ab exercises with resistance bands

Destiny: All right, we’re going to go ahead.
We’re experimenting a little bit more here. You’re going to want to make sure that your
bands are evenly hooked over something. It could be a door. I mean be innovative here.
You’re going to make sure that your feet and shoulders — your legs are pretty much at
shoulder’s length width apart and you’re going to use your arms. This is going to work. We’ll best home ab machine
see whether it will work. It will obviously work your arms, but it should work your core
as well. You’re going to go ahead and pull down. You definitely feel it in the top of
your core. You can see which muscles fluctuate and kind of tell where it’s working and where
it’s not. You definitely feel it at the top of your core and then your shoulders. We’ll
do about 10 of these real quick. Definitely feel it in your upper core. With
these, you can’t go fast or else you’re just bouncing. If you go ahead and do them slowly
— I mean I’m shaking a little bit, I’ll be honest. We’re going to go ahead and do them
slow. Pull it down to about where your chest is at and then back up. You can see it tenses
up my entire core when I do this. I’ll try and turn this way a little bit so you can
see and back up. You’re working all in here, but you definitely feel — I felt the most
in my upper body, in my upper core. We’re going to go ahead and give it a good
pull here. We’ll do five more and I’ll try to do it slower, so I’m not playing a game
of trampoline over here. Yeah, you definitely feel it in your upper arms and you feel it
a lot in your core. I’m going to see what happens if I stand back a little bit if there
is a little more work being done that way. I found that when you stand back further and
you’re leaning forward a little bit, it works more down in your core and not just your upper
abs, but it works in here to about your midsection. It’s not as much of a pull, but you definitely
feel it in more area. We’re going to go ahead and do about three more of those and see if https://workoutaim.com/core-max-ab-machine-reviews/
anything changes. No, it’s definitely in your upper body and on the tops of your arms, and
your neck muscles too. A very effective workout; I’d probably do
about 15 to 20 reps of these and then switch to another workout and do 15, 20 more, so
make sure you got a good two sets in. ?? ?? ?? ??

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