8 Super Effective Exercises for Wider Shoulders

What can be “manlier” than broad and powerful
shoulders? Other than being thoughtful, charming and
witty, you ask? Well, personality aside, if you’re aiming
at a strong and masculine look, your arms and shoulders are the thing to start from. I mean, even if you don’t pay that much
attention to the rest of your body, broad shoulders will give you that much desired
V-shape, making you look bigger — in a good way, of course. So let’s have a look at what you can do! 1. Dumbbell shoulder press
This exercise is aimed at the front and middle parts of your shoulder muscles. You can do it either standing or sitting,
the latter being easier on your lower back, which is always good, so I recommend starting
with it. Sit on a bench and press your back against
the back support. Take a dumbbell with each hand and raise your
hands to shoulder height, your palms facing forward. Now exhale and push your arms up, straightening
them and letting the dumbbells meet above your head. Hold them up for a second, inhale, and slowly
return to the initial position. It’s important to note that for this and
all the following exercises, when you take the weights, it’s best to take the heaviest
you can lift and do as many reps as you can before you fail. Have a short rest (about 10 seconds) and then
give it another go. Don’t get discouraged that you can’t do
as many reps as the first time around — this is absolutely okay, your muscles get tired. Just do your best, and you’ll be alright. 2. Side lateral raise
Had some rest? Good. Get ready for another set! This one will target mainly the middle section
of your shoulders, which helps them look rounded. Stand straight with a dumbbell in either hand
and with your feet shoulder width apart. Your arms should hang along your body with
your palms facing your torso. Exhale and slowly raise your arms to the sides
until they’re level with your shoulders. Don’t go any higher — you might get injured
and nobody will see how cool you are anyway. Also, slightly bend your elbows when lifting:
it’ll create additional leverage and make it easier for you to stand still. By the way, standing in an upright position
without swinging is very important for the correct form. You want your shoulders bigger or your spine
screwed? So there. Now, when your arms are parallel to the floor,
hold them for a second, inhale, and slowly go back down. That’s one rep. Once again, do as many reps with the heaviest
weights as you can until you fail, then follow up with a couple more sets until you simply
can’t do it any longer. After that, have some well-deserved rest. Hmm, 30 seconds, hm? 3. Seated bent-over raise
Let’s finally make your rear shoulder sections work, shall we? Sit down on the end of a bench and bend over,
almost touching your chest to your knees. Grip your trusty dumbbells as if your life
depends on them and get ready to lift. Put your legs together, keep your back straight
and your palms facing your calves. Now slightly bend your elbows, exhale, and
raise your arms to the sides until they’re parallel to the floor. Don’t swing your torso or raise the arms
back — this is poor form, and you won’t get anything from it except pain in the back. Hold on for a second, inhale, and slowly lower
your arms back to your calves. Repeat as many times… okay, I’ve said
this twice already, I think you get it. 4. Standing dumbbell fly
Middle shoulder sections again so that your arms don’t get mad at you. Stand up straight, holding a dumbbell in either
hand. Hang your arms straight along your body, with
your palms facing the torso. Plant your feet firmly on the ground, shoulder
width apart. Now exhale and, keeping your torso stationary,
raise your arms to the sides. If you’ve been listening to me (you have,
haven’t you?), then you’ll be lifting relatively heavy weights, so you won’t be
able to raise your arms full parallel to the floor. That’s good — you don’t need to. Just raise them as high as you can without
overstraining yourself. If you look in the mirror, you’ll see you
look like Batman in mid-jump from a roof. Or like a fly, but I prefer Batman. This exercise is almost like the side lateral
raise but not quite. With standing dumbbell fly you concentrate
more on your middle shoulder sections, isolating those muscle heads and giving them more prominence. 5. Seated dumbbell clean
Now this one is an explosive strength exercise that will give your front sections a nice
shock. Seat on the end of a bench, planting your
feet firmly on the floor about shoulder width apart. Grab the dumbbells with your palms facing
backwards. Lean forward, keeping your back straight,
and then burst upwards, straightening yourself and raising the dumbbells to the shoulder
level in a swift motion. Make sure to flip your wrists and catch the
weights on top, or you’ll just fall on your face, especially if they’re heavy. Remember that your lower back shouldn’t
take any part in this: your main goal is to explode with your shoulders so that they start
to burn. Hold the top position for a second, then,
without letting the momentum drag you, slowly return to the initial position. 6. Dips
