A Blue Dove for the Princess – Episode #14 – Stuff About Ace Combat

Welcome to the Early Modern Period in Europe
– a fascinating transition time between the middle ages and the industrial revolution. It was from the 15th to the 18th century that
many stories and tales became widely known in Europe and with the invention of the printing
press these stories have survived to our age. Classic fairy tales such as the Sleeping Beauty,
Cinderella and the Little Red Riding Hood have become so popular that today they are
considered common knowledge in the western world, making up the core of today’s children
literature – but you know what’s better than real life literature? That’s right! Strangeral literature! And today we will take a look into a masterpiece
of Strangereal’s literature – A Blue Dove for the Princess, the in-game book that played a major role in Ace Combat 5. Today’s video is inspired by Play_Future’s
comment when he asked for a video about the Strangereal book: A Blue Dove for the Princess,
which as he mentioned wasn’t well covered or explained during Ace Combat 5 and I totally
agree with him! The book was mentioned several times and we
know the basic story around the legend of the Demon of Razgriz but people who just played
the game might not even know the detailed story featured in book that was featured inside
of a game – I mean how awesome is that? Project Aces not only made a game, they also
made a book inside of the game. And as a matter of fact, fans in Japan were
able to purchase the book together with a Razgriz patch for only 4,200 yen! But unfortunately Bandai doesn’t sell it
anymore. NOOO! Anyways, a Blue Dove
for the Princess played a major role in Ace Combat 5 being Nagase’s favourite book and
explaining some of the legend behind the Demon of Razgriz – which later became the nickname
of the Wardog Squadron after they destroyed the Yuktobanian submarine aircraft carrier
Hrimfaxi – guess where? In the Razgriz Straits! Now the book probably comes from Strangereal’s
equivalent of Europe’s early modern period, the one I mentioned in the beginning of the
video, and I believe it is, although not officially confirmed, from Belkan origin and more about
that later in the video. The book was written by Ellinor Graun and
illustrated by Arno Bester, other their work in this book nothing else is known about these
characters, and it contains eleven chapters. The basic story is a about a dove who was
injured but that was later rescued by the princess of an unknown kingdom. The princess treated the wounds of the dove
and put the bird to live in a cage inside her bedroom. After some time the princess suddenly became
very sick and the dove remembered a story told by its mother a long time ago about a
magic fruit, called the orion poplar, that could cure any sickness. Many noblemen from throughout the kingdom
came to see the princess and one of them suggested that the Demon of Razgriz was the one to blame
since everything in the kingdom was going so well, including the fact that the war with
a neighbouring nation just came to an end. It was said that only Razgriz could have made
the princess so sick to the point that she might pass away. With the goal of saving the princess, the
bird escaped from the cage when the princess’ nursemaid went there to feed it and so the
journey in search of the orion poplar began. After escaping the castle, the dove talked
to several different creatures including a lark, a green worm and a tortoise asking where
it could find the magic orion poplar tree. The dove had some philosophical conversations
with each creature but it was the tortoise who pointed the dove to the right direction
– saying that it had to fly to a certain mountain in order to find the magic fruit. Upon reaching the orion poplar tree in the
distant mountains, the tree told the dove about the legend of Razgriz. Back in the days when wars were constant between
humans, the Demon of Razgriz brought a storm that kept on raging for 70 days bringing destruction
to the land. Hailstones devastated the soil, plants and
animals died, and consequently humans were forced out of the area – what remained was
a barren, empty land. That had been Razgriz’s evil side, but the
tale doesn’t end there. Years later a traveller came to the destroyed
land, this traveller cured the sick, resurrected the soil, founded a village, refilled the
rivers and made the soil fertile again. After some time, this traveller decided to
go away but only on his departure he revealed himself to the villagers as the Demon of Razgriz. After explaining the legend of Razgriz, the
tree allowed the dove to get a fruit saying that this fruit was only magic if someone
believes it actually is. The dove got the magic fruit and rushed back
to the castle facing the strong winds in the desperate attempt to save the princess, but
