A Journey Through Marine Corps Boot Camp – Week 9

It is what it’s called, it’s Team Week here. You’re working in teams to get certain missions
accomplished, pretty much. On team week this recruit mostly cleaned,
helped out other Marines and paperwork. It’s like doing things you really haven’t
been able to do. And you just get to focus on what’s to come,
especially since there’s only about three and a half weeks left in the, in basic training
right now. The differences between phase one and phase
two was the drill instructors were kind of breaking down during phase one. And in phase two they actually opened up a
little bit more, but third phase will be the hardest.

7 thoughts on “A Journey Through Marine Corps Boot Camp – Week 9

  1. damm these recruits covers are so trash. i was thankful to have a boss ass receiving DI that taught us in week 1 to boot strap the covers around the fat poles. we looked boss lead series!

  2. Is the weeks go by is this what you guys did everyday during the week ? Until the other week ? 🤔 idk if I’m making sense I’m sorry I just need answer cause I’m really thinking about joining the marines

  3. I’m so glad my Drill Instructors we’re bat shit crazy lmao. My platoon and sister platoon definitely had soooo much more discipline. I remember being scared shitless to wake up every morning looking anything less than perfect when it came to my hair and hygiene, etc.

  4. How dare Cody Lynn say that Female Marines are a joke. I am a former female Marine. I got out in 2004. Yes the training in the present does does seem a tad more relaxed compared to what I remember, but I would never put down a young Marine or recruit. My stepfather was a black man in the 40’s when he was in boot camp and I am sure he probably had it tougher than you did Sir, but a Marine is a Marine. Shame on you.

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