“A trained physique, I think that’s beautiful” Claire #202 is a bodybuilder

I think the meaning of being feminine for me is, it’s the confidence. It’s the way that you carry yourself, it’s being confident. You know, and I find a trained physique, I find that, I think that’s beautiful. Training, when I’m prepping, or preparing for a competition, I’ll train six days a week. So, Monday will typically be shoulders. Then, Tuesday I train legs. Wednesday will be chest. And then Thursday will train back. Friday I’ll do an arms session. It’s empowering, it’s getting to grips with your own body and how it works. And understanding, you know, what you’re capable of. Or learning to achieve things that you thought you weren’t capable of. Is it an obsession? Maybe it is to a certain extent, but I don’t think it’s an unhealthy one. I won BNBF Southern Championships in Masters Figure. I won Miami Pro Figure. BNBF British Finals Masters Figure. And I placed sixth in the World Finals at the DAFC in Miami. At school, I wasn’t sporty. And I avoided it as much as possible, which is a regret. I really wish I’d, you know, taken part more. If I’d discovered sport earlier in my life, then who knows where I’d be now. But the message from it is, you know, the health benefits of training just, in terms of increasing, you know, the span of your life, just you know, it’s a great, great thing to do. I think people are shocked when I tell them I’m 45. But, I also think that’s it’s then an incentive and an encouragement for people to start training or if they’re thinking about it, that it’s never too late.

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