A guide on importing Dark Souls combat into Skyrim

hello hello I Distar and today
we’re going to import Dark Souls combat system into Skyrim we’re going to build
a modlist step by step starting from vanilla but don’t be surprised if you
see a lot of my mods that because it’s their purpose to bring Dark Souls into
scare me so here we go for the vanilla gameplay
I’m level one so pretty weak So yup got killed by a killmove we’re going to
remove that so first mod is Violens by Rekoo you need to go to the MCM and
trigger the player killmove immunity so back to a fight again and I’m pretty
sure it did not hit me no I know he didn’t hit me so just look at it slowed
down I am so far from the blade so we’re going to to fix that second mod is speed
and reach fixes by my friend Godlysandwich and I’m look, these video are
taken from his mod page now is the vanilla gameplay so ridiculous honestly
and now with the modded gameplay so now we’re going back to the gameplay now I
wouldn’t say that the game is made easier really it’s just made more fair
there are still some little problem with the hit boxes look we can’t fix that at the
moment but we can play around the limitations so I’ll slow it down
I dodged that I totally dodged bad but what happened is he tracked me we want
to remove that ability to perfectly track the opponent so the third mode is
SkySA by the SkySA team which I’m a part of so obviously I explain a little
longer with this one it implements the Souls commitment systems the goal is to
remove the ice skating Skyrim combat you won’t be able to move at all and before actually attacking you’ll show a wind-up movement to allow the opponent to dodge
once the movement is over you’ll be able to move forward and you won’t be able to
rotate at all ideally we will have SkySa for every
creatures unfortunately I’m alone to make all the animation and
I don’t know how to animate creatures at least at the moment so the fourth
mod is mortal enemies by Center05 so back to the gameplay and what you see
now is the SkySa attack commitments literally equals death right now once I
attack I can’t move anymore I can’t rotate fast enough to block and
even if I block just look I can’t survive that way because I’m taking way too
much damage so what we need is to dodge the attacks the fifth (youtube subtitles understood !) mod the next mod
is The Ultimate Dodge Mod by Shykiokirae the author of nemesis it’s
not available on the Nexus but you’ll find the link in the description of TUDM reanimated and don’t forget to download the violence
patch after launch if you dodge directly you will get stuck so you need to change
the dodge styke set it to the side step and keep it or change it back to to roll
whatever and after that it will be fine and back to the gameplay and what we see
now is that I don’t have stamina anymore and just look how slow it goes up so I
won’t be able to dodge before a few seconds so the next mod is Dark Souls
movement and stamina regen and now this is starting to look really a lot like
Dark Souls but just look at my damage output so the seventh mod is Dark Souls gameplay in Skyrim by Devilymoon Now I can actually damage him but we head up to
the end of the fight and I totally hit him before the problem is except for the
damages there’s no consequence to being hits Thus after I made a successful attack
I’m totally vulnerable so the next mod is stagger on hit and as you can see
we’re getting closer and closer to Dark Souls I can now interrupt my opponent
attacks if I hit him before but the combat is a bit boring because the AI
is not aggressive enough so for the next mod it will be your personal
choice personally I prefer Vigor by Alex9ndre and the thing with Vigor is unlike vthe other mods it’s supposed to be a combat overhaul just by itself so it comes with
a lot of features to fix vanilla issues but some are already taken care of by mods I already mentionned and in a better away I think so I’ll just disable almost
everything to be honest usually I remove everything related to
stamina you can decide to keep the poise or not your choice the amount of health
porion is way too high so usually I cut it down to 5 to 15% depends the
injuries are here for you to actually watch your life meter but I usually
disable it because the game is already punishing enough and you’ll see that in a
few seconds at the moment it’s not really balanced I know I’m only level 1
here but the damage output is just way too high I just got one shot so we
need to reduce that the next mode is custom difficulty UI by gh0stwizard
here you can adjust damage you deal and receive to your liking I couldn’t test
the mods long enough to say it’s balanced from level 1 to 80 I won’t
lie so it’s up to you to find the perfect balance so what you can see here
is it’s a bit too easy because the normal attack doesn’t consume stamina so I can just keep bashing and bashing the lower difficulty helps for sure but
next mod is NASC and now the combination
of mods makes the fight rellay interesting for first time in our mod we installed
increase the delay before it actually start regenerating and as we stamina
consumption mode damage the stamina you get to delay after every attack and now
as your system in our really matters because you need it and to defend and to
attack purely combat wise this is I think as close as we can get to Dark
Souls I know some remote Buxton modes but I just
didn’t have time to inspect them to make sure we’re all answer script heavy or
causing huge lags and she now it’s free script light and former mods I even made
or I’m a part of their own script free except for on the similar consumption
mode which adds a clock spell Alfred to make a CD patch when I know how to and
