A Journey Through Marine Corps Boot Camp – Week 7

Grassweek pretty much is just the fundamentals
of being able to get in a position, breathing, trigger control and keep yourself calm, relaxed
and focused on the target. There’s a lot of being out in the sun. Being in one spot for a couple hours. So far we’ve done the sitting position, and
now we’re doing prone position to get our RCO’s sighted in. The indoor simulator helped me pretty much
with seeing where my shots were lined up and my marksmanship fundamentals. This recruit was dropped from her platoon
due to bilateral stress injuries in her leg. She is now and FRP, where she will do physical
therapy and reconditioning. And then later on after healing will join
a new platoon and then continue training and graduate.

4 thoughts on “A Journey Through Marine Corps Boot Camp – Week 7

  1. When did recruits get issued an m16a4 with optics? I remember my time through in 2006 they were using the a2 models… no optics… 500 yd slow fire prone must be really easy with the ACOGs nowadays.

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