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[MUSIC PLAYING] WOMAN: Combat is your art and
mastering the medium is essential to becoming an
Absolver. Upon arriving in Adal, all
prospects have a core combat style and an initial combat
deck. On their path to absolution, prospects will learn new
possibilities and mix them to create their own
unique method of fighting. One of three combat styles are
chosen at the beginning of your journey, but other styles exist
in the world of Absolver. Each combat style improves
specific character attributes and comes with its own unique
special ability. Balanced and powerful, with the
Forsaken style prospects can parry any attacks, briefly stunning their opponent. Strong and resistent,
practitioners of the Kahlt method can absorb hits without
being stunned or pushed back and regain lost health if the
counter attack is successful. The students of the Windfall
combat style will have greater dexterity and will. They can avoid enemy attacks, leaving their enemies open to a
powerful counter. The combat deck is the list of
attacks that a prospect can use when fighting. These attacks are divided
between four different stances which represent the prospects
orientation relative to their target. In each stance, different
attacks are available. Some attacks will naturally flow
from one stance to another. Other attacks will stay in the
same stance. Regardless, each move will always chain
fluidly with one another, effortlessly shifting from
stance to stance without interruption. The combat deck is fully
customizable, allowing one to define their way
of fighting and become unpredictable. In each of the four stances,
prospects will choose a sequence of attacks and an alternative
attack. Alternative attacks can be used
at any time to break a sequence and bring the prospect in
another stance. Both sequences and alternative
attacks can be chained fluidly without interruption. To give more possibilities, new
attacks can be unlocked by fighting against any kind of
opponent from the newest prospect to the strongest
Absolver. Besides this, prospects can
learn other combat styles by choosing a mentor and staying
loyal to him or her. Prospects can choose mentors as
they meet in the world. Through their loyalty, prospects
can learn additional combat styles and use their mentor’s
combat deck. Steal yourself, dear prospect. Combat instincts may come
natural, but refining your combat style
and combat deck is key to both basic survival and victory in
the lost lands of Adal.

100 thoughts on “Absolver – Combat Overview | PS4

  1. My question is this: Is blocking automatic (I hope not) or do you have to actually block a hit and know how? Same goes for parrying, dodging and absorbing.

    Also, once we get deeper into the game can we mix these into our combat decks?

    Lastly Are our combat deck limited to (what looks like) 4 moves per stance with one 4 stances?

  2. i have played the alpha version at the moment and i can tell you this game is absolutely atonishing.

  3. This looks interesting, however I rarely if ever play fighting games and am worried this might be a bit of steep learning curve

  4. Can't wait, I'm done with Destiny. This is my new game to follow as my number 1. I will still play the The Division , 2K and DCUO.

  5. Was so hyped but once i saw it was going to be 30 fps on ps4…sorry. Can't do it. I refuse to accept this half assed frame rate from games 🙁 Maybe some day!

  6. I’m here to watch gameplay of this game. It’s was announced in july with PS + and i’m very surprised ! Great graphics and strong gameplay. I like this game 👍

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