when the dove finally got there it realized it was already too late, the princess had
passed away. Extremely tired from its journey, the dove
went on to rest beside the princess while holding the fruit on its beak. On the following day the nursemaid found out
that the dove had also passed away and decided to bury it on the castle’s garden together
with the orion poplar. It is said that today a tree has grown in
the garden and from the top of the tree one can closely see the princess’ room and the
cage that was home for the bird. And that is the end of a Blue Dove for the
Princess. If we analyse the events of Ace Combat 5 with
the perspective of the tale we can consider the Hrimfaxi as the evil demon of Razgriz
since the submarine was literally making death rain upon the land with its burst missiles
until it was destroyed by the Wardog Squadron. After a period of slumber, when the Wardog
Squadron officially vanished from the Osean military, the good Demon of Razgriz returns
as the Razgriz Squadron on the later part of the game. According to Ace Combat 5, the tale of the
Demon of Razgriz was well known in both Osea and Yuktobania, but the book also appeared
in another game implying the legend is very famous in Strangereal as a whole. And other game I’m talking about is Ace Combat
Zero. We can see the references to a Blue Dove for
the Princess in Rainer Altman or Gelb 2’s interview. A couple of illustrations from the book can
be seen on his desk and on the right wall. Altman is a Belkan citizen that after the
Belkan War remained in Ustio and the illustrations of the book present in his office mean that
the book is also known in Ustio, Belka or the two countries. Talking about Belka, many fans believe that
the story of A Blue Dove for the Princess takes place in the surroundings of Stier Castle,
the castle we see in both Ace Combat 5 and Ace Combat Zero, and so I read the book again
with that in mind paying attention to the geographical clues in the story. The first thing the book mentions are the
mountains near the castle, that fits perfectly with Stier Castle since it’s surrounded
by the Waldreich mountains. Next thing is a forest north of the castle
– check. A nearby lake – check. A village nearby – check. Wheat fields… I guess we can consider these as wheat fields
– so check. A River… there’s this tiny river that feeds
the lake – so check again. And lastly, the tortoise mentions there’s
snow in winter – check So according to everything in the book, Stier Castle is the perfect place for a Blue Dove for the Princess. It even matches with Belka’s history since
Belka is a principality and the war mentioned in the book might be a reference to the wars
happening around Belka during the ages of the Belkan Knights. There’s just one problem with this theory
though: What about the Razgriz Strait? Isn’t it located north of the Anean continent? This opens up two possibilities, either sailors
from Belka, or another country, named that place “The Razgriz Straits” or the legend
of Razgriz was already known in Emmeria, making it the fifth country in our list where the
legend is known. Before we finish our video I would like to
also point out two characters from Ace Combat 5 that are named after important individuals
related to fairy tales. This first one is Hans Grimm, he shares his
surname with the Grimm Brothers from Germany. The Grimm Brothers played a major role in
collecting, researching, publishing and popularizing tales during the first half of the 1800s,
many of those that are very famous today like Rapunzel, The Frog Prince and Cinderella. The other character besides Grimm is the commander
of the Sand Island air base – Orson Perrault. He shares his surname with the French author
Charles Perrault who is considered the founder of the fairy tale genre in literature way
back in the late 1600s. As you can see, Project Aces really did an
amazing job with A Blue Dove for the Princess and how this classic piece of Strangereal
literature was featured in the game. As we usually say in Brazil: Ace Combat é
cultura. Meaning: Ace Combat is culture. But even though I summarized the book in this
video I highly suggest that you read it yourself. I have posted the links in the description
to where you can read the complete book. You can either read it online on Acepedia
or read the PDF file I made in an attempt to recreate the book. When I uploaded this video the books were
available in English, Japanese and Portuguese but I’ve also attached a word document that
anyone can edit if they wish to translate the book to another language and if there’s
a new translation I will update the description. Anyways guys, thank you for watching this
video and please do read the actual book – enlighten yourself because Ace Combat is culture!

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