microSD dispatch to for the stagger mod actually is just a player only ability
but yeah SWAT fights are balanced how about magic
for problem majors is you can’t dodge those pairs you can dodge the Spurs but
you need to see the caster for this fight as a while I have absolutely no
chance to win and in fact I couldn’t even get close to him if what you’re
trying to spots are the actual projectiles while it’s over just go way
too fast here I can’t see the caster because of a brush first
I cannot dissipate his attack and need to rely on the project ID
there’s no way to dodge but at full speed so the next mod is the double
arrows spells and shouts as it slows down via Rose we want to wash for
projectile frame mode micro Barracks back to the gameplay I can now Dodgers
person just look at how many spells is and again imagine it was at full speed
butter now comes with frost spell this is a novi spell the weakest category in
the game and just look at how fast is vacuuming my half I only have a hundred
half points and it took me 42 so the next one is NPC magic and
constants parry balance in the vanilla game and PC have almost infinite magic
Apple and this mod helps cutting it down also it divides the damage output of
constant casting spell by free so we fixed melee and we fixed French combats
did we make Dark Souls no because as you see if a magical region allow me to flee
heal myself and get back to fighting alternatively I can just wait and let
her frozen and do its job here it’s already disabled because of Vigo so
the next mod should be the Estes mud a preview should be uploaded at the same
time as this guide but the final Russian may come after overall Vuckovich is nice
but like some dynamic so the next one is simple lock on by Hema car and we can
thank fatties for bleaching it now let’s talk about what still needs to be fixed
and what is to come you may see that I’m always making the
same combo to normal attack and one power attack that’s because in Skyrim
you can stagger on in me that’s already staggering so you need either to let him
finish it’s like animation or to stagger him in
a more powerful way so in this case I have to heavy staggering with power
attack to stagger him again while he is a light stagger above a normal attack
with sky yourself as a delay after we finished on Ameritech so you absolutely
indeed joined me to be staggered overwise you totally vulnerable you
can’t dodge you can’t move so this needs to be fixed
also translations in skaia say don’t go perfectly straight forward I go to
forward left ultra four all right but because I try to copy one of ducks or
post about this require the specific feed movement and follow character not
to slide I had to include this side translation
this is really limiting for me in terms of animation because I can’t remake
vampire read that way and talking about animation this is one of the first thing
that’s coming from Dark Souls combat hover hole so basically I’m just trying
to make my own animated armory with blackjack and hookers the easy way to go
is a full script and alternate animation that’s actually what animated a movie
does but if I can and I don’t know how to have the moment I know it’s possible
but I don’t know how to I like to make her well through behavior that’s
actually the way veneer animations are implemented and we solo for totally
seamless and and well if I just cleanest with a most
streamlined way you can implement animations so this will be for two
vanilla weapons as you saw SWAT weapon axe and dagger of the same animations
and arteries it will also be for the animated armory weapons maybe few
updates for mods but I think as always I released my work files and I made enough
tutorial for somebody else to take a shot from here
honestly hide one or two to make this for countless weapon and I’m not doing
it anymore and the second point which is also related to animation is a whuppin
arts at first i was speaking about just making some fancy animation for each
weapon and more damage but i went to a friend’s house and it showed me some
spells the community was able to make and instead of approaching incredible
and just look up the ion cannon so it won’t be very dark forest how about life
I think this is mixing the best of Dark Souls and the best of Skyrim but the
problem I have is my desire that usually powers and so you have to go to the menu
selection power and use it it’s annoying and tedious which goes against
everything I’m trying to make so I’ll wrap it to the left and right trigger
I’m talking about a controller so this will be the same combination as when you
have one weapon in each end and try to make a power attack it may take a long
time but good things are coming up so guys it’s and forgets what is boring in
Skyrim scattering we’re making it ducks holes

8 thoughts on “A guide on importing Dark Souls combat into Skyrim

  1. Yes I can work with a lot of these, thanks man👊
    I'm also using your Skyrimsouls XP mod together with Experience/with kill xp option/zEdit for other modded creatures and Experience multiplier sliders mod, to set al all combat skill experience to 0.05, there is some room to boosts this xp with ordinator perks.
    There are some expensive armors in my game you can get from humans, since I gave many NPC's armors from the Team TAL pack so it works well.

  2. What mod let's you have your camera that way in the beginning? It's like above you looking down, but your character isn't staring at the ground which is nice

  3. nice tutorial! thanks so much for your work! btw is there any way to stagger an enemy when he is staggering?it can be done by script but it’s not very responsive,can you make it scriptless by editing the behavior file?

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