A Journey Through Marine Corps Boot Camp – Week 5

Swim qual was pretty fun it was
a little challenging as well because i’ve never really swam
in deeper water before. We had to swim to the side which is long It’s unbelievably long they teach you a little bit about how to swim and what to do
and how to control yourself in the water and not to bank going off the diving board was probably the
biggest challenge that I was concerned about because I didn’t
know if I was gonna be able to swim back to the top because I’ve never dove off a diving board
before I didn’t think it was as bad but it in the
end it did take a lot of energy out of us because it is having
to wear camos on top of swimming made it more difficult to keep yourself floating I thought I was gonna be able to it because
I can swim as a kid I went to swimming lessons so
I thought that it was gonna be a piece of cake I just told myself you know you can swim so
just get through it do it the correct way

7 thoughts on “A Journey Through Marine Corps Boot Camp – Week 5

  1. I would ask "Hey Sarge, can i use my Uniform as a flotation device?". I bet they would allow that. At least for the women.

  2. They need to understand they are Department of the Navy, they will get Sea duties, my father who is retired Navy called Marines Sea Going Bellhops. Glad I joined the Army. I will fight for all Branches of the U. S. service.

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