Yes, that’s the name of the next exercise. Did you expect something more elaborate? Sorry. Anyway, I guess you’re already tired of
dumbbells by now, so how about some change of scenery? Sit on a bench and place your palms on its
edge, gripping it with your fingers on either side of your body. Plant your legs firmly on the floor, or even
better, if you have an elevated object not quite as high as the bench you’re sitting
on, place your feet on it. This way, your legs will be suspended, making
the exercise more effective. Now slide your butt off the bench, holding
your body weight with your hands and feet. Then inhale and lower your body until your
elbows make a right angle and your upper arms are parallel to the floor. Exhale and push yourself up until your arms
are straight again. Dips are an excellent workout for all three
sections of your shoulders plus your triceps, and their additional bonus is that they don’t
require any special equipment: if you don’t have a bench, a regular chair will do just
as well. 7. Pike press
Look, another exercise and still no dumbbells needed! This one looks a bit strange but it’s great
for the front and middle sections of your shoulders as well as your upper back as an
added benefit. Get into a regular push-up position with your
arms straight, palms right beneath the shoulders, and your legs straight too, propped on the
toes. Push your hips up so that your whole body
now makes a reversed V-shape. Make sure your arms, back, and head make a
straight line at an angle to the floor. Now lower your body in a dive-like motion,
keeping your legs straight and only bending your elbows. At the end of it, your forehead should nearly
touch the floor between your hands. Exhale and press yourself back up. That’s one rep. Look at it as a push-up gone wrong. 8. Dumbbell shrugs
Hey, dumbbells are back! Missing them? I know, me neither. Still, we need to finish this off with an
exercise that’s good for your entire shoulder, and dumbbell shrugs are an excellent workout
for this. Basically, they are what they sound like:
shrugs. Grab the dumbbells and stand up straight with
your feet hip width apart and your arms straight along your body. Don’t bend your elbows, just let them hang. Now, without any extra movements raise your
shoulders as high up as you can, hold on for a second, and lower them back. Repeat for as many times as you can — well,
the usual routine. And here we are, that’s it for today’s
shoulder workout! One of the best things about it (apart from
the whole shoulder-growing thing, of course) is that it doesn’t take much time: at the
beginning, all 8 exercises will take you about 10-15 minutes to complete. A couple of things to remember before you
go grab your dumbbells, though: Don’t forget to do a warm-up before a workout
— I know it’s kinda obvious, but your muscles need to be ready for intensive training. Otherwise you risk injuries and excess muscle
pain afterwards. Same goes for cool down exercises after working
out. Many people neglect them, but they’re important
if you want your muscles to grow at their best rate. They look the same as warm-up, but here you
unwind your muscles to let them recover faster instead of getting them ready for action. And finally, don’t be too hard on yourself
— let your shoulders rest between training sessions. Three times a week should be enough for the
optimal regimen. If you do this set every day, your muscles
won’t be able to recover and you won’t do yourself a favor. Remember: everything’s good in moderation. Except ice cream. With ice cream, too much of a good thing can
be …wonderful. Okay, Bright Siders, what other workouts would
you like to see on this channel? Let me know down in the comments! If you learned something new today, then give
this video a like and share it with a friend. But – hey! – don’t go off pumping iron
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  7. Great way to destroy your shoulders.

    1.) Never stick your elbows straight out to your sides and attempt lift heavy weight. Your arms should lift at 45 degree angles (not straight in front, not straight to the sides).

    2.) Start with weight that's way to low, and do as many as you can. Then slowly add weight. Lifting is not a race. You need to build the small stabilizing muscles before lifting heavy. This will make you build muscle faster in the long run, and prevent injury.

    I know your big shoulder muscles can easily handle the weight, but the 20 tiny stabalizing muscles need to get used to the motion first. A very stable shoulder will help you focus the big muscles later on.

    3.) Seated exercises are NOT better for your back. If you want your back pain to go away, then you should probably do these balancing on 1 leg. Learning to tighten your core muscles is important when you lift. New lifters should stand whenever possible. When experienced lifters do seated exercises, their abs and back muscles are tight as though they were standing.

    4.) Don't do dips, period. Especially not on a bench like shown in this video. Even many experienced lifters cannot do dips because it hurts their shoulders.

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