A Fueled Life: SSgt Joseph Tuisee

We have a saying in the petroleum. oil
and lubricants world of the Air Force. Without fuel pilots are pedestrians. I’m
Staff Sergeant Joseph Tuisee and I’m a fuel distribution supervisor. When
you see a jet getting fueled on a flight line by one of our operators that’s POL fueling the mission and getting aircraft to where they need to
go. I love the job and the importance it has
for the mission but more than that it has always been the people I’ve associated
with POL who’ve made the most impact in my life. They make this Air Force life worthwhile and meaningful.
It was actually someone in POL at a previous base who introduced me to my
current passion. And that’s where rugby comes in. I think it’s important to have
something that you’re passionate about outside of work.
It creates that essential work-life balance. To me rugby is the purest form
of self-expression. It fulfills me physically of course. It’s my way to blow
off steam and it serves my mental and social needs as well. I don’t know what
else I’d be doing without it. When I found out that could channel that
passion through the official Air Force Rugby team I jumped at the opportunity
to try out. I just wanted to make sure I was as ready as I could be. I trained and
trained and made it on the all Air Force team and that was pretty cool.
It’s a humbling experience to represent the Air Force in this way. Thanks to the
Air Force Rugby program I made a bond with some of the most amazing people
I’ve ever met. Together we’ve not only created a launch pad to lift each other
up but the program itself. Our team culture is what keeps me itching to
get back to the team as often as possible. One day we’re all going to have
to take the Air Force uniform off for the last time and what we’re left with
are the things that we’re still passionate about. I will still be
passionate about rugby when I’m all said and done with the Air Force and I think
it’s a blessing for anyone who can find their passion too.

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