitely do it in one of my upcoming workouts. And Cassey is super adorable, I love her enthusiasm 🙂

  5. I used to get that too, but the more you do it, the more your head and neck get used to it. For most exercises if your neck hurts too much, you can a) put something squishy under your head like a mini swiss ball – that's what my instructor did for me when I started, or b) lay your head flat and put your hands under your back/bum around the tailbone area. Cassey says this in some of the other videos 🙂

  6. What suggestions for Abs do you have for people who had Gurd or back problems? One of my major problems is finding the ideal standing Ab workout. Do you have any suggestions?

  7. That's normal, think about it like this, your neck is a very small muscle compared to the mass of the head that it has to support, in time it will grow stronger but till then you can keep your head down and place your hands underneath your tailbone.

  8. If you're lying down and not doing anything with your arms: I usually basket hands my neck and extend my thumbs so they're resting at the side tendon/vein/ whatever that is lol. Always make sure to pick a focal point on the ceiling so you can remain stationary neck wise. As for the eagle crunch, I think cassie is tucking her head in? Ihave had trouble with my neck in the past as well, but found that these few corrections work for me, hope this helps!

  9. Agreed. If your arms are not working, only your legs while on Pilates stance, use your hands to support your neck. Gives your neck a bit of cushion, and will help you to work your abs harder.

  10. I LOVE YOU!!!! Thank you for getting me to work out again and for making it fun! You make my day, every day! 😀
    Thank you

  11. It may be because you have recently started Pilates? Mine used to hurt when I started doing these videos also but over time I got more neck strength Just know your limits you can try using your hands for support or if the pain gets too real just put your head down

  12. Far too much flexing of the spine. May cause slipped disc if done too frequently. That are far safer ways to exercise your abs.

  13. try to lift your chest instead of your neck. if you lift your chest, your neck and head will follow along and all thats lifting you up will be in your abs, not your neck and you should be fine

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  19. I love the weighted exercise! I couldn't hold the weight between my feet (due to foot surgery I'm still recovering from) so I used my ankle weights!! You're my favorite Cassey! Thanks!!

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  21. roll ups were the hardest ab exercises i've ever done, hell i thought a pretty strong core but i had trouble with them andshe make it look so goddamn easy!

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  32. Amazing workout! My abs are dying! Can someone tell me which brand that top she is wearing is from? Never seen that logo but I love it!

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  38. I simply cannot cross at ankles for eagles never could and I cannot go without switching sides (to even it up) although I think it gets both sides of my abs, right? 🤔

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